Fireworks are almost synonymous with New Year and Fourth of July celebrations. Most of the time, it’s fun, but some neighbors set the fireworks too many times, becoming a nuisance.

So then, you start wondering what would happen if the fireworks hit your roof?   

Depending on your roof type and the type of firework, your neighbor’s firework can damage your roof. It can cause broken shingles, leaks, and even fire outbreaks. However, if fireworks are legal where you live, it would be best if you speak to your neighbor to instill caution. It will also help if you speak with your insurance advisor.

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What Would You Do If a Neighbor’s Firework Landed on My Roof?

Neighbors Fireworks Landing on My Roof

If the fireworks break your roof or cause a fire outbreak, reporting it to the police is the right thing to do.

However, if it mainly causes discomfort or debris, ask them to handle the fireworks debris themselves. 

Sometimes, people, you live around to think that by using fireworks, they are merely expressing their freedom and joy. They do not aim to be uncaring or to hurt you.

If fireworks are legal in your county, have a thorough conversation with your neighbor about its debris, noise, and explosive potential.

If it is illegal, confront them on how they cannot legally hold fireworks or even report them.

#1. Ask Them to Handle it

Fireworks leave debris after use if you notice any of it in your surroundings. Tell the neighbor who used it to come to clean up their mess.

Make sure you do it in a friendly way so they seem part of the solution because you have the upper hand.

#2. Call Your Insurance Advisor

Contact your insurance company if the damage is extensive or it seems the neighbor is reluctant.

The insurance adjuster would see the damage caused, estimate its cost, and bill the people who started the fireworks. All the costs for the repair would be on the neighbor.

#3. Report to the police

A certain level of damage occurred for the fireworks to have landed on the roof. If you are ready to bear the relationship cost, you could tell the police.

By complaining about your neighbors’ setting off fireworks that land on your roof, you have immunized yourself in the case of a second scenario.  

#4. Do Nothing

While fireworks should be nowhere near your private property, if it causes you no harm, ignore them. And move on.

In the long run, you save yourself from headaches and relationship problems with those living around you. 

What Happens If a Neighbor’s Firework Hit My Roof?

Apart from the fireworks debris and pollution, if your roof is wood, flammable, or shingles, it might burn. A firework on your top would also cause distress if you have pets, have PTSD, or are autistic.

Also, if a neighbor’s firework hits your roof and someone is nearby. The residues can slide off the roofing sheet and cause personal injury to the person underneath.

Damages may include burns, sores, or even anxiety and disorientation.

The next course of action is your choice. You could do nothing and be the bigger brother. You could talk with your neighbors, or you could even file a negligence case.

Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t hurt the long-term comradeship in your neighborhood relationship.

Should You Report Your Neighbors For Setting Illegal Fireworks? 

Yes. Fireworks are illegal in some counties because of the havoc and cost they lay on people and even the city. So, if a neighbor is using unlawful explosions, report it immediately without fear or favor.

Most states have a portal where you can anonymously relate the firework possessor’s street address. However, make sure to confirm if fireworks are illegal.

If you report legal possession of fireworks, you might receive no feedback from the police.

Before you tell the relevant public authorities like the local police or fire department, make sure you have no direct relationship with the fireworks because if you do, you are only increasing your liability.

You should not report your neighbors for illegal fireworks if you haven’t seen them do it. Never rely on hearsay. See it yourself.

Can Fireworks Damage Roofs?

It depends. Fireworks might only dent the roof if you use an entire asphalt shingle. But an easily flammable roof like thatch or wood would be easily damaged.

Most of the time, the damage fireworks cause is irreversible or very costly.

It also depends on the type of fireworks; some fireworks do not have numerous flammable materials like sparklers and party poppers, so they might not cause much harm.

While some, like aerial displays and Roman candles, are hardcore and can cause fire outbreaks suddenly. So, it is best to use all kinds of fireworks far away from residential areas.

Dry materials anywhere on the roof might aggravate any fireworks that land on the roofing sheet.

In addition, the branches, leaves, and limbs that lack moisture can make the fire go on for a very long time and damage the roof and even the house. 

If you do not have sufficient insurance cover and fireworks damage your roof, you might go bankrupt due to unforeseen repairs.

What Damage Can Fireworks Cause to the Roof?

The residuals that fall off the fireworks can harm your private property. For example, the residuals could cause roof leaks, fire outbreaks, and broken shingles.

If you don’t resolve this damage quickly, your entire roof might fall off at any time.

In the USA alone, fireworks start more than 19,500 fires, including over 1,300 structure fires totaling about $105 million in property costs.

So if you can, try to prevent fireworks from getting to your roof in the first place. Fireworks damage roofs in these ways;

#1. Roof Leak 

The substances inside pyrotechnics can melt most things. If they come in contact with your shingles or roofing sheet, if they don’t cause complete havoc, they leave holes at a random point on the roof.

During winter, rain quickly gets into the attic and causes severe damage.  

#2. Fire Outbreak

When Fireworks and dry materials on the roof come in contact, your roof and even your house can burn down. It might spread to your neighbor’s place if you do not take caution.

#3. Broken Shingles

Excess fireworks would have the same effects as sunlight on shingles. So your shingles would deteriorate faster and cost you a lot to repair.

Because of this, it is advisable to curtail the use of hard-core fireworks like roman candles and aerial displays that are strong enough to cause havoc on the roof.


Let your neighbors know you don’t feel safe with them lighting fireworks. The best way to stop them is by confronting them with your worries and issues.

Use your homeowner’s insurance policy or a mediation center if dialogue fails. 

The main aim is to prevent any damage caused by the fireworks to your home while still being friends with your neighbors.

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