While working on a recent carpeting project, I encountered many concerns regarding replacing carpeting stairs with wood. If you are looking up “replace carpeted stairs with wood cost,” you are not alone.

It is wise to plan and consider the costs involved. Luckily, you have reached the right place.

By the time you go through the sections below, you will have a good idea of the cost of changing your carpeted stairs to wood.

This article covers the cost along with some of the things you should consider during the project;

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How to Replace Carpeted Stairs With Wood: Cost and Other Concerns?

Replace Carpeted Stairs With Wood Cost

On average, 1,076,558 people throughout the USA suffer from staircase-related injuries each year. This has pushed many people to invest in safer staircase materials.

You no longer have to be confused about replacing your carpeted stairs with wood. Here’s what I found during my quest for answers on the average cost of replacing carpet with wood;

The cost of replacing carpeted stairs with wood depends on whether you already have wood below the carpet. Before estimating the final cost, lift the carpet and look at the material below.

The average cost of removing the carpet and polishing or preparing the wood underneath may cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

This depends on the condition of the wood underneath.

For a regular 12-step staircase, new wood floors can cost as much as $4,000. You can also get a lower price of around $2,000. These ranges depend on the material you choose.

Most people might think replacing carpet with wood consists of just the labor and material costs. However, many other factors are involved.

Factors to Consider When Replacing Carpeted Stairs with Wood

To set your budget, consider all these factors and choose wisely. Keep reading to get answers to the search for “replace carpeted stairs with wood cost,” and discover the factors involved.

#1. Types of Wood

The types of wood you use in the installation matter a lot. This is because the harder it is to source the wood, the more expensive the material.

Consider the wood type when replacing carpet with wood on your stairs. A hardwood staircase will cost a lot more than less expensive materials.

However, it will last much longer, so the long-term cost is much lower.

There are many kinds of wood, such as oakwood, walnut, maple, and ash wood. Choose wisely depending on the usage. 

You might love the look of walnut. But, if you have little children running around all day, up and down the staircase, perhaps walnut or oakwood isn’t a great idea.

A hardwood staircase has a wide price range. You can pay $1,000 or $30,000, depending on the material. However, a less luxurious option will only cost about $4,000 on average.

Remember that the wider the staircase, and the more steps, the higher the cost!

#2. Number, Size, and Design of the Stairs

You might not come across this factor while searching “replace carpeted stairs with wood cost.” Yet it is a crucial one.

When replacing carpet with wood, you want the investment to last longer due to the price tag.

You’d be lucky to find wood underneath that carpet. However, in most cases, a full replacement is required.

In that case, measure your staircase and assign the price accordingly. Wood installation for less luxurious wood types can cost up to $165 per step. 

But the wider the staircase and the more expensive the material, the more the cost.

Moreover, the more complicated the installation process, the more material you need.

If your stairs aren’t straight but zigzag, L-shaped, spiral, or any other design, more wood is required. Plus, the labor cost also changes.

#3. The Labor Involved

While I am on labor costs, let’s discuss how they can impact your budget. Replacing your carpeted stairs with wood requires expert help. It is impossible to get it done without equipment.

If you consider taking it on as a DIY project, more power to you! However, you may still want to consult a professional for tips to improve your safety.

The labor cost can vary depending on your staircase design, the materials used, the number of stairs, and time restrictions.

Depending on when you want your project to be finalized, labor is assigned, and the cost changes accordingly.

A Breakdown of Costs

Some common costs I haven’t discussed above can be found in the upcoming list. This breakdown can help you eliminate some of the things that are outside your budget.

It can also assist you in a general estimate to avoid any last-minute surprises.

  • Removal of carpet: This costs up to $65 for every hour the labor spends on your staircase. The more the staircase and the labor involved, the more expensive it will be.
  • Polishing and finishing of existing wood: If wood is installed underneath that carpet, you may only need to refinish the steps. These might cost up to $80 per step.
  • Installing new wood from scratch: Decide the wood you desire and can afford. Now calculate the cost considering your staircase dimensions and the labor involved.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide, consider why you want to replace the carpet with wood on your staircase.

Carpet and wood are both great investments. However, wood lasts longer, up to 35 years to be exact.

This can add value to your home and keep you from financial stress for a long time. Wood looks better. It is also much safer, while carpets can allow people to slip and injure themselves.

Now that you have reached the end of your search for “replace carpeted stairs with wood cost,” it is time to make the final decision!

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