No matter where they are on the globe, it is always good for property owners to have specialized and experienced roofers around them.

This is because the roof is one of the most important components of any building, residential or commercial, as it protects the residents and occupants of the property from exterior weather conditions.

If you live in California, you are in luck because the state hosts a highly capable and expert roofing company called Certified Roofing Applicators (CRA).

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About Certified Roofing Applicators

Certified Roofing Applicators

Homeowners looking for waterproofing work, roof repairs, preventative maintenance, roof installation, or any other work related to roofing in California can ensure getting high-quality work done on their roof project by opting for Certified Roofing Applicators.

CRA is based in Norwalk, in Southern California, but extends its top-of-the-shelf services across the nation.

The roofing company has been operating in the roofing industry for almost four decades and boasts highly skilled teams of expert roofers and industry leaders.

CRA is not only highly popular in the region due to its quality work but is a company that young roofing firms look up to for inspiration as well.

The reputation that Certified Roofing Applicators has gained pertaining to its commercial, residential, governmental, and industrial roofing services is underpinned by the ability of the roofing company to customize its solutions according to the needs of its customers and to deliver high-quality work.

The services that CRA offers are not only cost-effective but highly efficient and environmentally friendly as well.

CRA’s Portfolio

As mentioned earlier, Certified Roofing Applicators have been in the business for a very long time. It has served tens of thousands of residents as well as commercial property owners during its impressive and ongoing tenure.

The roofing company holds a strong portfolio, having served a number of worth-mentioning enterprises, including:

  • Kramer Properties
  • The Decurion Corporation
  • Polaris Property Management
  • Pacific Theatres
  • National Cash Register
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • MWEST Holdings
  • Hawaiian Telco
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Bensen Condominiums
  • Baxter Medical
  • Arclight Cinemas
  • Verizon

These are only some of the clients that CRA has served over the years of its operations. Regardless of the type of the roof or roofing system, Certified Roofing Applicators take on the job and ensure best-in-class quality and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the roofing company always takes into consideration the local regulations as well as the wishes and requirements of its clients in order to implement superior roofing systems for all kinds of properties, such as Roof coating, rooftop elevated deck or green roofs, Hypalon, PVC, TPO, standing seam roofs, tile painting, built-up roofing, etc.

The roofing company employs processes and techniques that are state-of-the-art and uses roofing equipment that is technologically advanced to offer an extensive range of roofing services and solutions.

The experienced and expert teams of CRA include designers, engineers, and craftsmen who are fully insured and certified and extremely dedicated and professional.

Whether it is a residential complex, restaurant, theater, civic center, hospital, or telecommunication facility, Certified Roofing Applicators’ teams are proficient enough to handle and carry out the task in a timely, efficient, and smooth manner.

Services CRA Offers

When it comes to commercial roofing, CRA offers turn-key construction and design services for all kinds of projects.

The roofing company has some extremely complex successful projects under its portfolio across a number of industries. Residential roofing is another aspect that Certified Roofing Applicators excel at.

CRA’s team is proficient in aesthetics as well as the functionality of roofing systems, making the roofing company one of the top choices for property owners.

Whether it is roofing installation, roof repairs, preventative maintenance, or waterproofing (both above grade and below grade), there is nothing roofing-related that CRA does not specialize in.

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CRA’s Manufacturer Certifications

Certified Roofing Applicators is certified with a number of highly popular and industry-leading manufacturers, including:

  • – Firestone
  • – Ownes Corning
  • – Tropical Roofing Products
  • – Burke Industries
  • GAF
  • – CertainTeed
  • – Carlisle
  • – Malarkey Roofing Products
  • – Fiberlite
  • – Polyglass


Certified Roofing Applicators have some of the best roofers working for it that ensure superior quality and professionalism in all kinds of roofing projects.

Whatever the type of the roof may be, the highly innovative techniques and processes that CRA employs make sure that property owners receive services that are beyond their expectations.

The roofing company offers a no-obligation and free-of-cost roofing estimate as well for all kinds of residential and commercial properties.

Whether you are in California or anywhere else in the United States, get in touch with Certified Roofing Applicators to receive the best-in-class roofing services.

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