When you’re out searching for ways to seal up all of those penetrations In your roof, you’ll be prone to confusion.

It happens because getting the suitable material that’d suit that roof isn’t something you want to take lightly.

But, with all my research, I’d bet on the Witches’ Hat to do a good job sealing up those roof penetrations. 

This guide will tell you all you need to know about the Witches’ hat roof penetration.

The Witches’ hat penetration would help seal off that hole that has your roof looking unpleasantly. Also, if you have an attic with rats hiding in corners, the Witches’ hat penetration will keep them off the roof. Anyhow, with the correct information at hand, you’ll be able to decide whether you want a Witches’ hat penetration or not. 

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What Is a Witches’ Hat Penetration?

Witches Hat Roof Penetration

The Witches’ hat penetration is a pipe boot that helps with flashing of gas flue pipes where they penetrate your roof.

Also, to attach the Witches’ hat to your roof’s membrane, use a primer while attaching a factory tape. First, however, attach the top of the Witches’ hat to the flue pipes using a jubilee clip.

This boot also has a design that suits sloppy and flat roofs and comes in sizes ranging from 25 to 55mm. In addition, it is a passive vent system that functions to keep snow and water from leaking in.

Moreover, this type of pipe boot does this function due to its unique characteristics of having a seamless top.

Also, it has louvers in its interior to prevent dust, insects, and rodents from entering this vent system.

The Witches’ hat can ventilate your attic circulating fresh air by filtering away heat and moisture during summer and winter.

And, since the Witches’ hat has a detachable head, you can install it easily on different roof membrane types.

The Witches’ hat has a rust-free heavy gauge aluminum makeup that makes it extremely tough to seal up penetrations.

Subsequently, to effectively ventilate your roof, you’ll have to circulate the air in your attic. However, ensuring that your attic has adequate ventilation keeps the whole building healthy. 

Also, your life will be healthier with such a roof vent that can help you filter off unnecessary moisture and heat.

Also, the Witches’ can seal up vertical penetrations on metal roofs and keep it that way for a long time.

Hence, with the Witches’ hat, you’d seal up that penetration for several years without it splitting and leaking water.

How Do You Seal up Witches’ Hat Penetrations?

To seal up the Witches’ hat, you’ll need some expertise because, without prior knowledge, it won’t be easy for you.

Hence, if you don’t have enough experience with such things, I suggest hiring a professional to handle it. However, even with the right expertise, sealing a roof’s penetration can be a man’s job.

However, to seal up the Witches’ hat penetrations, you must consider some essential steps. Even so, ensure that a hose clamp and a silicone caulk are available during the installation.

The hose clamp usually comes with the Witches’ hat, but you’d have to buy the caulk yourself.

  • Check for the seam tape at the bottom of the boot and that it extends up to 3 inches.
  • Using scissors, cut the molded ridges according to the size of your pipe. Don’t forget to cut above the shelves and not beneath them. 
  • Using a membrane cleaner, cleanse the surface surrounding the boot.
  • You can cut some EPDM pieces and seal them on the roof surface surrounding the pipe if you want to. This step ensures that your pipe boot doesn’t get in contact with water in case it ever leaks.
  • Lower the boot over the pipe gently while ensuring you don’t displace the release paper.
  • Begin to pull the release paper to expose the seam tape that’s beneath the boot.
  • Using a steel roller, roll the seam tape for the boot to bond to the roof sheet.
  • Use a clean membrane wipe to cleanse the floor of the boot.
  • At this point, apply the caulk to the edges of the boot for proper installation.
  • Also, clean the top of the boot and apply the can’t relate to bond it to the pipe.
  • Take your stainless steel hose clamp and screw it around the superior end of the pipe boot.

Why Should We Seal Witches’ Hat Penetrations?

Your roof is an expensive part of your home, so you must not hesitate to seal up even little holes.

However, rather than doing it yourself, with little expertise, you should get a professional that’d do a Witches’ hat seal.

Also, getting a professional to do a Witches’ hat seal would be less risky than when you do it yourself.

Sealing the Witches’ hat is important because poorly filling your roof with some poor materials would lead to water ingress.

Also, pitch roofs have more slopes than membrane roofs, so the latter would be more prone to leaks. Hence, if you have membrane roofing in your home, you’d want to consider the Witches’ hat for sealing.

The Witches’ hat is also practical because surface tension acts on the vent’s walls to keep water from leaking. However, avoiding your roof’s penetration and refusing to seal it can damage the roof.

Also, you’ll need to pack a Witches’ hat because anything less will make it prone to tipping over and damaging the roof.

Moreover, a poor structural stability installation can cause improper drainage on your roof. The drainage problem will later cause water to pool and weaken the roof.

Even so, extreme cases of this will lead to roof sagging and collapse. Hence, the importance of sealing a Witches’ hat penetration is overwhelming.

What Is a Witches’ Hat Penetration Rate?

Roofing your home comes with a lot of responsibility, like installing a Witches’ hat to protect the room.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t spare the cost of repairing and replacing the roof when something goes wrong. Hence, with the rising need for roof penetration, the Witches’ rate is increasing.

Also, the roof penetration isn’t the most expensive part of your roof but is crucial and would need special attention.

Hence, installing a Witches’ hat roof penetration would cost you nothing less than $60 to $70. Anyhow, the cost of installing this pipe boot would depend on the extent of the roof penetration. 

Hence, the more penetrations your roof has, the more it would incur the cost of installing the Witches’ hat.

What Is a Witches’ Hat Penetration Point?

The Witches’ hat penetration point is that part of the roof that requires penetration to expel flue gas. To illustrate, the flue gas forms when there’s a condensing boiler present in your building.

So, the condensing boiler resists weather and conforms to homogenous regulation, forming flue gas.

Also, because the flue gas needs to move out, ideally upwards, a sensitive part arises on the roof. However, this sensitive part will require the optimal functional material, such as the Witches’ hat.

Hence, the Witches’ hat penetration protects the roof from wind and rain while passing the flue gas outside.


From this article, you’ve come to understand that the Witches’ hat isn’t some market hype but that it does have good use.

What’s more, it would ensure adequate air circulation in your living as it eliminates unwanted air.

Anyhow, with this pipe boot, the health of your home will be sure, especially during the summer and the winter periods.

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