Pigeons aren’t the common pest most homeowners will list out when having pest control issues. They are primarily described as roamers always roaming the streets, driving alleys and parks.

However, certain factors could attract them to your home, which can be extremely disturbing. Pigeons are not only noisy but highly destructive birds. 

Pigeons nesting on your roof can mean a lot of things, but the most common reason why they visit your home can be that there is an opening in your attic. They may also have found a food source in your house or nearby, and your gutters may be the perfect nesting ground for them.

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Why are there Pigeons On My Roof?

Pigeons On The Roof Meaning

Most homeowners ask the question- “what’s so special about my roof?” when pigeons land on their roofs.

Interestingly, it is the appropriate question to ask because when you start answering the whys, you are definitely on the first step to understanding the reason for pigeon nesting on your roof.

They are three leading causes of Pigeon roosting on your roof. 

#1. Available Source Of Food 

The primary cause of this problem is the availability of food or water sources close to your house or in a nearby location where these pigeons have a regular supply.

This could be in the form of an open garbage container or heaps of garbage littered around an environment close to you. Meanwhile, they will nest on your roof to be near their feeding area.

#2. Broken Attic

Pigeons can also nest on your roof if there is an entry space for them into your attic. These pigeons can take over a loft in the shortest time possible.

They can mess up the attic with feathers, nesting materials, droppings, and pesticides. They attract rodents and insects into your room when they mess it up. 

#3. Exposed Rain Gutters

The last reason pigeons may roost or nest on your roof is the gutters around your house. Your channels may also serve as a perfect nesting place for pigeons.

They usually need water and love to have sunny spots and shade safe from predators and availability of food and water. 

Pigeons mostly build their nest in the curved shape of your gutters which is free from disturbance and is not visible to insects.

However, when pigeons nest in your gutters, they spread all over your roofs and restrict water from flowing into the channels by clogging them with nesting materials. 

Is It Bad to Have Pigeons On the Roof? 

Pigeons are not aggressive but are extremely difficult to get rid of. They put people at risk of contracting diseases from their feathers, eggs, and dropping.

Their droppings carry a variety of conditions and even fungal infections. 

Furthermore, a mating pigeon will rapidly evolve into a family of pigeons in the shortest time. This means double and more of their droppings messing with your windows and patios.

The dropping also kills vegetation and also causes discoloration in car paint.

Pigeon droppings are highly acidic like other birds. However, the acidic content of their droppings is so high that it can damage your roof and roofing materials, such as the roofing underlayment. 

In addition, when the droppings on the roof become more, they accumulate and increase the rate of wear and tear on your top. 

Also, pigeons are likely to build a nest in roof drains, roost in corners, and rain gutters.

The nest restricts water from moving off the roof and serves as a dam. This accumulates nesting materials, waste, and debris on the top. 

This may also lead to roof collapses since water collection makes the roof rot faster.

Besides, excessive and stagnated water is not acceptable for roofs significantly because it can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. 

What Is the Spiritual Meaning Of Pigeons? 

Pigeons are usually overlooked because they are seen everywhere in our day-to-day activities and life. Hence You can miss out on the spiritual meaning of having pigeons around you.

In addition, most people forget that the Pigeon is a spirit animal and guide, and some do not know that seeing pigeon feathers means something. 

Pigeons may represent a symbol of love, productivity, prosperity, good fortune and luck, and transformation for spiritual enlightenment. They can also represent forgiveness, persistence, harmony, mercy, good health and freedom, and even peace. 

How you encounter them does not matter. What matters is the meaning and message the situation carry. Generally, pigeons are associated with various places when they come to you.

So if you encounter pigeons on the street in your home or anywhere you can easily carry them or touch them, it is a vital sign that love, good fortune, and blessings are coming your way soon. 

Also, there is a belief that when a bird, especially a pigeon, poops on your head, good luck is knocking on your doors.

In Christianity, for example, pigeons were formerly used as an offering or sacrifice of the atonement of sins.

The Hindu religion claims that the Pigeon is revered, and hurting this animal is believed to cause lousy karma. 

Generally, most religions see pigeons as divine messengers from their supreme being. Christians use the Pigeon to represent the Holy Spirit, one person of the Holy Trinity.

You may need to study the significance of pigeons in your religion to understand why they have visited you. Pigeons are also known as totem animals. 

They visit you when you seem to be giving yourself to others but receiving nothing of such equal measure in return.

They call you to remind you of faith in yourself and other people, thereby allowing you to approach the world again with renewed energy.

They remind you not to lose faith or doubt other people, get you out of your lower or depressive state and set you into a higher energy level. 

The Pigeon is also a spirit guide in love, giving, and fitness issues. The pigeons are there to always guide you through challenging decisions.

In dreams, pigeons account for various reasons, from being a totem animal to showing you when you are about to make a life-changing decision. Also, pigeons symbolize forgiveness and the end of wars.

Is Pigeon Good Luck For Home? 

Of course, pigeons are not only seen as birds that bring good luck but also wealth.

The Hindu religion kicks against killing a pigeon and associates it with bad things or bad luck because pigeons are referred to as peaceful animals. 

The Hindu religion, European, and even American cultures have recognized pigeons’ significance in bringing good luck since the medieval age.

For instance, Christians believe that the first bird to have been set out on Noah’s ark when it stopped at Mount Ararat after the flooding of the Earth was a pigeon. 

Likewise, a pair of pigeons symbolizes good luck in love, finding a life partner, or other good news regarding your relationship.

American cultures also believe that finding the feathers of Native American pigeons is a sign of good luck and angels watching over you. 

Is the Pigeon a Symbol Of Peace? 

Yes, pigeons are recognized wisely as symbols of peace by most cultures in the world. They represent love, forgiveness, renewal of life, productivity, and growth.

However, a pigeon with a sword symbolized a war’s end in ancient Japanese history. 

In Christianity, the Pigeon is a symbol of peace because it was the first animal sent out of Noah’s ark on Mount Ararat, symbolizing that it was still living on Earth when it safely brought back an Olive Branch.

They are also considered sacred and peaceful birds because they lack bile which is responsible for aggressive animal behaviors. 

Final Thoughts 

Pigeons may nest or roost on your roof if there is an available food source near your house or if your attic has an opening.

They can also nest in rain gutters and roofs with readily available shade, food, and water sources. Pigeons are seen as totem animals and have spiritual significance and symbols for different religions. 

Generally, they symbolize peace, productivity, forgiveness, good health, happiness, joy, spiritual cleansing, emotional stability, love, and good fortune, amongst many other things. 

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