Your roof protects against environmental hazards and attacks from little wild animals like snakes that come into your home.

Hence, when your roof leaks, the best thing to do is to find an emergency fix before it worsens. 

However, it is essential to consider the durability and lifespan of the fix before choosing to fix your roof with it. Consequently, you may wonder how long the flex seal lasts on the roof.

Flex seals last on the roof for up to 20 years, depending on your climate and maintenance. Flex seal can last long without vanishing, breaking down, discoloring, or spoiling. In addition, this adhesive is reliable and lasts longer because of the durable silicone materials and properties used in producing it.

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How Long Does Flex Seal Last On Rv Roof?

Flex Seal Last On Roof

Flex seal last roughly 10-12 years on the RV roof but its lifespan also depends on the compatibility between the seal and the RV roof.

Also, the size of the roof that you use the seal to cover and proper application contributes to its duration.

In addition, the climatic conditions of your environment are another factor determining how long your seal will last.

Meanwhile, from customer reviews, you must know that flex seals aren’t 100% entirely suitable for RV roofs.

Additionally, after using it as an emergency fix for your RV roof, you’ll still need to have a professional examine and thoroughly repair your roof.

Finally, a professional should examine your roof after applying flex seal to know if there are other leaks you didn’t notice.

How Long Does Flex Seal Last On Metal Roof?

Flex seal will last up to 10 years while retaining all of its chemical and physical properties. In addition, the flex seal helps restore the cracks and leaks in your metal roof back to normal.

However, the longevity of the flex seal on your metal roof also depends on your climate and how you maintain it.

To elongate the lifespan of the flex seal on your metal roof, apply a double seal coating to the metal roof surface. 

Metal roofs require a silicone adhesive like flex seal as other seals might not stay well or last long on their surface.

A silicone adhesive will last longer as it will offer protection from UV rays and water to prevent the metal roof from rusting.

Hence, flex seal is a better option to consider using to seal your metal roofs as it’s a silicone-based adhesive. 

Does Flex Seal Work On Roof?

Yes, flex seal works well on roofs ranging from RV to metal roofs and gets stronger as time goes on. It is the best product that you can see to mend minor roofing issues like leaking, weak edges, etc.

Also, it is an affordable option that you can go for if you don’t want to change the roof entirely.

Flex seal usually comes in a viscous fluid that you can easily roll or apply to the roof surface with a brush or spray.

Afterward, the liquid rubber adhesive produces a strong layer and gets stronger as it dries thoroughly. Hence, it makes the roof sealing very easy with minimal effort.

Additionally, the flex seal dries rapidly within 2-3 hours and completely dries in 24 hours while forming a more excellent sealing bond as it dries.

This fast-drying property of flex seal will enable you to mend surfaces quickly before the weather changes. Meanwhile, you can use the adhesive seal on any wet or dry surface.

Although you can use flex seal in any weather, it’s tougher to seal in when it’s raining. Thus, seal your roof before the rainy season for easy application and drying.

Does Flex Seal Last Forever?

Flex Seal doesn’t seal eternally, but it gives off a quality sealing that lasts as long as 10-30 years. Its lifespan can also be elongated when you’re in a favorable climate and regularly maintain it.

Thus, the flex seal doesn’t last perpetually, although you can still consider its lengthy lifespan of ten to 30 years.

However, it has a 24 months shelf life which can increase a bit by proper storage and following manufacturer storing instructions. During this time, it will still maintain its quality without spoiling.

Additionally, good preparation of your roof surface before applying the flex seal will make it last longer. Also, applying a double seal layer and maintaining it well will increase its lifespan.

Furthermore, always have a professional regularly examine your roof and repair large surfaces.

Is Flex Seal Good For Roofs?

Yes, flex seal is the ideal affordable product for managing and mending minor roof problems without totally changing your roof.

It comes in a thick liquid form which makes it more accessible during application to apply to roof surfaces.

Also, aside from using it to mend leaks, you can use a flex seal to protect rooftops from rust, rust stains, and mildew growths.

Flex seal protects, repairs your roof, and lasts for years without losing its original quality properties.

In addition, it creates a strong bond that hardens over time, thus preventing anything undesirable from penetrating your roof. 

Also, you can use flex seal for different surfaces from wood, metal, tile, fabric, glasses, vinyl, etc. Meanwhile, it won’t deteriorate or crack during hot summer or peel during snowy cold winter.

Steps For Preparing Roof Surfaces For Flex Seal Application

Preparing the roof surfaces before applying flex seals makes the application easy and smooth. Then, applying multiple layers of flex seal after preparing the roof surface increases its lifespan.

Thus, always preparing the surface you want to apply the flex seal is essential. 

Below are the things to do to prepare the roof surface for flex seal application:

  • Although flex seal can work in any season, it’s better to use it when it is not raining during the dry season.
  • Remove any dust from the roof surface and scrape any dirt using a scraper.
  •  Ensure it’s neat by using a wet rag with a cleaning solution to wipe it after removing the dirt and dust.
  • Then, use sandpaper to sand the surface before you wipe it with a dry towel.
  • Afterward, cover the edges of the roof that you want to apply flex seal to with a painter’s tape.
  • Cover with a  nose protective wears like a nose mask and your hands with hand gloves. Also, ensure to wear a cloth that covers up your body well. 

How To Apply Flex Seal To Roof Surface?

  • Firstly, vigorously shake the flex seal for about 60 seconds.
  • Remove the cover cap and gear its nozzle toward the roof surface before beginning to spray it.
  • Maintain a 7-12 inches distance to apply it in a  sweeping motion. Allow the first coating to dry for a day before applying the next one.
  • Leave it to dry completely for 48 hours.


Flex seals last for as long as 10- 30 years on roofs without spoiling or changing color. But, it will last for at least ten years on RV and metal roofs.

It works well on roofs and solidifies more as time goes on. Although flex seals don’t last forever on roofs, the years they will last are reasonable for you to consider.

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