Drywall is an exceptional material with many beneficial features that can be useful in many situations. 

Your foam board is no exception, as it contains features you can utilize to make your home comfortable and warm. 

Since drywall and foam board are mostly associated with ceilings, you may wonder if you can put drywall over foam board. 

Drywall blends well with foam board and has excellent features that protect your home. You can perform a DIY project at home to put the drywall over the foam board. Alternatively, you can consult an expert to handle the job. 

This article will explain everything you need to know about drywall over the foam board and the best adhesives for your foam board. 

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Can I Apply Drywall Over Foam Board?

Drywall Over Foam Board

You can apply drywall over foam board. Foam board is an excellent choice for ceilings as it saves you from energy bills and provides the right thermal conditions for your home. 

The foam board installation is not aesthetically appealing, and the finish may appear rough. 

This demolishes the interior decór of your home, hence, the need to apply drywall over the foam board. But, despite the unique features of foam board, why would anyone want to cover it up? 

The answer is pretty simple! Drywall provides that perfect finishing look homeowners seek to install in their homes.  

Drywall not only adds beauty to your ceiling and interior decór, but it’s also fire resistant and protects your home from devastating fire outbreaks. 

You can apply the drywall at home if you have enough experience carrying out the procedure. 

Notwithstanding, you can consult a professional if you don’t have experience applying drywall over foam board. 

The first thing to do to guarantee a successful installation is to get high-quality materials for the job. 

The durability and longevity of your drywall over the foam board depend on the materials you purchase. 

Furthermore, ensure to follow the correct procedure for installation; you can always consult an expert for assistance if you encounter problems. 

In addition, you must purchase the right tools to apply your drywall to the foam board. 

If you’re perplexed about the right tools to purchase, you can make some research and ask experts. 

It’s crucial to get the right tools, as they’ll assist you in creating the best ceiling for your home. 

How to Apply Drywall Over Foam Board?

Applying drywall over foam board is challenging as it requires proper installation and enough time. But how can you carry out this procedure effortlessly? 

Before I explain the process, below is a table containing some materials/tools you need for the installation and their uses. 

Materials/tools Uses 
Tape measure To get accurate measurements of the ceiling, foam board, and drywall. 
Carpenter’s pencil To write or point out places for measurements.
Paintbrush Paint the drywall with the color of your choice. 
Adhesive Glue the drywall to the foam board. 
Drywall screws To hold the drywall in place to the foam board.

Below are the steps to apply drywall over foam board. 

  • Use house wrap tape to seal the seams of the foam board from top to bottom to avoid any gaps inside. This way, the foam board can retain its moisture-resistant feature. 
  • Use the carpenter’s pencil to mark areas where your ceiling meets your wall to indicate areas the ceiling joists pass underneath the foam board. 
  • Apply layers of the right adhesive for foam board on the back of your first sheet of drywall
  • Apply the first drywall sheet at the corner of the ceiling and ensure it fits properly. 
  • Screw the drywall screws into the joist marks by driving them through your drywall and into the joists inside your foam board. 
  • Ensure you give adequate space of 12-16 inches between the joists. 
  • Apply more drywall sheets over the foam board until it’s flush with the ceiling. 
  • Cut the drywall for the edges and apply where appropriate. 
  • Use a drywall compound to seal the edges where your wall meets the ceiling. 
  • Use house wrap tape to cover the seams in the drywall sheets. 
  • Use to utility knife to remove air trapped inside the seams to avoid cracking. 
  • Use drywall mud over the tape seams to get the first drywall finish. Then, allow it to dry and sand the surface until smooth. 
  • Tape the screws visible on the drywall and apply drywall mud over them. Continue the process until the ceiling is smooth and no seam or screw is visible. 
  • You can prime the ceiling and paint it for a perfect finishing look. 

You can easily apply drywall over your foam board with the steps above. However, if the process takes too long, you can consult a professional to assist you in handling the job. 

What Kind of Adhesive Can I Use to Apply Over the Foam Board? 

Undoubtedly, many adhesives of varying combinations are produced by different industries and possess different levels of effect. 

With this realization, you can note that only some adhesives are suitable for foam boards. 

Therefore, you must always consider its effectiveness when purchasing adhesives for your foam board. 

It’s not advisable to settle for an adhesive of low quality that will cost you a fortune for repairs later. Instead, always purchase an adhesive of high quality that can serve you in the long run.  

With that established, what adhesive can you use over your foam board? Let’s discover more below

#1. Carpenter’s Glue or Wood Glue 

These adhesives are versatile and the best choices for your foam board. They are highly durable and extend the lifespan of the foam board by holding it firm for years. 

Furthermore, they are highly effective and budget-friendly. 

For instance, you can purchase the Elmer’s E7330 Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max, an exceptional adhesive that contains all the features of wood glue and can handle any job. 

#2. Hot Glue

This adhesive works best when you want to get the job done immediately, as it’s fast and efficient. However, you must use latex paint over the foam board before using the adhesive. 

Hot glue is unlike adhesives that take drying time; this one dries instantly. Hence, you must work quickly to use this particular adhesive for your project. 

If you want something fast, you can settle for hot glue, but if you want an adhesive that’ll allow you to work slowly but effectively, read on for more alternatives. 

#3. 30NF Green Fastbond Contact Adhesive

Also known as green glue, it is one of the best water-based adhesives with low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and sticks well. 

This adhesive is strong and extends the lifespan of the foam board. Although it’s a little expensive, it keeps it firm and doesn’t wear down your foam board. 

So you can try green glue if you want something slow but highly effective. 

#4. Original Gorilla Glue

This adhesive is durable, highly effective, and suitable for your foam board. Original gorilla glue is best for jointly sticking foam boards; you don’t have to wait long to see results. 

For instance, you can apply the glue and wait 15-16 minutes for the best results. 

What Is the Best Foam Board Insulation Under Drywall? 

A rigid foam board is the best foam board insulation to use under drywall as it has many beneficial features. 

This foam board insulation is pretty simple to install and requires little effort. 

It’s R-value rating and rots and moisture-resistant properties are relatively high. 

Alternatively, you can settle for extended polystyrene foam (EPS), which is cost-effective and efficient. 

In addition, you can purchase more alternatives, such as Polyisocyanurate and XPS. When purchasing a foam board under your drywall, you must consider the best quality.

This way, you can get a foam board that’ll save you from energy bills, keep your home cool during summer, and has moisture-resistant properties.

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