There is an unavoidable relationship between car tires and sharp objects, especially after roofing.

The problem with the aftermath of flat tires is that no one wants to take the blame, creating a tense environment for everyone.

Homeowners blame the roofers for a careless and shabby job, while neighbors blame their neighbors for paying for the substandard job.

In the end, no one agrees that they are responsible, even the one who refuses to sweep their lawn with a magnet.

However, if roofers play a crucial role in this case, it is essential to know if they are responsible for flat tires or not.

Roofers are the culprit in such cases, even though everyone has a part to play. Its the duty of the roofers to deliver professional service without leaving behind hazardous objects that puncture tires. Nonetheless, the homeowner must go over with a magnet to pick up sharp objects and the neighbors to check again before driving.

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Who Would Be Responsible For a Flat Tire?

Roofers Responsible For Flat Tires

After installing new roofing, there is a higher chance of leaving more than a few roofing nails on the porch, gutter, and sidewalk.

But, it is the job of the roofing company to clean their mess correctly. The beauty of every construction is that the finishing is perfect, including the surroundings.

So, it’s wrong if the only thing your roofer is concerned about is the top of your house, not the bottom. Now, if the roofer is careless and untidy, you have your culprit when you wake up to a flat tire.

Contrarily, even after a thoroughly clean sweep, it is still your job to check again before driving out the next day.

In some cases, the carelessness of the neighbor or homeowner got a new roof, not necessarily the roofer.

I am trying to be as unbiased as possible because I know that such situations are tricky, even though it is primarily the roofer’s fault.

Consequently, everyone has to play their role correctly so there will be no case to judge and anger bouts.

So, for example, if the roofer brings the right tools and cleans up after, the neighbor checks around before he runs late, and the homeowner is kind enough to go over again, problem solved.

This way, there will need to sue the construction company and get into a messy court situation.

After all, how much can they possibly pay for damages, 20$? What good will that do after the paperwork and court hearings?

Can You Sue Construction Companies For Nails In Tires? 

You cannot sue a construction company for a flat tire, but you can sue the roofer or head contractor.

In addition, it depends on where your tires picked the nails. If you just installed a roof, it is easy to reach the roofer.

It would be best if you contact the agency and make your complaints, especially if the nails are so many.

Sometimes, you may have a hectic schedule and are unavailable during the roofing. And you won’t be there when they finish the installation and clean-up process.

Imagine if you come home to a lawn and backyard entire or nails! More so, if you notice that your tires are flat on your way to work. That’s a terrible experience that may prompt you to sue the roofers you hired.

Now, you can sue for the damages. But, if you choose to take the offender to court, you must have enough evidence to support your statements.

For example, take pictures of flat tires and collect nails from the mechanic. This way, you can ascertain the cost of the replacement when billing a fine.

The fine also depends on how many tires were punctured and whether it needs replacement or repairs.

Although, I think you should sue for a flat tire because you don’t want anyone else to go through what you have.

In addition, the challenge will enable the construction company to buckle up their cleaning after installing roofs.

Why Are Roofing Shingles Manufacturers Not Responsible For Their Defective Products?

Transporting roofing shingles from the manufacturing company to the various installation sites is tedious.

This process includes a lot of movement, mishandling, and sometimes, damage. Although, sometimes, there could be a fault during production.

So, it may be tricky to ascertain whether a product is defective until you want to use it. However, roofing shingles defects may be from various causes like;

  • Improper installation
  • Par manufacture due to production errors
  • Rough transportation
  • Unfavorable weather conditions

When roofers do not install roofing shingles correctly, it affects the process and reduces the life span of the shingles.

The same applies to the weather conditions appropriate for storing roofing shingles. However, there is a correct way to keep shingles and does not include harsh weather conditions.

You can keep it under a tarp to keep them from cracking due to the cold. The tarps temperature is enough to keep it warm.

It would be best if you only purchase the shingles when roofing is about to commence. This way, you save yourself from purchasing new roofing shingles if they get damaged.

If I Get a Nail In My Tire Right After My Landlord Had Work Done on the Roof, Who Is Responsible For Paying For a New Tire?

Your landlord will most likely have to pay for hiring sloppy roofers that can’t clean up after themselves.

But, of course, you can decide to overlook the matter and buy a new tire. Ensure to inform your landlord about the incident, so there is no future occurrence.

Either they don’t hire the company in the future, or they call them to come to clean up correctly. This way, there is no reoccurrence in the future, and your new tires are safe.

Now, if you insist that your landlord must pay for a new tire, especially if it is expensive, you can;

  • Provide tangible evidence of your flat tire
  • Produce the culprit responsible for damaging your tires
  • Sometimes, you might need the mechanic’s statement saying that he fixed your flat tires.
  • You might even decide to leave your vehicle unrepaired until your landlord comes and sees it for himself.

Nonetheless, it depends on your reaction to situations. If you feel like you could easily replace the tires, go ahead. It will save you the stress of calling your landlord and having someone doubt you.

Are Roofers Responsible For Leaks?

Not all the time, If the roofer correctly installed the roof, there should be no leakage for a long time. On the other hand, the felt begins to wear due to the weather and time.

This process is natural and expected, and you can repair the leakage quickly.

You can fix your leakage with some adhesive and a few new roofing shingles. In addition, applying some roofing tar at the site will help. After using the tar, you can add some adhesive and the new shingle sheet.

Undoubtedly, incorrect installation results in a leaking roof. So, ensure that the roofer follows due process and installs your new roofing flawlessly.


Finally, it would be best to say that roofers are the most likely culprits when you have a flat tire after a roof installation.

Nonetheless, you should keep your surroundings clean. It is only appropriate that you thoroughly clean your surroundings after a strenuous activity like roofing. Especially with the tools and materials, it requires. 

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