Who would feel comfortable housing Wasps? Wasps have no impact on the environment and will always be dangerous to live with.

They go about looking for a refuse dump to source their meals. Their sting is something worth avoiding. 

However, in some cases, they could even find their way into the house and live under the deck. As a way to get rid of these naughty creatures, one can resort to using bombs.

Bombs go a long way in getting rid of Wasps and hornets. All you need to do is to locate the Wasp’s nests under the deck and apply the bombs. However, you need to be careful of the Wasps so they won’t sting you. Bombs’ setback is that they’re highly flammable and toxic to health.

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How do you get rid of Wasps Under a Deck?

Wasps Bomb for Under Deck

Getting rid of the Wasps before they get rid of you is essential. Wasps are always dangerous and have no reason to live with you.

So, I’ve got reliable methods of chasing Wasps away from your Decks to save you from suffering from their stings.

#1. Use Talcum Powder

One unfailing method of killing wasp nests is the use of talcum powder. Talcum powder is available in the market. If you have kids around you, use baby talcum powder, which won’t harm the children.

Once you have gotten the talcum powder, sprinkle some quantity on the nests. The wasps will die in a few minutes as a result of suffocation.

However, if you won’t use the baby talcum powder, ensure they don’t go close to where you sprinkled it. If they inhale the gas, it might cause some respiratory problems.

#2. Use Diatomaceous Earth

Using diatomaceous earth is one ideal method for killing pests that many people are yet to unveil.

The diatomaceous earth is a product of the fossils of diatoms (algae-like plants). In other words, it is natural. The diatomaceous earth works differently.

When you apply it in a place where these wasps are, the diatomaceous earth removes the outer skeleton of the insects, and they end up losing all their body fluids to dehydration. So cool!

Furthermore, diatomaceous earth comes in different types for different uses. We have pool-grade diatomaceous earth, which filters swimming pools.

The food-grade diatomaceous earth is also available, and you can use this type around foodstuffs.

#3. Use Powdery Sugar And Boric Acid

The powdery sugar and Boric acid powder make a good combination for fighting the wasps under your roof deck.

All you need to do is mix the two powdery substances and sprinkle them over the nest at night. Wasps are sugar lovers, so they feed on it and die a few days after consumption.

Boric acid is the poisonous substance responsible for their death; the sugar is just to attract the wasps to feed on the mixture.

But before then, you need to know how to mix the substance correctly. Get a bowl to mix one part of the boric acid and three parts of sugar in it.

To make the mixture a bit watery, add a little water. You can use a spray bottle to apply the mixture as it has become liquid.

Spray the mixture on the wasp nest at night. Doing it at night is because, at this time, they will have all gathered in the nest and be very inactive.

However, use a protective covering to protect yourself from their attack.

#4. Use Wasp Traps

This is a domestic and simple method to consider in killing all the wasps under your deck. Although it might take days before capturing lots of wasps, it works.

The trap usually has a liquid that acts as bait to lure the wasps. As soon as the wasps fall for the trap, they fall into the liquid and die since there’s no escape route.

Ready-made traps are available, but you can create yours in your home by getting a plastic bottle with an intact opening at the top.

Make a solution with equal proportions of tap water and sugar, then pour the mixture into the bottle, filling one-third of the bottle. Put a funnel in the bottle’s neck.

Meanwhile, after hunting down enough Wasps, dispose of the plastic and its content. You can keep creating new traps until there are no more Wasps under your deck.

How Do I Destroy Wasp Nests Under a Deck With No Access?

Sometimes Wasps can build their nests under the deck in a place you have no access to; therefore, eliminating the nests can be a bit difficult.

However, you have to find a solution to that. And, I’ve got a way out for you.

Use Wasp Killer Spray

While the wasps are below the deck but you lack access to the nests, you can apply the wasp killer spray to kill the Wasps.

The Wasps under the deck will all die, leaving the nest for you to destroy. But you must be careful of how and when to use the spray.

Most especially after use, keep the spray beyond the reach of your little kids. And while you apply the spray under a Deck, use a mask to avoid inhalation.

Ensure you use the spray at night since they are always inactive at night.

What can I Spray Under a Deck to Keep Wasps Away?

You might have tried different means of eliminating wasps, but the result didn’t meet your needs.

Resorting to spraying repellent isn’t a bad idea; you’ll notice swift changes in the number of the wasps until they vanish.

Thus, try these spraying hacks, and the results will amaze you.

#1. Use Peppermint Oil

This is a natural and reliable way of getting rid of wasps under a Deck. The strong minty odor from peppermint oil makes wasps uncomfortable, so they’ll never attempt to keep living under the deck.

To use peppermint oil, you can mix it with water or, better still, make a mixture of soapy water and peppermint oil. Then fill a spray bottle with the mixture and apply it under your deck. 

#2. Spray Lemon Juice Extract

The lemon juice extract is an accessible and safe homemade remedy. Unlike poisonous insecticides, you don’t have to worry about inhaling or damaging your respiratory tracts. Everyone is safe. 

The best time to spray is at night because their activeness reduces significantly at that time, making it easier to kill them and chase them away.

The smell of the lemon drives them away. However, during the application, protect yourself from their sting.

#3. Spray Soapy Water

Soapy water is an excellent tool for eliminating those Wasps under your deck. It’s easy to use and non-toxic for living things.

To prepare it in your home, you only need a dishwashing liquid and water. The preparation is straightforward. Pour some soap into a spray bottle and add water.

Gently shake the bottle to create an even soapy water solution. Your Wasp Repellant is ready!

You can apply this repellant directly on the Wasps immediately you see them under the deck or when you identify their breeding site. Once they perceive the soap’s odor, they’ll go and never return. 

#4. Spray White Vinegar

Vinegar also comes in handy in terms of keeping Pests away. Hence, combining soap and vinegar should be exceptional warfare against Wasps. 

All you need to create this repellant is soapy water, clean water, and vinegar. Mix the trio to form a mixture, and fill a spray bottle with the mixture. Shake the bottle.

Apply the solution to your deck to keep the Wasps away. One benefit of this simple repellant is that applying it isn’t so toxic to living things.

#5. Spray Insecticides

Insecticides such as the Wasps and Hornet’s Killer Spray are used to top the list when chasing Wasps away. However, some folks complain about not getting the best result when using insecticides.

Once you get an excellent Insecticide, spray it on the Wasps as you spot them under the deck or flying around. The active chemical in the aerosol spray removes the outer skeleton of the Insect.

At the same time, the odor chokes some Insects to death and chases the others. 

Ensure to keep Insecticides beyond the reach of your kids and pets. Also, wash your body after applying it. This repellant is highly toxic.

Problems of Bombs for Wasp Under Deck

Although wasp bombs help rid Wasps under decks away from the house, they can cause costly damage.

It could be a result of some mistakes from the user’s end or the chemical reaction of the Bombs with items around them.

Let’s go over these problems to stay safe.

#1. Inflammation

All aerosols are petrochemicals, so they are highly flammable and dangerous. Imagine what would happen if you applied the Wasp killer spray and the spray came in contact with your gas.

However, I advise you to use the Killer sprays in a small amount and don’t overuse them. If you know you can’t be so careful with these inflammable, opt for another option to keep Wasps away.

#2. Health Issues

As Wasp Bombs suffocate Wasps, these bombs do the same to humans and pets. Much exposure to the odor of these substances can damage your respiratory tracts and land you in the hospital.

In some cases, the bombs might contaminate edible items and result in food poisoning.

In addition, Kids might be too naive to play carelessly with them, too, since they have no in-depth knowledge of the dangers.

For safety reasons, always ensure to vacate your house immediately after you use these bombs.

And take every foodstuff or baby toy away from that area. Most significantly, keep the wasp bombs out of the reach of children and pests.

In case of swallowing, give the Victim enough water while you call for quick medical help.

How to Prevent Wasps from Under the Deck?

You must use various preventive measures to prevent Wasps from abiding under your deck.

However, the first thing you should put in place is hygiene, then any other measure follows. But, what other measures follow?

#1. Use Essential Oils

Combining some natural oils makes a good tool for preventing Wasps from getting close to beneath your decks. These oils include; clove oil, lemongrass oil, and geranium.

To make a homemade essential oil combination, combine a few drops of the oils, add some water, and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Spray the liquid around the area the Wasps tend to visit on the deck. Upon that, the smell will make the Insects uncomfortable, and they won’t come again.

#2. Keep your Trash Can Properly

Wasps have a strong sense of smell, so they can trace the smell of foodstuffs from a far distance.

In other words, if you place your Trash can close to your decks, these Insects could get into your Decks and build nests there too. Hence, keep your Trash a few meters from the house.

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Final Thoughts

Wasps shouldn’t be found in the house. But when they’re in, you can’t chase them by throwing punches. Instead, use bombs, peppermint oil, essential oils, water traps, etc., to keep them away.

Avoid Wasps from getting under your decks by distancing the trash can and garbage heap from home. With this, you’ll be free from Wasps’ threat.

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