A good roof protects against the sun, while the roof needs protection from harsh weather conditions too; to avoid damage. This is where roof ventilation comes in, allowing your roof/building to have good air circulation.

However, Since different roof vents have their various effectiveness,  between the shingle vent ii and snow country, which vent is better.

The shingle ridge vent II and snow country ridge vents are good quality roof vents for any roof system. A snow country tends to be a little expensive to a shingle vent ii. But they create good air circulation for the roof and protect against harsh weather; it’s easy to choose from them.

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Comparisons Between Shingle Vent II and Snow Country

Shingle Vent II Vs Snow Country

A shingle vent II and snow country have fewer differences and some basic similarities as being a roof ridge vent.

They both serve the same purpose to the building, just that they are products by different companies and made differently. For these reasons, they will have a different level of efficiency.

Being an amateur roofer or just someone looking to learn more about your building, helps to make good decisions.

Learning about good roof ventilation, helps you protect your roof and house in general and to choose the right ventilation system.

You should keep reading to know more about the shingle vent ii and snow country vents and which to use.

Talking about roof ventilation, they are just simply a way of allowing air to circulate in a roof’s attic. However, these types of vents we are discussing are ridge vents also known as continuous ridge vents.

These ridge vents both protect and remove moisture from the roof attic and add beauty to the ridge, they are both the same, but still different.

Ventilation helps to prevent the accumulation of moisture from hot air, which can reduce the lifespan of the roof. These can be possible through the formation of mildew or mold.

With the help of a good vent material and installation, it helps to maintain a moderate temperature of the entire house.

Roof ridge vents are the best type of ventilation system to use in colder regions. The roof style matters too a lot when installing any roof ventilation.

Having a too steep roof or flat roof, a ridge vent exhaust won’t be that effective for ventilation. 

Also, warmer climate regions are good regions for roof ridge ventilation because it controls the circulation of air. A basic concept behind this is that air rises, so the air ventilation aids the removal of heat from the attic.

Shows the entry of cool air into the building at the base, which keeps the house temperature cool.

When trying to choose from these two vents, there are some things you have to consider. These things include installation, durability, effectiveness, maintenance cost, etc.

But before we start comparing the shingle vent ii and cobra snow country ridge vents, let’s look at a brief review of these products.

#1. Shingle Vent II

Shingle vent ii has a low profile, with a shingle-over design, that camouflages with the shingle roof. When you install the shingle vent ii, when you see it, it’s almost like the ordinary shingle roof or a design.

This air vent apart from its beauty creates well-effective attic ventilation and a snow repelling ability.

#2. Snow Country

Cobra snow country vent is a plastic roof ridge exhaust vent that enables hot air to escape from the roof attic. It has a rigid style and a feature that entails the product’s name, an integral snow guard.

It allows heat to escape at the most effective location and also resists snow penetration and insect invasion. 

Now let’s compare these products based on some factors, to know how they differ and are similar. And to know what brand is suitable and fits your roof.

#3. Based On Maintenance

When looking at maintenance, you should consider what material the products are made of. For example, a shingle vent II is mainly made of aluminum and has the same coating as that of your shingle roof.

And a snow country is mostly made of plastic materials, however, they both have a protective coating against the weather.

Unlike other ridge vents made of aluminum, the shingle vent ii is more convenient because it’s covered with shingles. And it’s not prone to leaks like aluminum-made vents.

#4. Based On Cost

The cost of a product matters when comparing two different products. The shingle vent II and snow country ridge vent prices are almost in the same price range.

You can purchase your air vent shingle vent II with nails on Amazon, 

A snow country vent isn’t available yet on Amazon, but you can also get it at around $298.71 from order stores. However, installation can also cost more, between $300 – $700 for both products.

#5. Based on Net Free Area (NFA)

A net-free area is that area of a ventilation system for air to pass through. This factor also determines how effective a roof vent is.

Generally, the ventilation area should have a net-free area of 1/150, that is, one square foot of NFA for 150 square feet of attic space.

Both shingle vent ii and snow country have an NFA measurement. A cobra snow country measures 18 Square inches per linear foot of net free ventilation area.

They have no differences in the NFA since they meet the general requirement of NFA.

#6. Based On Appearance

Based on this factor, the shingle vent ii is better than the snow country ridge vent. When installing a shingle vent ii roof ridge vent, it’s invisible to the sight.

It’s almost like a form of design to your roof. Unlike the snow country, you can tell its ventilation when seen. 

In short, you can hardly find a difference between the two products, as they are almost similar. If it’s also based on the interior features, they are the same.

These features include the internal weather filter that protects against dust and: traps the snow before entering the attic.

You can pick one noticeable difference between the two by their names; the product tends to act more according to its name. Thus, a shingle vent ii has a more blending ability with the roof than the snow country ridge vent.

At the same time, a snow country can retain more snow than a shingle vent ii.

So now let’s look at the main difference between these two, roof ventilation is not only for keeping heat away. But also to protect roofs and buildings from the negative effect of some weather conditions.

So, in essence, a snow country ridge vent is the pick when it comes to protection from rain, snow, and insects. 

However, this is a more practical choice for a roof vent in colder regions. Meanwhile, a shingle vent II fits in well as a roof vent in a warm climate.

This doesn’t set one from being effective in both regions. There are a lot of testimonies from customers choosing a shingle vent ii as their # 1 ridge vent in cold climates.

So it doesn’t quite matter because they both have a design to work against any weather conditions.

An experiment to test the effectiveness of a shingle vent ii. The wind reaching the vent’s baffle on the vent opening on both sides creates low pressure above.

This enables the duct to allow more airflow; the airflow from the vent exhaust increases when the air rises.


The difference between the two products remains the attractiveness; that’s the only main difference to find. Since they are both made of different materials, the maintenance will also differ.

You should always consult a professional roofer to install ventilation because they know the best fit.

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