No matter how strongly built and furnished, sometimes it requires one repair or the other. Issues begin to develop due to long-time usage or a fault from the building technicians.

A roof tarp is a form of roof maintenance used to protect the home from impending harsh weather or further destruction. 

However, its temporary purpose allows us to secure the home from future damages pending when we can afford to complete the repair.

On average, tarping a roof costs about $200 to $1300 if the roof size doesn’t exceed 1500 square feet. Otherwise, it depends on a host of factors, including the location, hourly rate, and roof design.

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How Much Does it Cost to Blue Tarp a Roof?

Cost to Tarp a Roof

The nearest to accurate price one should get ready with when looking to blue tarp their roof should be from $200 to $1300 for the size of 1500 square feet.

But this is not the standard price for tarping a roof since we did not consider certain factors.

When installing a tarp on your roof, there are things to consider which will help you plan better.

These things include;

  • Suppose you’re planning to do it yourself or have a construction company handle it. Whichever decision you take will affect your budget and how to go about it.
  • In some countries, the government helps victims of storms to tarp their roofs when they can fix them themselves. Then, they (the government) take up the financial responsibility for everything it will take to tarp the roof. 

From the materials required to the cost of labor and how they work depends on their negotiation level.

But as an individual seeking to fix your roof by tarping, it may be a different ball game altogether.

However, having the basic knowledge of how much it costs to tarp a roof will prepare you for the task ahead.

  • Other options are more long-lasting or cheaper to install than tarping. There is undoubtedly more than one way to patch a leaky roof, like using roofing cement, adhesive tape, foil tape, etc., which are a few of the many options to consider. These options also have pros and cons, but you can only decide which is best for you if you compare it to the tarping you’re considering.

Like every other construction, blue tarping a roof depends on factors that increase or decrease the client’s budget.

These factors are in line with some physical conditions, which are below;

#1. Location

Location will always be a factor when looking at the charges for manual labor.

For example, if your house is in a remote swampy or stormy area, you’ll not be charged equally as someone living in the city because they’ll expend more energy to reach you than the person closest to them.

Also, irrespective of whether the weather or road conditions are the same, the cost of living may differ, affecting the average labor cost.

For every other work that requires hiring a professional, even if it is not related to roofing, the location directly affects the delivery cost.

#2. The Hourly Rate

The cost of living is essential because the hourly rate varies from location to location.

Therefore, even if the government decides to do the work, the hourly rate will determine how much the labor cost may be.

#3. The Size of Area to be Tarped

The amount of materials you require depends on the size of the area to be tarped. A vast area will need more tarps and will cost more.

How Much Does It Cost to Tarp a Flat Roof?

It costs an average of $250 to $1000 to tarp a flat roof. Flat roofs may seem outdated, but they’re still in circulation in recent years.

They may require more miniature roofing sheets compared to angled roofs since their coverage area is less, making it cheaper to install. 

But they tend to need frequent repairs more than angled roofs.

Flat roofs are more susceptible to leakages, but beyond this, several other issues develop on flat roofs.

Problems like sagging, blistering, bubbling, and alligatoring are common with dull roots and lead to frequent repairs.

This no-ending patching cycle makes it more expensive to maintain than angled or elevated roofs, with some homeowners paying up to $600 for repairs and a high rise of $5000 for a complete roof change.

How Much Does it Cost to Cover Your Roof With Solar Panels?

The cost of covering your roof with solar panels largely depends on;

  • The roof size
  • The climate condition
  • Manufacturers and, of course, the type of panels.

However, a 2021 study shows that an estimate of about $15,000 to $25,000 should be for the solar system.

Solar energy is the future of global electricity and is fast becoming a thing in many homes. It is, so far, the safest form of energy and an excellent investment.

But it is costly to install because of the manufacturing process. If installed properly, it can save power bills and also serve as a cover for some cracks on the roof, making it dual purpose.

How Much Does Insurance Pay Tarp a Roof Replacement?

Many insurance companies do not have a fixed price for roof replacements because, for every roof, there are factors to be considered—for example, the roof pitch, size, model, location, and materials used. 

These factors determine the total roof replacement cost and must be in place before a budget. Here is how each element affects the price of execution;

The roof pitch or slope increases the materials used, thereby increasing the execution cost. Consequently, many people opt for flat roofs to cut down on expenses; elevated ceilings give 

The size and model of the house also are other factors. The more complex your roof appears, the more materials it will consume. Likewise, the quality of materials used.

There are different roofing materials in the market, depending on their rates. The better quality, the higher price, and these vary depending on location.

Overall is the company you’re hiring. It will cost less if you handle the work alone, but the labor cost must b once you hire a professional.

The insurance and roofing companies weigh the factors above before estimating how much they must pay.

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How Much Does Insurance Pay Tarp a Roof?

Seventy cents per square foot is for roof tarping for standard service, while emergency service costs twice the price on weekdays.

So apparently, a 20X20 roof tarp would cost about $300 for standard service and about $500 to $600 for emergency services.

Roofing companies charge differently for weekdays and weekends, with the weekends costing higher than weekday charges.

Therefore, if it is not an emergency, except you plan to do it yourself, it is more advisable to hire a roofing company during the weekdays to save cost.

Even though roof tarping has been around for quite some time and has been saving a lot of homes, not many people know when their roofs need one.

To prevent impending damage to your home, pay attention to these signs on your roof or walls to know when to get your roof tarped.

  • When there’s a wet area in the ceiling, this is an indication of leakages from the roof. If left unchecked, this may mean more damage to the ceiling and the wood holding it together, eventually rot.
  • Missing shingles in the roof or damages caused by heavy wind or storm. Usually, a complete replacement of the roofing sheets will be more effective in fixing the damages a storm causes. But not everyone can afford to completely replace their roof at the time of damage, making roof tarping a good option.
  • Damage caused by a hail storm. If you’re lucky to survive a hail storm, your roof may not hold because of the weight of the hail.


Roof tarping is a temporary solution to many roof challenges. It can only be of help for about 90 days, but within these 90 days, it offers you the time to plan better and find your way around it.

Depending on the damage you’re trying to fix, it is an excellent way to protect your family from harsh weather conditions.

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