Roofing felt prevents the shingles of a roof from getting damaged by overexposure to moisture. It is made from either organic or artificial materials ranging from polyester, recycled clothes, and cellulose.

Also, it has a substance that contains coal tar and other liquid natural ingredients such as bitumen.

Also, it is called tar paper and acts as a barrier protecting the layer of shingles on a roof. However, you will need to attach it to the roof shingles and choose the best and fastest method when installing your roofing felt.

Thus, you need to know whether you can use staples on the roofing felt to determine whether or not to use it.

Yes, you can use staples on the roofing felt. However, it is not the best material to hold a roof underlayment. This is because it doesn’t work well in high wind and other adverse atmospheric conditions. Nonetheless, other building constructors still prefer staples, especially in areas where environmental conditions are favorable.

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Can You Staple Roof Felt?

Staples On Roofing Felt

It is affirmative that you can staple a roof felt though it isn’t the best roof felt tacking material. But it is essential to use a reliable material when installing the roofing felt as that would make it serve the purpose it’s meant to do.

Thus, roofing nail staples are one of the best options for when you want to keep the roof felt in place.

Additionally, stapling is the most affordable method of attaching roofing felt tar on roof shingles. Meanwhile, stapling is preferable to using roofing nail heads because it saves more time than the latter.

What Size Staples For Roofing Felt?

The T50 arrow staples,  3/4 staples, and 5/8 staples are the best staples sizes for roofing felt paper. This is because of their convenience when you carry out the process.

It is essential to use the correct staple size for your felt tar paper to prevent it from getting destroyed by wind.

This is why you should choose from the staples sizes above.

#1. T50 Arrow Staples Roofing Felt Size

The T50 Arrow staple size is the best out of the three recommended staple sizes because of its strength. This is because they give adequate stapling for a heavy stapling task, including installing the roofing felt.

Also, you can get them from excellent metal variants, which makes them super strong and durable. 

Thus, you need to use T50 arrow staples to keep your roofing felt underlayment firmly in place. Additionally, they last longer than when you use other staple sizes.

Meanwhile, they’re available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, and 14mm sizes.

#2. 3/4 Staples Roofing Felt Size

The ¾ staples size are manufactured from long-lasting steel material. They serve the purpose of ensuring durable and on-point tacking of felt tar paper.

Although, you can use them for other stapling work asides from roof underlayment.

Besides, they pull out with 5-10 lbs of pulling, and you can mainly use them when the T50 arrow staples aren’t available.

You can also use the ¾ staple size for heavy-duty work, and it has a silver chisel point for easy stapling. Also, stapling with these staple sizes keeps your roofing tar paper firmly in place.

Thus, its consistency in securing things well makes it a reliable staple size option for your stapling task.

#2. 5/8 Staples Roofing Felt Size

Similar to the other staple sizes that are above, the ⅝ staple sizes are made from metal variant substances called steel. They’re also strong and give a durable stapling, making them favorable for installing the roofing felt.

Furthermore, they’re pulled out with 1b of pull and penetrate just about ¼ of your mount felt paper.

Additionally, the ⅝ staple size possesses a reasonable tensile strength while simultaneously being gentle on your roofing felt.

This implies that although it will firmly secure your roofing felt paper, it is also gentle enough to prevent causing damage.

How Many Staples For Roofing Felt?

Roofing felt doesn’t have a particular quantity of staples for attaching it to the roof shingles. This means that you can use as much or as few staples quantity as you need to tack the roofing tar paper completely.

However,  the amount also depends on the size of the roof shingles and the size of the roofing felt.

Moreover, ensure to use the staple sizes mentioned earlier in the article and an excellent stapler to do the task.


Using staples on your roofing felt makes it more moisture resistant and protects it, and it’s the fastest method as well.

Therefore, you can use either the T50 arrow staple, the 3/4, or the 5/8 staple sizes to tack your roofing tar paper. Additionally, you should use enough staples to keep the roofing felt in place.

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