Are you looking for the best way to hang curtains in your home but worried the drywall wouldn’t hold the weight of a curtain rod?

Drywall anchors are an excellent option that allows you to securely and reliably mount a curtain rod without damaging your walls.

However, you would have to know the different kinds of drywall anchors available for you to use and which best supports your curtain rods.

So which drywall anchors are best for curtain rods?

The toggle or molly bolts are the best drywall anchors for your curtain rods. Although, the type of drywall anchor to use depends on the weight of the curtain rod. The difference between these drywall anchors is that you can easily install the toggle bolts, which are better for heavyweight curtains. However, molly bolts are more secure for medium-weight curtains.

In this article, I will explain if you should use drywall anchor for your curtains and, if it is, which one is best. I’ll further answer some common questions about drywall anchors.

By the end, you’ll know which drywall anchor to use for your curtain rods, depending on your curtain’s weight and drywall strength. You’ll also know which brand to get that is the best.

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Should I Use Drywall Anchors for Curtain Rods?

Best Drywall Anchors for Curtain Rods

When hanging a curtain rod, it’s essential to ensure it’s properly secured so it won’t fall off the wall. The best way to do this is to use drywall anchors. 

Drywall anchors are plastic or metal sleeves that fit into the wall to create a secure hold for screws. They provide a much more reliable grip than screwing directly into the wall. 

Not only do they prevent the screws from coming loose, but they also spread the weight of the curtain rod and curtains across a wider area. 

That makes them ideal for heavier curtains and rods. When using drywall anchors, use one rated for the weight of your curtains and rod. 

If your curtain is lightweight, you can use the plastic anchor, but use the molly or toggle bolts for heavier curtains. Use two or more anchors to ensure the rod is securely in place.

You can also use toggle bolts for lightweight curtains; ensure you use lighter-duty bolts. 

If your curtain is light, and you want to use a plastic or lighter-duty toggle bolt, you need not pre-drill. However, if the curtains are heavy, you should use a metal-anchor screw for stability.

The metal anchors should do if your curtain weighs about 50 pounds. However, if it is more than that, you should use additional support or wall studs to hold the weight.

Make sure to locate studs as well when installing drywall anchors, as this will further increase the security of your installation. 

Drilling pilot holes before installing your anchors is also a good idea. That will help make inserting the anchor easier and ensure you don’t damage any surrounding surfaces. 

When you’ve finished installing your drywall anchor, don’t forget to use rust-proof screws, as these will ensure that your anchor doesn’t rust over time. 

Finally, regularly check to ensure your anchor is still securely in place and hasn’t come loose. By following these steps, you can ensure that your curtain rod will stay securely in place for years!

If you need to decide whether you should use your drywall can support the curtain’s weight, consult a professional for help.

Five Best Drywall Anchors for Curtain Rods

When installing curtain rods, the most crucial part is finding the best drywall anchors is the most critical part. 

Various drywall anchors are available, so choosing the right ones for your project is essential. 

Here are some drywall anchors with features that make them best for your curtain rods. It’s up to you to decide which is suitable for you after looking at their features.

Here are the best 5 drywall anchors for your curtain rods:

#1. Swpeet Toggle Bolt with Wings

The Swpeet drywall anchor is a toggle bolt to hang heavy curtains on your drywall. In the 24pcs set, you can select from three anchor sizes in the set that will suit you.

It is a metal material that is strong and durable, making them easy to use. You can also use it for purposes other than hanging curtains, like hanging bookshelves, lamps, etc.

The wings in this drywall anchor help hold the curtain in place. 

#2. KURUI Swpeet Anchor with Wings

This plastic drywall anchor has two wings that help grip the drywall so the anchor won’t slip. It doesn’t rust or corrode, and the materials used in this anchor are nylon and PE, making it strong.

It is available in five different sizes to find the right fit for your perfect fit. These drywall anchor wings are great for hanging heavy objects.

#3. Ansoon Metal Drywall Anchor

This drywall anchor is a self-drilling heavy-duty metal in a 50-piece set comprising 25 anchors and 25 screws. 

One anchor can hold about 50 pounds, so using two can support your heavy curtain on your drywall.

These threaded drywall anchors are durable and made of zinc, plus they’re easily removable.

#4. Glarks Zinc Plated Steel

This heavy-duty hollow wall drywall anchor is available in six sizes with screws to ensure you get the right fit for your curtain rod. Plus, they are easy to install.

The material used for this drywall anchor is zinc-plated carbon steel, making it rust and corrosion-resistant.  

So if you live in a humid environment and want to use curtain rods for your drywall anchor, use the Glarks zinc-plated steel.

#5. Sutemribor Toggle Bolt

This toggle bolt anchor can hang heavy curtain rods on your drywall. It is a reliable bolt, and the wingnut in this bolt makes it easy to tighten.

You can find this bolt in three sizes of 22pcs to select the one that suits you. It is also made of zinc-plated carbon steel and is rust and corrosion-resistant.

When choosing drywall anchors for curtain rods, you must consider your needs and the weight of your curtains. 

Toggle bolts are your best bet if you’re looking for something to hold heavy curtains. If you need something for lighter curtains, plastic screw anchors or molly bolts will work well. 

Whatever type of drywall anchor you choose, read the instructions carefully and follow all safety precautions when attaching your curtain

Are Drywall Anchors for Curtain Rods Good for Heavy Curtains?

No, not all drywall anchors are suitable for heavy curtains. Before using it for your heavy curtain, you must consider the size, type of anchor, and drywall.

You can use different drywall anchors to hang light to medium curtains, but you need one that can withstand the weight of heavy curtains.

Drywall anchors for curtain rods can be a great solution when hanging heavy curtains. Drywall anchors offer a secure mounting point for the rod and are easy to install. 

They are ideal for heavier curtains since they provide more support than just relying on the strength of the drywall itself. 

The anchors will help hold the curtain rod in place so that the weight of the curtain won’t cause it to sag or come loose.

The table below shows different drywall anchors, their weight capacity, installation, and pros and cons.

Anchor TypeWeight CapacityProsCons
ToggleUp to 250 pounds.Can hold heavy and large loads.Difficult to install.
Winged plastic anchorUp to 50 pounds.Cheap, easy to install, and suitable for a medium load.Not reusable and not suitable for heavy loads.
Molly boltUp to 100 pounds.Easy to install and can support a medium load.Not very suitable for heavy loads.
Self-drilling anchorUp to 85 pounds.Easy to install and can hold a light to medium load.Not reusable and not suitable for heavy loads.

Do note that the weight capacity depends on the condition of the wall and the drywall quality. It’s best to choose a drywall that is more than capable of withstanding the weight.

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