A house’s sewer plays a crucial role in the passage of wastewater and other dirt. If they are in place, it is possible to dispose of water from the bathroom and kitchen.

The number of sewer lines might play an essential role in the disposal. First, however, you might still need to determine if you would need one.

Luckily, this article contains information on the number of sewer lines you could have. 

Yes, a house can have two sewer lines; one line carries black water, and the other carries gray water. The difference is that you can recycle one from the dishwasher, shower drain, and washing machine. Contrarily, the other comes from the toilet bowl and kitchen sink and is not best for recycling.

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Can My House Have Two Sewer Lines?

Can a House Have Two Sewer Lines

It is a good idea if you want your house to have two sewer lines. However, sometimes, you may not have a choice.

This issue only applies to those living in rented apartments. If you are not a homeowner, you must do what you have.

Contrarily, if you prefer houses with two lines, you can either rent, buy or build. You can still rent a house with two sewer lines if you ask before purchasing it.

However, if you are building your house, you can decide the necessary modifications you prefer. These modifications include kitchen appliances, among others.

One of the primary reasons why you may want to have two sewer lines is if you wish to recycle wastewater.

Recycling wastewater is a common practice adopted by people who are conscious of their environment.

This action not only protects the environment but also saves energy. Consequently, your environment and electricity bill will appreciate the ease.

So, the two lines are for two purposes; one is for water containing feces and other harmful chemicals. The other carries water that does not have so many harmful toxins.

Although you can only consume the wastewater with proper treatment, it must undergo various stages of treatment before it is safe to use. Sometimes, recycled water is not for drinking or consumption.

Instead, you can use it for handy home jobs like gardening, washing, or cleaning. Consequently, you can treat drinking water separately to be safe.

Why Do You Need Two Sewer Lines for Your House?

You will need two sewer lines for your house if you want to recycle your wastewater. However, this option is available for one who chooses to maximize everything nature offers.

Most people do not bother with these kinds of things. It is no hard feelings; they either do not care or feel indifferent about them.

However, for someone interested, it would mean a lot. Here are some reasons why you need two sewer lines for your house.

#1. If You Want to Have Separate Waste Pipes

The personalization of our house does not stop in the outward appearance; you can also work underground.

This way, you can ensure that everything suits your taste and needs. Consequently, the plumbing and other interior affairs are included in this quest for configuration.

Having two separate pipes is a positive thing for the drainage system and is ideal for modern houses. So, it is the best choice if you also wish to conform to modern standards.

#2. To Have a Backup Drain

Having a backup sewer in case of an emergency is a smart move. However, most times, it is rather unfortunate that damages and wear are inevitable.

The sewer line is not an exception to this challenge. Fortunately, if you have a backup sewer system, you can fall back on it, at least in the meantime.

You would not have to wait until a plumber comes before you can use the loo or wash dishes. First, however, you must know how to switch to the other system if it is manual.

But, in some cases, you do not have to do anything. Instead, the backup line begins to function immediately while the other line is no longer flowing.

#3. To Aid the Plumbing

The passage of water through two lines is a general reliever to the plumbing. Consequently, you may hardly experience clogs or other plumbing problems.

#4. To Reduce the Load on the Pipes

It will be strenuous for one pipe to carry all the wastewater from your house. So, it is best to have two sewer lines to reduce the load on your pipes.

The diversion of the water reduces the stress that one pipe might be able to endure. 

Ideally, the reasons why you may want a house with two sewer lines are valid. So, do not let anyone or anything stop you from having what you are comfortable using.

Where Is the Main Sewer Line Usually Located?

The main sewer line is usually directly under your house. It is not hard to locate as it is strategically in place.

Your house’s main line carries all the fecal matter and organic waste to the main sewer line. This line carries all the waste to the general sewer system.

In some houses, the two lines are different colors to help further identify them. For example, one line may be gray and the other black.

This way, the plumber or technician knows the different pipes when there is a problem. Aside from the plumber, you would also know and be able to identify the lines.

After all, it would be best to fix some of these problems yourself. This way, you will save some cash and have the fulfillment of repairing your plumbing.

In most towns and cities, a general sewer line leads to a sewage plant. This plant is mainly for treating and recycling wastewater.

Of course, they do not collect the wastewater for fun. The aim is to provide a suitable way to conserve energy and improve life.

In addition, there is a general outlet close to your house for emergency purposes. You can quickly evacuate the sewer lines here without finding the septic tank.

It would be best if you knew that evacuating the septic tank is only necessary when there are clogs. You would need to do this once every 36 months.

This process can be very unpleasant and requires a professional. Beforehand, you may experience various problems with your drainage system.

For instance, there would be a foul smell and the inability of your toilet to flush effectively. Sometimes, this general sewer outlet doubles as the septic tank.

What Is the Benefit of a Second Line?

The second line helps to carry less organic water to the treatment plant. This plant is either in your home or the general treatment plant in your town/city.

It would be best if you knew that the main line is the Blackline while the second is the Grayline. The two are extremely important for your home’s plumbing to function effectively.

Here are a few differences between the two lines you might have missed.

Black LineGray Line
It is dangerous to our health and cannot be recycled.It is the best option for recycling.
It leads to the septic tank.It goes to the treatment plant.

Final Thoughts

It is expected, acceptable, and preferable for a house to have two lines. The black line, which is the main line, carries water from the toilet bowls and kitchen sinks.

On the other hand, the Grayline carries water from shower drains, washing machines, and washbasins. This way, you can recycle it and save the ecosystem.

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