Getting a complete roof replacement is often costly. That’s why many homeowners try to avoid it for as long as they can.

In fact, many even follow recommended maintenance guidelines to ensure the roof stays together and in good condition for long without requiring a complete roof replacement.

Unfortunately, sooner or later, your roof runs its course through the wear and tear of time, and you are left with no choice but to get a complete roof replacement.

However, homeowners truly want to make it the money’s worth and get almost everything covered in a complete roof replacement.

Therefore, many tend to wonder what is included in a complete roof replacement to consider it a worthy investment for their homes or perhaps go for individual repairs from time to time. So let’s find out.

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What Is Included In A Complete Roof Replacement?

Does Roof Replacement Include Soffit

A complete roof replacement is exactly what it says – complete. It covers in its entirety the whole roof of a house by tearing down each and every layer of the roof and replacing it with a new one.

Unlike re-roofing, a complete roof replacement will cover every nook and cranny of your roof down to the smallest details. That’s also why complete roof replacements are often costly.

Here’s what is included in a complete roof replacement:

  • The outermost layer of your visible roof shingles.
  • The flat board decking of the roof for house protection.
  • The crucial water-proof underlayer.
  • The flashing component. [Link to article 59]
  • The drip edge of the roof.
  • The architectural elements of the roof: fascia and soffit.

What is a Soffit?

A soffit is basically more of an exterior element of your roof, considered more of an architectural facet than an actual part of the roof laid over.

You can see your roof’s soffit by locating the overhang of the roof. The underbelly of that overhang is called a soffit.

As people use decorative attachments to make it look aesthetically appealing and sleek, people think only those are called soffits, but almost anything placed as finishing can be considered a soffit.

However, this doesn’t mean that anything should do as a soffit to function as one. Soffits are very important for architectural integrity and even ventilation purposes.

Moreover, soffits have the practical use in protecting the under-roof and your deck underneath. They can help keep moisture damage at bay as well as mold prevention.

Are Soffits Covered In A Complete Roof Replacement?

As per the list, we put down earlier, and according to many service providers, soffits are indeed covered in a complete roof replacement.

Whether you are using externally added aesthetic soffits or simply connected material to give your roof a clean edge, soffits still make it a complete roof replacement because they are, in fact, part of the roof.

Moreover, if you get a complete roof replacement without getting a soffit done, you might be left with a lot less space and liberty for its works and might suffer through it getting compromised during the replacement.

Hence, it just makes sense that soffits are a part of the complete roof replacement to make things easy and the work efficient.

How to Choose a High-Quality Material for Soffit?

If you have purchased a pre-made house, the chances are that it already comes with a soffit. However, it is more likely to have the most basic soffits.

So if you are planning to get a complete roof replacement, it will include new soffits, and you would have to choose the material for them.

Now soffits are usually made of either vinyl or wood. However, both materials have their drawbacks, and you may have to make a decision based on compromise and see which set of drawbacks you can handle on a regular basis.

But fortunately, nowadays, many service providers have now introduced fiber cement soffits too.

Fiber cement soffits are not only reliable and high-quality, but they also do not have any of the drawbacks of vinyl or wood.

This means that you get the aesthetic appeal but no consequences or regular maintenance work to keep them looking fresh.

Moreover, you can choose between colors and finishes that are per your liking and go with the overall look.

Our Final Thoughts

One might say that a soffit is a very small part of the home’s exterior, but you can’t take away the fact that it is also very important.

Therefore, even if you want soffits to be included in the complete roof replacement to make the most of the cost, looking after your soffits and treating them with regular care and maintenance can go a long way in keeping them intact for your home.

So if you are looking for a reliable service provider to book a complete roof replacement, including soffits, now is your chance.

Simply ask them and get all your confusion cleared, and queries answered. A professional and certified service provider will make sure to do a good job while keeping client satisfaction a high priority. Cheers!

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