Do you struggle with cutting an 8×8 post? If you want to know the best ways and tools to cut 8×8 posts, you’ve come to the right place. 

Merely knowing how to cut 8×8 posts isn’t enough. Precision and smoothness of cuts are desirable traits to aim for when cutting through timber. 

Therefore, you should know the best techniques that give the cleanest and most precise cuts. This article explains in detail how to cut 8×8 posts. 

First, mark the cut location. Then, extend the marked line to all four sides of the Post using a pencil and a rafter square. You can choose between a chainsaw or a circular saw. However, a circular saw cannot cut through the whole post length in one sweep. Hence, you’ll need a hand saw to finish the job.

In this article, I will explain how to cut 8×8 posts and the best and most efficient means. 

Also, I will include the right tools and practices for getting cleaner cuts while sharing important tips to follow. 

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How To Cut a Large 8×8 Post (Step-by-step)?

How To Cut 8x8 Post

Cutting a large 8×8 post is no easy task. You will need several tools and guidelines to do the job successfully. Below are some of the tools needed to cut a large 8×8 post:

Circular Saw Or Chainsaw: You can use a circular saw or a chainsaw.

The former is ideal for use; however, it takes a longer cutting time and has to be paired with a hand saw. 

On the other hand, the latter cuts through timber faster and much more easily than a circular saw. 

But, it cuts with lesser precision. A great Circular saw option is the Makita 10 ¼ circular saw. It cuts with good precision and lasts long when properly taken care of. 

It is important to note that Circular saws cannot cut the full length of the 8×8 Post in one sweep. 

Therefore, you will need to cut the remaining wood piece with a hand saw. 

A Rafter Square: The Rafter Square is used to inscribe and extend mark lines across the Post before cutting. Rafter Squares can convert readily to 90 and 45-degree angles. 

A Carpenter Pencil: Use the pencil to mark the cut location and extend the mark lines across the Post before cutting. You will require a strong, sharp carpenter pencil for this task. 

A Hand Saw: You should only use a hand saw if you opt to cut the 8×8 Post with a circular saw instead of a chainsaw. 

The hand saw finishes cutting out the remaining part of the Post the circular saw’s blade could not reach. 

After gathering the tools needed, the next phase is to begin cutting.

The procedure for cutting an 8×8 post is fairly simple if you follow the steps outlined below correctly:

Step One

Mark the cut location on the Post with a pencil and use the Rafter Square to extend the marked line along the full area of the Post. 

Step Two

Plug in the Circular saw, set the blade to its maximum depth, and align it with the cut line.

Now, you can begin sawing. Place the Rafter Square against the saw’s shoe as a guide when sawing. 

Since a circular saw cannot cut through the entire length of the Post in one sweep, it is advisable to cut through one side at a time. 

After cutting one section, spin the Post to the next section and use the kerf from the first cut to align the blade for the next cut. Repeat this procedure for each face on the Post. 

Step Three

After cutting each face on the Post, you will notice the Post isn’t entirely separated.

Use the hand saw to cut out the remaining length at the center of the cut to divide the Post into separate parts. 

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What Saw Can You Use To Cut an 8×8 Post?

A circular saw is best for cutting an 8×8 post. It offers a steadier and very precise cut.

However, it takes longer to cut through and has to be paired with a hand saw for final cutting. 

You can also use a chainsaw. The chainsaw ensures easier cutting and can cut through the full length of the Post. 

However, they are less precise than circular saws when cutting through an 8×8 post.

Circular saws are mostly electric but can also be powered by gasoline or a hydraulic motor. 

Circular saws come in different types; below are a few:

#1. Sawmill Circular Saw Blade

The first circular saws used in Mills were smaller than modern-day hand-held circular saws and weren’t hand-held.

Millers mainly used them to cut small pieces of lath and resaw timber. 

Increased developments have produced larger circular saws used in various ways and powered by electricity. 

#2. Hand-held Circular Saw

These are the types of circular saws that are common today. They are mostly electric-powered and can allow different blades to be used to cut various materials

These saws can be left-handed or right-handed, depending on where the motor sits.

Generally, left-handed saws are much easier to use compared to right-handed saws. Circular saw blades are usually tungsten carbide tipped.

The depth of the blade is adjustable and can tilt up to 50 degrees in angle. High-speed blades can also fit in. 

#3. Abrasive Saws

Tile saws are good examples of abrasive saws. The rotary motion of circular saws allows cutting through hard materials with the right blades. 

An example is a diamond blade used to cut through concrete, asphalt, glass, bricks, stone, etc. Abrasive saws are also known as cut-off saws or chop saws

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Tips For Clean Cutting an 8×8 Post

You should know a few things to make cutting an 8×8 post as seamless and clean as possible. 

They include:

  • Ensure the blade of the saw aligns correctly with the cutting line. 
  • Mark the cut location and extend it around the Post before cutting. 
  • Do not cut through the full length while sawing on each side of the Post. Leave a little gap so your blade doesn’t shake or cut at a different angle when it gets to the Post’s edge. 
  • Wedge the Rafter’s square against the saw’s shoe while cutting. Doing this will better guide your cut and give more precise cuts. 
  • Use a hand saw for the remaining part of the workpiece that the saw’s blade couldn’t reach.

Below is a table that lists different types of hand-held circular saws in the market.

Circular SawFeatures
Corded Circular SawCapable of using a large amount of electricity to cut through very hard materials.
Worm Drive Circular SawIt has a longer and thinner blade, with gears at 90-degree angles for better power transfer. 
Sidewinder Circular SawIt is also called In-line Circular Saw. The motor is on the right side of the saw. 


Cutting an 8×8 post can be broken down into these four simple steps:

  • Mark and extend the cut line around the Post.
  • Align the blade and saw through the cut line.
  • Cut out the remaining layer of wood with a hand saw.
  • Wear protective gear such as gloves, glasses, and earmuffs before sawing. 

You’ll be able to cut an 8×8 post neatly if you follow the procedure above.

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