Screws form a crucial part of the construction, and industrial sectors, with many users utilizing them for different purposes. 

The screws come in different shapes, types, and sizes depending on how you intend to use them.

However, you must always consider the capacity of the screws before you use them. 

So, if you’re planning on using an 8-32 screw, you must wonder how much weight it can hold and if it can get the job done. 

An 8-32 screw can hold a weight of up to 80 pounds. You can utilize this screw for assembling different components of your machines. Furthermore, you can use it for constructing your furniture and joining the components of your ceiling. The 8-32 screw also comes in handy when you want to perform a little DIY project at home. 

In this article, I’ll accentuate everything you need to know about the weight capacity of an 8-32 screw.

In the end, you’ll know more about 8-32 screws and how to use them properly. 

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What Is the Weight Capacity of an 8-32 Screw? 

How Much Weight Can an 8-32 Screw Hold

An 8-32 screw can hold a weight of 80 pounds. However, some 8-32 screws can hold weight up to 100 pounds. 

But this depends on the size and length of the screw. 8-32 screws are crucial in construction as users utilize them to join and fasten different materials. 

These screws come in different lengths, sizes, and capacities. Plus, they all have a specific function.

Therefore, you must purchase the screws that suit your project. Let me explain vividly! 

For instance, 8-32 screws are usually for components that have drilled holes. In most cases, the thread of the holes is coarse, like the thread of the 8-32 screw. 

Hence, the screws often fit perfectly. However, if the holes aren’t available, then you can drill them. Unlike nails, you can’t hammer the screws into the components. 

The reason for this is pretty simple! The edge of the screw is not sharp as that of nails. Plus, screws are more efficient and usually possess high tensile strength. 

Nonetheless, it’s best to purchase the type of 8-32 screw perfect for your project.

On that note, you must consider a few factors before purchasing your 8-32 screw. Below are some of them;

#1. Length 

The length of your 8-32 screw is of utmost importance as it determines the proper fastening of your components.

Choose a screw that is too short, and your components will loosen easily. Choose a screw that is too long, and it’ll cause damage to other components. 

Before you purchase an 8-32 screw, you must accurately measure the length and diameter of the components you want to fasten. 

With these measurements, you can purchase the right length of screw for your components. 

#2. Quality 

This factor is crucial and contributes to a successful construction or installation. Your screws must be top-notch when it comes to construction. 

Always settle for high-quality 8-32 screws that will last a long time. It’s not advisable to settle for low-quality screws for any project you want to perform. 

Purchasing low-quality screws have disastrous consequences that claim your money and efforts. Hence, it’s best to purchase high-quality screws from a reliable source

That’s why it’s important to plan your budget before embarking on any project to avoid the temptation of settling for less. 

Ensure you have enough money to purchase the right screws to serve you in the long run. 

#3. Thread of the Screw 

This factor is vital as it enables a smooth and proper installation. Most screws often have threads that run from one end to another on the body. 

The threads come in two types: coarse and fine threads. The coarse threads usually come with the 8-32 screws, while the fine threads come with the 8-28 screws. 

However, the coarse threads are more suitable for many constructions as they fit perfectly.

Nonetheless, you must consider the type of thread you want to use for your project. 

Afterward, you can drill the holes accordingly. Since 8-32 has 32 threads, you can easily use them for any project you want. 

#4. The capacity of the Screw

Many users often ignore this factor and proceed to purchase the type of screw they want.

However, that’s not the right approach, as the capacity of your 8-32 screw capacity is important. 

Always settle for an 8-32 screw that can meet up to the task. It’s not advisable to purchase an 8-32 without knowing its full capacity. 

For instance, if your components weigh 900 pounds, settle for a screw that can match that particular weight.

It’ll be disastrous if you settle for a screw less than that weight. 

Notwithstanding, you can ask the salesperson about the capacity of the screw. That way, you’ll make the right choice and settle for the best. 

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What Is the Maximum Weight That an 8-32 Screw Can Support? 

An 8-32 screw can support a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Knowing the maximum weight an 8-32 screw can support is vital, enabling you to determine its full capacity. 

8-32 screws are powerful and have a high tensile strength of up to 840 pounds. In other words, the higher the tensile strength, the higher the capacity of the screw. 

Despite this interesting fact, it’s not advisable to exceed the maximum weight of the 8-32 screw. Exceeding its limit may lead to a waste of resources and efforts. 

Hence, it’s best to use the screw within its limits. Nevertheless, you can use 8-32 screws differently without exceeding their maximum weight. 

Now, what are these ways? I’ll highlight them below.

#1. Assembling/Disassembling Electric Appliances 

8-32 usually comes in handy when assembling appliances such as generators, refrigerators, cars, and washing machines. 

You can easily purchase the right 8-32 screw that’ll fit the drilled holes on the appliances. Plus, disassembling the components requires little effort. 

For instance, if your generator breaks down, you can use a Phillips screwdriver to open the components. 

This exercise is a simple DIY project you can carry out at home without consulting a technician.

These appliances often contain drilled holes, so removing and fixing the screws is easy.  

#2. Construction

You can also use 8-32 screws in constructing your ceiling and drywall. However, the ceiling and drywall don’t contain drilled holes. 

Therefore, you have to use a drilling machine to drill the holes according to the size and length of the screw. 

To achieve maximum success, estimate the weight of the ceiling and drywall. This way, you’ll use the screws without exceeding their limits. 

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Screw Weight Capacity Chart 

The weight capacity of screws is essential as it lets users know the maximum weight they can handle. 

There are many types of screws with different weight capacities and tensile strengths. For instance, the 8-32 screw has a tensile strength of 840 pounds

Notwithstanding, I’ll explicitly outline the screws based on the following; 

  • Size
  • Diameter 
  • Tensile strength 
  • Thread per inch 
  • Proof load str. lbs 

With these parameters, you can easily determine the weight capacity of different screws. Without further ado, I’ll highlight the chart containing the necessary information. 

Size Diameter Tensile StrengthThread Per InchProof Load Str. Lbs 
10-240.1900 1,05024578
1/4-20 0.25001,908201,049
5/16-18 0.31253,144181,729
7/16-20 0.43757,122 203,917


The 8-32 screw is undoubtedly a powerful piece of construction that holds weight up to 80 pounds and more. 

However, you must consider the following factors when purchasing the screw; 

  • Length 
  • Quality 
  • Thread of the screw 
  • The capacity of the screw 

You can purchase the best 8-32 for your project with these factors. 

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