George Koumoudis’ story epitomizes the quintessential American dream. Born into a Greek family, he commenced his remarkable journey at a tender age on the rooftops of Baltimore, gradually ascending to entrepreneurial greatness. This article unfolds his inspiring tale from humble beginnings to becoming a mogul in the roofing industry.

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Early Life and Learning the Craft

At 13, George was not just a boy; he was a budding craftsman learning the intricacies of roofing alongside his father, uncle, and cousins. His early exposure to this trade was more than acquiring skills; it was a foundation-building experience that ingrained values of hard work, precision, and perseverance in him. These formative years were instrumental in shaping George’s future ambitions, click here to learn more.

Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Path

As a teenager, George’s apprenticeship in roofing taught him valuable life lessons. He understood early the importance of dedication and meticulous craftsmanship. By 18, George had diverged from conventional paths, undertaking odd jobs and saving diligently. His goal was clear – to carve out a unique niche for himself in the world of business.

The Birth of SGK Contracting

At 23, George’s vision materialized into SGK Contracting, a venture that started in 2002 with his modest savings. This was not just the inception of a company but the birth of a new era in the roofing industry. Under George’s stewardship, SGK Contracting quickly evolved, offering professional and innovative roofing services in Baltimore.

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Revolutionizing the Roofing Industry

SGK Contracting, under George’s guidance, became synonymous with quality and innovation. He introduced cutting-edge techniques and sustainable practices in roofing, significantly elevating industry standards. George’s commitment to integrating eco-friendly solutions and advanced technology set his company apart, marking a new chapter in roofing services.

The Man Beyond the Business

George’s Greek heritage profoundly influenced his values and work ethic. More than a successful entrepreneur, he is a family man, deeply respecting the traditions and values passed down through generations. His marriage to Yasmine Malek, sister of actor Rami Malek, garnered public interest, but George has skillfully balanced his public and private lives, maintaining a humble and grounded persona.

A Commitment to Community and Future Aspirations

Apart from business success, George is known for his community involvement. His participation in Maryland’s Small Business Reserve (SBR) program and other local initiatives reflects his dedication to societal betterment. He has also been a driving force in promoting green practices in the industry, showcasing his commitment to a sustainable future. Looking forward, George’s commitment to innovation and sustainability promises further advancements in roofing and a continued positive impact on the community.


George Koumoudis’ journey from a young apprentice to a business leader is a story of ambition, hard work, and unwavering commitment to values. His legacy in the roofing industry is not just about his business accomplishments but also about his contribution to setting new standards, his community involvement, and his embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit.

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