Camelot shingles were manufactured by GAF Manufacturing, one of the leading roofing materials manufacturers in North America. The company produces designer roofing shingles.

However, the company discontinued production of one of their hitherto best products, the Camelot roofing shingles.

 Camelot shingles were discontinued by the roofing materials giant GAF in 2021 due to limited distribution, low sales, and a drop in demand. The company also said that the product was discontinued to increase production efficiency.

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Why Were Camelot Shingles Discontinued?

Camelot Shingles Discontinued

According to GAF, there were a few reasons why the company had to discontinue the production of Camelot shingles.

  • Low sales 
  • Reduced demand
  • The company needs to increase efficiency in production

What Are The Best Alternatives To Discontinued Camelot Shingles?

If you used Camelot shingles in the past or placed an order for them, it is unlikely that you’ll be receiving them because the discontinuation was effective immediately.

Instead, it would be best if you were looking for an alternative to the discontinued Camelot shingles. The company announced that its roofing shingles would not be manufactured or distributed.

According to their consumer reports, GAF Camelot roofing shingles are unavailable, or the product may have limited distribution.

However, the manufacturer GAF said that the product would no longer be available in the market.

Thus, if you’re a consumer that roofed your home with the GAF designer roofing shingles before they were discontinued, you will also need an alternative product should you want to replace the shingles on your roof.

#1. Camelot II Antique

Camelot II antique is an ideal replacement for Camelot shingles. The antique is based on GAF’s design for the discontinued Camelot luxury shingles.

Although the price of the Camelot antique shingles is lower than the Camelot shingles, the company included a DuraGrip adhesive pattern to the roofing material in 2014.

The purpose is to increase wind uplift performance. The Camelot II antique shingles are cheaper than other shingles from GAF.

However, the color difference is the only distinction between the Camelot shingles and the antique. Otherwise, the two look the same, especially in the website pictures.

#2. Timberline

GAF is an award-winning shingle manufacturing company; besides several excellent and durable products, their timberline shingle also became a bestseller in North America.

If your timberline shingles are correctly installed, and with agreeable weather conditions, they can last as long as thirty years.

The timberline HD is the highest quality dimensional shingle used by GAF, and it is an excellent alternative to the Brand’s Camelot shingles. Although it is a little more expensive than the Camelot shingles, the extra cost is well worth it.

 Shingles are a perfect blend of beauty and durability, and like the other products from GAF, the company offers excellent warranties on the product.

Timberline shingles are also a favorite among homeowners because of their superior quality, reasonable prices, and resilience in harsh weather.

#3. GAF Grand Sequoia

The GAF Grand Sequoia is from the same manufacturer as the Camelot shingles and is a great alternative. The company introduced the grand Sequoia into the market in the nineties.

Its dimensional designs and well-crafted shapes give it a very sophisticated appearance.

Grand Sequoia Lifetime Designer Shingles from GAF will make an excellent alternative for Camelot shingles. They connect perfectly with the home regardless of the style and give a natural setting.

Their custom-made color palette and perfectly crafted designs give home a sophisticated aura simply unrivaled. You can also find the same or similar color to replace the discontinued Camelot shingles.

#4. GAF Woodland

Still from the manufacturers of Camelot shingles, GAF Woodland is less expensive than conventional slates or wood shakes. The designs are a neat balance between the modern and the traditional.

With Woodland designer shingles from GAF, you can recreate a pleasant, traditional-looking home with sophisticated, ageless designs.

The shingles are also surprisingly cheaper when compared with other roofing shingles. In addition, it has an algae protection limited warranty that protects your roof from blue-green algae discoloration.

GAF woodland is also equipped with GAF algae fighting technology which keeps the roof clean and protects it from nasty stains.

Finally, this shingle’s high performance and the specially formulated color palette is one more reason why it is an ideal alternative to Camelot shingles.

It will be easier to find a color that matches your previous roof color with the special color. Especially if you’re only replacing a portion of it or you wish to stick with the old.

 #5. Royal Sovereign Shingles 

One of the best shingles from GAF, royal sovereign shingles are one of America’s choicest roofing materials.

Over 10 million royal sovereign shingles have been installed on homes in North America, and GAF has shown that not all 3-tab shingles look the same.

Furthermore, these shingles are stunning and are equipped with advanced protection shingle technology. The designs are vivid and with the advanced color sequencing technology used.

Make them, and they’ll undoubtedly add beauty and style to any house. Finally, the cost of purchase and installation of GAF shingles is not uniform.

It is more expensive for some shingles, although the same company manufactures all the alternatives listed above.              

 The prices of timberline shingles range from $120 to $250 per square foot, GAF offers about seven types of Timberline shingles, and the cost varies depending on the specs.

The Timberline AS II is the most expensive, and it has the highest impact ratings and wind ratings possible. It can also withstand winds of 130mph.

Additionally, AS II shingles offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty smart choice protection. However, AS II is the most expensive architectural shingle by GAF; it costs $250 per square foot.

Camelot II antique shingles cost about $200 per square foot, they also have a DuraGrip sealant and a lifetime limited transferable warranty with the smart protection for ten years.

Furthermore, the Grand Sequoia shingles cost about $190, which is less expensive than the Grand Sequoia AS, which costs about $230. The Royal Sovereign Shingles are GAF’s bestsellers and have been for a while.

They’re also cheap, costing about $85 per square foot, and resistant to algae. In addition, the shingles can withstand winds of 150mph, making them the most durable 3-tab shingles on the market.


GAF, the manufacturers of Camelot shingles, discontinued their production due to low demand and lower sales.

However, the manufacturing giant has other products that are just as good and can serve as a replacement for Camelot shingles.

From their GAF woodland to their royal sovereign shingles and timberline shingles, it’s easy to find an alternative to Camelot shingles.

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