Drywall screws are increasingly popular in the construction of dwellings. They are helpful in fastening drywall sheets to wood studs and ceiling joists.

While this may be true, the number of screws you require depends on the construction. 

Minor constructions may only require a pound, whereas massive ones require one or more 5 lb boxes of drywall screws. But how many drywall screws does a 5lb box contain?

There usually are about 300 to 350 drywall screws in a 5lb box. However, it depends on the manufacturer of the screws and the screw size. Drywall screws come in various sizes, typically 1-1/4 to 3-1/2 inches.

This article focuses on the number of drywall screws per pound for each 5 lb box. It also teaches how to determine the number of screws in a box.

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How Many Drywall Screws Come In A 5 Lb Box?

How Many Drywall Screws In A 5 lb Box

A 5lb box of 1-1/4-inch drywall screws comes with 300 to 350 screws. However, a 5lb box of 3-1/2-inch drywall screws won’t contain as much.

There will be approximately only 250 screws of length 3-1/2-inch. This number implies the weight of 250 3-1/2- inch drywall screws equals 5 lb.

The number of drywall screws in a 5 lb box depends on certain factors, which are:

#1. The Length Of Drywall Screws

The length of the drywall screws is very crucial regarding the number of screws a 5lb box contains. The length of drywall screws ranges from 1-1/4  to 3-1/2 inches.

It is worth noting that they classify drywall screws according to their length. So, let’s delve into how the length affects the number.

Regarding the length, you can consider two types of drywall screws: coarse thread and fine thread drywall screws.

The coarse thread drywall screws are mainly for attaching drywall onto wood studs. Therefore, they are wider and longer than fine thread screws.

The coarse thread screws have fewer threads, enabling them to hold tighter and go in quickly. They go into the surface without tough resistance. 

The W-type is another name for the coarse thread drywall screws. If you are installing drywall onto softwood studs, the coarse drywall screw is the ideal screw to use.

They tightly pull the drywall onto the wood studs. Unfortunately, you could sustain an injury while working with it. 

Ensure to always put on gloves while working with the W-type. 

The fine thread screws, on the other hand, are mainly for fastening drywall onto light metal studs because they have sharp points that ease surface penetration.

Nevertheless, regardless of the difference in thickness of drywall boards, it’s only reasonable to consider how far both types can go.

The W-type and S-type drywall screws have extents to which you can drive them. The W-type should at least go into the wood for about  1.6 cm (0.63 inches).

On the contrary, the S-type should go into the panel for at least 0.9 cm (0.3- inches).

#2. The Drywall Screw Gauge

The drywall screw gauge is another factor that affects the number of drywall screws in a 5lb box. Gauge is another name for the screw’s diameter.

The common values of the drywall screw gauge include #6 and #8. The idea here is that the diameter increases as the gauge number increases.

That said, #8 is larger than #6 and in that fashion.

#3. The Manufacturer’s Choice

There’s no denying that the manufacturer has a key part to play in the number of drywall screws per 5 lb box. 

The fact that there’s no actual amount of the screws in a 5lb box points to the Manufacturer’s discretion.

The length of drywall screws ranges from 1-1/4 to 3-1/2. Therefore, while the standard for some manufacturers can be 350, others may prefer 300.

The idea is that manufacturers load from about 300 to 350 screws per 50lb. However, most manufacturers do not go below 300 and above 350 screws for a 50lb. 

Regardless of the manufacturer’s decision, a 5lb box should contain at least 300 screws for the 1-1/4 inch.

Drywall screws come in many styles, including slotted, Philips, and more. 

Depending on the production style, they use drywall screws alongside plastic anchors. It helps to distribute the weight of the hanging item.

Also, there are special drywall screws strictly for specific purposes. For instance, attaching drywall onto a heavy metal stud.

Here, it would be best if you used drilling drywall screws. So you don’t have to drill holes in the metal panel some days before installation. 

Some drywall screws possess a coat that protects against corrosion. 

How Do You Determine The Number Of Drywall Screws In A Box?

There’s no standard for determining the number of drywall screws in a box. Notwithstanding, you will buy drywall screws by weight and not by number.

There are lots of features that make it difficult to determine the exact number in a box. These factors include the type of drywall screws and the manufacturer’s discretion.

Drywall varies in size and so does not have a relatable measurement. The drywall screw gauge also factors into the complication.

For example, the number of 6× 1 1/4- inch drywall screws in a 5lb box differs from that of 8×1-1/4- inch screws.

There is limited information on how to determine the number of drywall screws. 

How Many 1-1/4 Drywall Screws Come Per Pound?

The number of drywall screws per pound varies, depending on the length and type of screw. Therefore, estimating the number of drywall screws to buy can be distressing.

While you may estimate with numbers, they sell drywall screws by weight. Therefore, there can be a shift from the calculation, but a proper estimate should give you a close figure. 

Drywall screws come in six different sizes;

  • 1 inch 
  • 1-1/4 inch
  • 1-3/8-inch
  • 1-1/2 inch 
  • 1-5/8 inch 
  • 2 inches

For each pound of each size, the possible number of screws ranges from 56 to 92 for the 2-inch. On the contrary, the number of screws per pound is approximately 100 to 200 for the 1 inch.

The table below properly represents a clear estimate for the number of coarse thread drywall screws per pound.

Length (Inch)TypeNumber Of Screws


How Many Screws Do I Need Per Sheet Of Drywall?

According to the recommended rule, you should drive in a screw for every 12 inches. You will need five screws to install drywall onto the wood or light metal stud.

Keep in mind that the number of screws you require depends on the size of the sheet.

Why Should I Use Dry Screws?

Because drywall screws are one of the best screws for full or partial drywall panels to walls. They don’t only use it to fasten drywall to wood studs but are also applicable to metal studs.

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