Pigeons are always in search of places that are away from people. And one place they often find this comfort is on rooftops.

However, you don’t want them loitering on your roof because of the nuisance and damage they constitute anywhere they roost.

And for this reason, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Hence the question. ” Can I shoot pigeons off my roof?”

Here’s the answer to that question.

You can shoot pigeons on your roof if your state or local law permits it. However, you cannot shoot a homing pigeon for whatever reason. However, shooting feral pigeons is not considered illegal. The reason is that the homing pigeons are protected birds and, therefore, must be protected.

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Is It Okay To Shoot Pigeons Off My Roof?

Can I Shoot Pigeons On My Roof

Shooting pigeons off your roof is an inhumane way of getting the birds off your roof, and it can attract animal cruelty punishment on you.

However, before you attempt shooting at any bird, you must first check with your state and local firearm discharge law to know if such an act is legal.

Below are some reasons why shooting at pigeons is not allowed, especially in residential areas.

The birds you aim to shoot could be someone else’s pigeon or a protected pigeon – A racing or home pigeon. Shooting at them will only incur a judicial penalty on you.

Also, to avoid shooting or maiming someone, shooting for whatever reason is unacceptable.

Moreso, shooting on your property can put your house insurance at risk. It is only lawful to shoot when there is a legitimate reason for doing that, such as for personal protection.

Is Shooting Pigeons Off Your Roof Illegal?

Shooting pigeons on your property can be considered illegal based on where you live. Like in the United States, firearm use in residential areas is highly prohibited.

Guns are only permitted during hunting escapades in designated areas or for personal protection.

Therefore, shooting at birds on your roof for whatever reason in a residential area is illegal, and you will be punished.

Although pigeons can be very noisy and messy and cause problems too, anywhere they are found roosting, they constitute a nuisance.

For instance, Pigeons poop a lot, and this poop can cause damage to roof tiles and slates, which can be expensive to fix.

This poop also attracts animals like flies and rats, which may begin to infest your property. And because the color of their poop is white, it can be easily seen and is unsightly.

Pigeons love roosting and nesting around the gutters of buildings, which can cause water backup and other water flow-related issues.

Similarly, when these pigeons build their nest to block the chimney, it can lead to the risk of fire outbreak or buildup of poisonous gases.

Pigeons can equally be a potential threat to your health due to the pests and diseases they carry. These diseases are usually contactable from their waste.

Some of the diseases the pigeon waste transmits and the symptoms include

PsittacosisFever, muscle pain, cough, chills, or pneumonia
CryptococcosisHeadache, nausea and vomiting, chest pain, neck pain 
AspergillosisShortness of breath, skin lesions, joint pain, fever 
Histoplasmosis-Fever, fatigue, body aches, cough, headache.
Salmonellosis-Diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting, blood in the stool.

These diseases can be very dangerous and life-threatening, especially for weakened immune systems.

Can You Shoot Pigeons Off Your Roof In California?

In California, discharging a firearm in a residential area is unacceptable, no matter the reason. And so, you cannot shoot pigeons off your roof.

If the pigeons constitute a nuisance and you want to get rid of them by all means, you’ll need to consider an alternative way to dispatch those unwanted birds.

One of the reasons you cannot shoot pigeons off your roof in California is that pigeons are considered gentle and harmless and should not be shot.

However, you can freely use your gun if your resident is not in a public area. But you’ll need to register, insure your gun, and get permission to shoot on the land.

But even after you have permission, you cannot shoot at all the birds that roost on your roof. For instance, you cannot shoot at homing birds.

The reason is that homing birds are protected birds. However, you can shoot other birds, like feral pigeons. 

Feral pigeons are often pests on agricultural produce, so it is not illegal to shoot them off your roof or garden. 

The reason is that feral pigeons often destroy crops on people’s farms and cause havoc for farmers. They also contaminate these food products making them unfit for consumption.

How Do You Rid Your Roof Of Pigeons?

Removing pigeons from your roof requires creative skills, especially if it has patches and eaves where pigeons love roosting and building their nest.

So, to get them out of your roof, you must first identify what attracts them to your roof. Pigeons generally love to rest around eaves, crannies, and around chimneys. 

And if you have these structures on your roof, you’ll find pigeons trooping in, having found a nice spot. So, to get them out, make these places uncomfortable and unattractive.

You can achieve this goal by blocking the openings of eaves and crannies. This way, they’ll have no access to these places and go elsewhere. 

Other humane and effective methods of getting rid of pigeons from rooftops include

#1. Use of Gutter Guards

Using gutter guards can help keep pigeons off your roof by making the area unsuitable for them to build their nest.

#2. Use of Repellents

Pigeon repellents such as Bird-X can help control pigeons from a particular location.

#3. Anti-pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes above gutters or flat roof areas will help keep pigeons from such areas. The reason is that the birds will not be able to land there and will go elsewhere.

#4. Traps

Traps are also a great humane way of getting rid of these birds. You can trap them and release them in areas like forests or deserts for relocation.

#5. Sticky Bird Gel

You can apply these bird gels all over the roof where the birds like to perch. This gel creates a displeasing sensation that discourages the bird from perching. 

The gel also has a strong smell that pigeons hate. And because they can’t stand the smell or stay around it, they’ll relocate to other places.

#6. Laser

You can use a laser to scare pigeons off the roof by startling them with lights and movement.

#7. Use of Decoy

Decoys such as scarecrows, which have the appearance of predators, can help scare the pigeons away.

However, you can seek professional help if, after all these attempts, you’re still unable to get rid of the birds.

You can seek help from bird control experts to get the job done. These experts use the falconry method to get rid of pigeons. They use birds like falcons and hawks to scare off the pigeons. 

Final Thoughts

No matter how many nuisance pigeons constitute on your roof or around your house, shooting them should be your last resort.

You should rather consider other humane methods of getting rid of them. Trapping, bird gels, spikes, and decoy are some humane methods you can use to keep pigeons out of your roof.

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