Crows have long been considered among the most intelligent birds, even surpassing primates and dolphins in some cases.

The crow spirit animal is best known for its strong memory, inquisitive nature, and ability to get what it wants when it wants it.

You’ve probably seen crows hanging out on the roof of your house, but what do crows mean when they’re perched there? 

The meaning of crows on roofs differs for individuals and varies due to culture; having a dead crow on a roof also means something else.

To further complicate things, there are different kinds of crows that each hold a specific meaning, so to truly understand what crows mean on the top of your roof, you have to know the type you’ve seen. 

Crows are often associated with psychic abilities, intuition, and memories. The crow meaning symbolism comes from a few different areas: tribal, spiritual, mythology, and the medicine wheel. If a crow flies onto your roof, it is a spirit animal symbol of those things you’ve long kept hidden from others or that there is something that’s weighing heavily on your mind.

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What Does It Mean If You See a Crow On a Roof?

Crows On Roof Meaning

Spirit animal totems are generally easier to find and identify than human totems. Crow spirit animals are among those who have withstood time, as their meaning has not changed much over time.

A crow is a great totem to have around, but it also comes with a warning: be careful when one or two are in your area. 

A crow on your roof might be the crow that finds food available in your home.

People sometimes associate a crow with death and think it brings bad luck to anyone who sees one, but people have other stories about this crow spirit animal.

Crows can serve as allies because crows are pretty fierce creatures and will protect themselves if provoked.

When you see a crow perched on your roof, nature will bless you with wisdom. Knowledge can come in many forms, but it often comes from learning from past mistakes.

We consider the crow animal totems to be both intelligent and talented communicators. Often, we see the crow as a messenger to other realms and also one who brings messages back from those realms.

Crow animal totems can help illuminate hidden mysteries in your life, opening up new vistas and possibilities for growth.

The crow is a spirit animal totem to work with if you need help answering questions that keep you awake at night.

If a crow lands on your roof, know that your Spirit Guides are trying to tell you something important about where your journey is leading next.

Crow, meaning symbolism in Native American traditions, is shown as a figure linked with intelligence, wit, altruism, and even occasional mischief. 

The crow, meaning symbolism in Celtic tradition, symbolizes occult knowledge, prophecy, tactics, wisdom, and messages in Celtic stories.

Crows carry secrets and prophecies in their feathers. In addition, they believe crows are battlefield messengers, taking notes between combat gods and heroes.

Distribution of care activities on roots.
Activity General Interpretation Specific Meaning
Perched Observation Awaiting food
Circling Signaling Signaling danger
Cawing Communication Communicating with other crows
Group Gathering x x

Why Are Crows On My Roof In the Morning?

Seeing a group of crows perched on your roof in the morning is seen as an omen and something that brings good luck.

In some cultures, they consider visiting a group of crows on their roof or flying overhead to be a good sign.

This spirit animal symbol is a symbol of protection and power. Crows congregating on your roof convey that you need more strength and security.

It could also mean you’re about to lose a friend or family member, or it could be time to move.

If one crow shows up, it means bad luck and devastation. Some say a cawing crow signifies you’re unbalanced.

A bar chart displaying the daily death toll.
Time of Day General Interpretation Specific Meaning
Morning Good omen Blessing of good health
Afternoon Warning Need for strength
Evening Protection Potential bad news
Night x x

Spiritual Meaning of Crows Circling 

Crows circling does not necessarily mean that you have a crow spirit animal, but that your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

Crows circling can symbolize many messages, whether letting go of past problems or trusting yourself to do what you need to do

The more crows there are and how they fly, the more meaning they have. If you see one crow, it could represent worry.

However, seeing the whole group could signify joy, liberation, or ill luck, depending on their number.

Crows flying high in your dream could symbolize that someone will help save you if you are in danger.

On the other hand, seeing crows fighting one another indicates that you are most likely putting yourself into a situation where you could get hurt or worse. If you see dead crows, it means your worries and fears have ended.

For example, if you see a crow flying above an open field with no clouds or obstacles in its way, it may represent hope and freedom.

But, on the other hand, if you see one or more dead crows lying on top of each other, your worries have ended.

If blood is around them or coming from them, something has ended badly for someone close to you.

If you see crows diving at you, the crow’s meaning symbolism is that someone is trying to attack or hurt you.

If several crows are diving down towards you, there is a mob mentality, and people want to take advantage of your current situation.

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Roof Material Frequency of Crow Visits Possible Reasons
Asphalt shingle High Texture
Metal Medium Heat retention
Wood Low Proximity to food sources

Meaning of Three Crows On Roof 

Seeing three of these spirit animal totems on your roof, you should be happy; even if you do not know what it signifies, you should be satisfied.

Moreover, it suggests that you can keep in contact with a substantial network of friends and colleagues in the future. 

In certain societies, they interpret the appearance of three crows as a sign that a significant life event is about to occur, such as the birth of a girl child or a wedding.

It could also mean you are about to receive a blessing, most notably the benefit of good health.

At other times, if you see three of these spirit animal totems, there’s a possibility that someone will get in touch with you and make some changes.

For example, an old superstition states that being confronted by three crows at once is a warning that one is about to be attacked.

 If three crows show up, multiple things are happening in your life right now that may or may not need attention, but one needs attention more than others.

If three crows show up in your life, they may be trying to tell you that you need to make a decision or that you need to seek advice.

If there are 3’s in your life (3 birds, three people), then it is most likely an indication that you need to talk about something with them.

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What Does It Mean When Black Crows Are Around Your House?

A black crow, meaning symbolism around your house, symbolizes death and grief. Seeing a black crow in your home is an omen, so you’ll want to be careful.

When you see a black crow spirit animal around your home, please pay attention to how it reacts to you. If it flies away at your approach, get ready for the bad news.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t move or fly away, that can be a sign that someone close to you will die soon. If it sits still and stares at you, that’s even worse. 

The black crow signifies a transition from day to night, just as the night itself signifies this change. You must travel through the shadows before emerging into the light and arriving at your desired destination.

That is because transformation does not occur within your comfort zone; the black crow’s goal is to make you uncomfortable and facilitate personal growth and development.


In times past, people believed that the crow spirit animal symbolized a bad omen, but this isn’t always the case.

Instead, some cultures consider crows to be a good omen associated with selflessness and wisdom.

The crow spirit animal means different things based on their culture, the number of crows, and the kind of crow, so take note of how you encounter them to know what they’re trying to tell you.

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