When you notice a trace of water entering your house, it concerns you. Especially your house wall, you have to worry about water damaging your beautiful wall design. 

Now, you might consider installing a drylok because it’s one of the best water sealants used for waterproofing. 

But suppose your house has drywall. Can a drylok be installed on it?

Although not all drylok goes well on drywall, there is a drylok that you can use on drywall- Drylok latex bonding agent. This drylok is excellent for renovating and repointing parging masonry walls, but you can also use it to resurface driveways, balconies, and slabs.

In this article, I will explain where you can install a drylok, how you can install it, and what you must consider before installing a drylok. 

So that by the end of this article, you will choose the appropriate drylok.

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Can Drylok Go on Drywall?

Can You Use Drylok on Drywall

You can install a drylok on drywall but not all drylok. Drylok contains cement and paints used to protect and waterproof house basements. 

Drywall is a construction material that contains calcium sulfate dihydrate used to build walls and ceilings.

Drylok latex bonding agents bind concrete and plaster to hard surfaces like drywall, stucco, slick or absorbent concrete, hardboard, and plaster walls and improve their adhesion.

You can also add drylok latex bonding in place of water to concrete mixes to improve the elasticity and stability of the patch. Thus, the area you repair with this concrete mix will last. 

If you freeze your bonding agent, it will help if you allow it to thaw for a day and only use it when the surface and atmospheric temperature is above 50° F. 

However, you might doubt whether it’s worth your effort or if you are making the right choice. 

The table below shows the pros and cons of drylok.

Pros Cons
Drylok reduces the smell from walls.Drylok can cause mold growth on your wall.
It reduces the humidity level and water damage.It’s a temporary solution.
It’s a cheap waterproofing solution.
You can fix the drylok yourself.

Does Drylok Require Primer on Drywall?

Drylok can serve as a base coat or primer for drywall, so there is no need for another primer. However, you have to let it dry before installing your drywall.

You can also use your drylok to:

#1. Strengthen Concrete Mixes

  • Add one quart of the bonding agent to three parts of cement powder for regular repairs slowly.
  • Then continue stirring until you have a smooth mix.
  • You can add extra latex or cement if the mixture is too watery.

#2. To Patch or Repoint

  • Spray the latex bonding on the region you want to repair. You can also use a brush to apply the bonding.
  • Use your full strength when applying the latex.
  • When it is dry, you will notice a color change in about 30 minutes.
  • The drylok will have a milky color to clear the gaze when it dries.
  • You now top coat your surface with a top coating of plaster or drywall.

Moreover, if you want to use the drylok to improve waterproofing, mix the bond with water in a 1:1 ratio.

What Surfaces Can You Apply Drylok?

You can use Drylok on retaining walls, basements, brick walls, or any other surface made of concrete, brick, cement blocks, stucco, and cinder. 

Here are some places where you can use a drylok.

#1. Holidays Craft, Decorations, and Props

The way you use a drylok for holiday decorations depends on you. However, just one or two of these coats can give your design strength and durability. 

When designing a tombstone, you can trust drylok masonry waterproofer, available in white and grey mixes that make your decor look more like real concrete. 

You can also clean up easily with soap and water.

#2. Bird Baths

If you leave a bird bath too long without proper maintenance, growth and mold can grow around, making cleaning difficult. 

If you find yourself in this situation, scrub it and let it dry for about two days. Then you can use drylok clear masonry waterproofer on the concrete surface. 

Doing so will allow the paint to sink into the pinholes and bind with the surface to remove water. It’s best to leave it to dry for one week. After that, you will find the bird bath easy to maintain.

#3. Swimming Pools

When it comes to swimming, providing a decent swimming environment includes water quality and structural integrity. 

With the help of drylok extreme masonry waterproofing, your concrete pools look safe. The drylok extreme can resist water pressure of about 15 lbs/ square inch. 

It also contains a green biocide that prevents the growth of mold. It is white, but you can tint it into different color shades.

Follow the application instructions on it and leave for a week before you fill-up the swimming pool.

#4. Outdoor Firepits and Pizza Oven

With Drylok 5% Silicone brick masonry sealer, you don’t need to worry about your firepits and oven cracking. 

This sealant will help you maintain your masterpieces’ appearance and protect them from any form of rain entering.

#5. Raise Garden Beds

Using cinder blocks for your raised garden beds gives your garden a more durable facility. But you may be concerned about water and dirt turning them into a mess.

With drylok latex masonry waterproof, you will surely get that natural and attractive garden that will incorporate beautifully with the environment.

#6. Statues and Fountains

Due to the durability and cost of concrete, it is one of the popular materials used for making fountains and sculptures. 

But the porosity of concrete makes it unprotected against water and ice damage. 

Regardless, with the drylok clear masonry waterproof, the special symbol of your fountain and outdoor decor will shine through.

#7. Fish Pond 

The consistent water pressure experienced by a fish pond can degrade the pond concrete over time. 

But following the drylok latex waterproof recommendation for about a week will reduce the damage and keep the pond in good condition.

#8. Livestock Water Troughs

Exterior concrete materials, such as water troughs, and holding tanks, can crumble because of the interior water pressure and the external weather conditions such as hail, storms, and sun. 

Using drylok powdered masonry waterproof will create a fence that protects the materials and extends their life.

Is Drylok Good for Bathroom Drywall?

You can install a drylok as a waterproof in your bathroom or basements. It is also an adhesive you can use to fix drywall.

Applying a drylok is not as difficult as you think; follow the steps below.

Step 1

The first step is to prepare your walls. If you paint your wall with latex or oil-based paint or any other paint, it’s best to remove it. 

But clean every surface you want to paint if it’s a bare wall. A mild cleaning agent can do this job unless the stains on your wall are heavy.

Step 2

Inspect for holes or crack before you paint. Then, fill those holes with a Drylok masonry crack filler or other filler that works concrete. 

Next, squeeze the filler into the hole to fill the hole. If the gap is wider, it’s best to fill them in stages.

Step 3

After filling the holes, you can apply drylok to the wall. When painting, you need to take note of two parts- the edges and the middle of the wall. You can either use a small roller or a brush. 

If you prefer a brush, I recommend a masonry brush because these brushes are more complex and thicker than other regular brushes and can withstand the roughness of the concrete wall. 

And if you love to use a paint roller, use the ones with longer brush teeth with at least ¾ inch. Doing so will allow it to soak enough paint to spread on the wall. You will need a paint tray.

You have to add two coats of paint for the perfect waterproof effect. But allow the first coat to dry for about four hours before adding the second coat. 

Then allow the drylok paint to dry properly before installing your drywall.

Installing drywall in a bathroom follows the same process- measuring, trimming, hanging, and marking but the only difference is the type of drywall you will use.

The types of drywall you can use for your bathroom are:

  • Green drywall is also known as the green board.
  • Paperless drywall
  • Purple drywall.

How Long Will Drylok Last on a Drywall?

Drywall warranty lasts between 10 to 18 years depending on the type of drylok you use. If you install it properly, it should last pretty long on drywall.

Of course, the longevity of a drylok on drywall depends on your wall’s maintenance and condition. However, since it absorbs up to 15 feet of water pressure, it will do its job well. 

All you need is to follow the instructions on the products and apply two layers of paint, and you are good to go.

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