If you’ve touched a styrofoam, you’ll know you can’t use just any type of glue to seal its edges to surfaces like wood. 

Because gorilla glue has excellent bonding properties, people often wonder if it’s compatible with styrofoam.

But to figure this out, one has to consider some factors. If you’re interested in discovering the answer, keep reading.

Gorilla glue is one of the top highly-binding glues today that holds Styrofoam firmly to other structures. Gorilla glue’s advantage over other glue types is that it doesn’t leave a mess when you use it to hold Styrofoam. However, it has a long drying time of over 24 hours, which makes other glues like Styroglue a better option.

This article explains how to use gorilla glue to bond styrofoam and wood. In this piece, you’ll discover the best glue for Styrofoam.

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Will Gorilla Wood Glue Hold Styrofoam to Wood?

Will Gorilla Wood Glue Work on Styrofoam

Yes, Gorilla wood glue can firmly hold Styrofoam to wood. Gorilla wood glue is an all-purpose wood glue for work or home projects.

That said, Gorilla glue should be an option only when there aren’t other better glues for your Styrofoam.

Gorilla glue gives off a rigid hardness when dry and cracks your Styrofoam; styrofoams are soft and require soft glue to stay strong and functional.

Also, Gorilla glue is wrong to use when there are better options because it can melt Styrofoam. Gorilla glue can melt Styrofoam quicker than it would when you use styrofoam glue.

Rather than using Gorilla glue to seal your Styrofoam, I suggest you go with a glue compatible with the nature of the Styrofoam.

This table peruses the pros and cons of using Gorilla glue for your Styrofoam.

Gorilla glue is waterproof.It can melt styrofoam.
It’s also heatproof.It’s visible when dry.
All-purpose use.It doesn’t blend easily.

Now that you know the pros and cons of using Gorilla glue for your Styrofoam, you should consider other options.

Here’s a list of glues that’ll go well when you want to seal your Styrofoam to wood;

  • Uhu Styrofoam adhesive glue.
  • Surebonder dual-temperature hot glue gun.
  • Wellbound multipurpose adhesive glue.
  • 3M Super 77 Adhesive glue.
  • Liquid Nails Constructive Glue.

Is Gorilla Wood Glue the Best for Styrofoam?

Gorilla glue isn’t good for styrofoam because it has many downsides. The only positive aspect of using Gorilla glue for styrofoam is that it isn’t messy.

Luckily, there are many alternatives for you to choose from.

Ultimately, the best glue you choose for your Styrofoam depends on your preference and what you want to achieve.

Gorilla is only nice when considering its bonding ability with different materials like foam, wood, metal, ceramic, etc.

Also, when you apply it to your Styrofoam, you’ll see that it seeps into every inch for a better sealing effect.

The Gorilla glue is good for creating a waterproof and temperature-proof surface.

Additionally, you can use Gorilla glue both indoors and outdoors. But other than these, other glue types top the Gorilla glue.

So it would be best to find the appropriate glue for your Styrofoam as the material is delicate and easily crumbles since it’s foamy.

There are numerous glue types in the market you can consider as alternatives to Gorilla glue; the top on our list will be Styrofoam glue, which has been made particularly to suit Styrofoam.

Here’s a list of glues that’ll go well with your Styrofoam and are best depending on their specifications.

#1. Uhu POR Styrofoam Glue

The Uhu POR glue is the best for Styrofoam because it blends well with polystyrene, the key source of Styrofoam.

Styroglue, as the name suggests, is great for Styrofoam and goes well with structures like wood, ceramics, metals, plastic, leather, paper, and more.

It has a shorter drying time of 10-20 minutes, unlike Gorilla glue, which lasts about 24 hours. That makes the styro glue easy to work with.

Also, styrofoam glue holds an edge over the Gorilla glue that creates a transparent finish, sets quickly, and is resistant to aging.

#2. Liquid Nail Heavy Duty Adhesive 

The liquid nail heavy-duty construction glue is another glue you’d want to choose as an alternative to Gorilla glue. 

This glue will blend well with Styrofoam if you’re into a larger building project requiring heavy-duty constructive glue. 

The liquid nail glue also supports DIY use and provides high-strength adhesive for professional use.

Liquid Nail Constructive Glue has a disadvantage over Gorilla glue and Styroglue. Its drying time is 24 hours and doesn’t create a stronghold.

So, if you can’t get the Uhu POR styrofoam glue, this is your next best bet. 

#3. 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray

The 3M super 77 glue is an aerosol spray that creates an even finish on Styrofoam and holds precedence over Gorilla glue in terms of drying time.

3M Super 77 spray glue has a drying time of 30 minutes, which isn’t surprising because of the aerosol nature. Also, it creates a strong bond between 15 seconds to minutes between structures. 

As you can see, it works fast. Moreover, it’s a handy product as you can use it for other purposes.

This spray adhesive is safe for scrapbooking and archiving projects involving photos. 

Does Gorilla Glue Leave a Mess on Styrofoam?

Gorilla glue doesn’t leave a mess on Styrofoam. It’s one of the glues that has an advantage over others regarding the extent of mess on Styrofoam.

Although Gorilla glue has some disadvantages when using Styrofoam, it helps glue your surfaces without making a mess.

The superior property of Gorilla glue that keeps it from making a mess is its dry nature. This dryness prevents stickiness, thus helping you achieve a clean finish.

Using Gorilla glue to attach your Styrofoam to structures like wood, ceramics, or glass dries faster than most glues.

Styrofoam, as the name suggests, is made from foam, making it soft and relatively fragile; that means you’ll need a hard glue like Gorilla glue to keep it together without creating a mess.

The edge Gorilla glue has over others is that it doesn’t leave a mess because it bonds well with the Styrofoam and holds other structures in place.

Knowing the glue you’re picking out for your Styrofoam is important because different glue brands have what distinguishes them.

In this case, the Gorilla glue, which, apart from the fact that it leaves a drying effect on Styrofoam, doesn’t leave a mess afterward.

Moving on, how you handle the glue plays a part in the extent of the mess you leave behind. 

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on properly applying the glue on the Styrofoam for better results.

Additionally, before applying the glue, you can prep the surface of the Styrofoam, removing loose bits, dust, and dirt that can create a mess afterward.

Can I Use Super Glue on Styrofoam?

You can use superglue on Styrofoam, but it won’t hold as firm as other glue like Styroglue.

Also, if you’re into a larger project requiring a lot of superglue, the cost will outweigh what you’ll spend using the regular glues.

However, the choice is yours; if you find better desire in the effect superglue makes, then why not?

One thing about using superglue for Styrofoam is that it can easily weaken whenever you bend the Styrofoam. 

Also, to get an even outcome from the super glue, you’ll need to scrape the surface of the foam.

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