A roof is one core part of a house you can’t ignore, and getting a roof leak is not ok. Having a little leak through the nails means a more significant problem and some expenses on roof leak repairs.

So It’s important to know more about why water leaks through nails in the roof and how to fix it. 

The major causes of a leaking roof are improper nails and nail pop on the roof. Water will pass through the pin and find its way into the top when it’s wrongly driven. You should repair the leak as soon as possible because fixing cost gets expensive as the damage increases. 

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Do Roofing Nails Cause Leaks?

Water Leaking Through Nails in Roof

Yes, roofing nails cause leaks through damaged shingles, where nails pop out. Water through the pin will flow along with roof layers like the sheathing and find its way through the ceiling. 

Generally, a roof comprises layers of materials that ensure the top resists water leaks and other damaging factors.

And a roofing expert will put together from the roofing felt to the visible shingles to achieve a quality waterproof roof. So if you drive a false nail into the top, it damages and causes a leak.

Although a roofer will use a nail on the roof, why shouldn’t you drive a nail into your roof?

Roofers install shingles on your top in a specific way that won’t compromise the roof design and cause a leak. First, they drive nails into shingles on the roof so that another shingle above covers the nail.

Over time some of these roofing nails will begin to pull out slightly, which leads to a leaking roof. For example, after many years, the top becomes weak and unable to resist water longer.

But a roof leak isn’t that common nowadays, except an inexperienced roofer did the roofing for you.

Other factors will contribute to the roofing nails causing leaks. Also, weather conditions will aid a leaky roof if the roofing has complications. You will notice that leaky roofs mainly occur in arctic regions where it snows.

The blame goes to the roofer for harmful roofing, but time and conditions also unravel a roofer’s mistakes.

For instance, having a moisture problem in the attic is one common roof leak factor to your roof. It can be that the water vapor is condensing at the roof deck area and passing through the nails.

Moisture problems can result from improper roof ventilation, poor or no exhaust, and wet wood. First, ensure your roof has a good vent, like the ridge vent, which keeps moisture away.

You can have an ice dam when it snows without a good vent, and you can have an ice dam.

How Do You Fix a Leaky Roof Nail? 

Fixing a leaky roof will involve some processes you must follow closely. Nevertheless, fixing the roof isn’t the main work here but finding where a leak is.

So to fix a leaky roof, you first have to see where the leak is. Before fixing a leaky roof, you must follow the general safety rule. You should wear safety overalls, including safety shoes for protection.

Also, make sure you are doing the fixing with another person assisting you with the ladder. 

It’s hard to find a leak because it usually originates from a different place where it leaks. However, as a homeowner, if your roof attic space is accommodating, you can enter to check for a leaky nail. 

Also, in the wet season, you can easily find leaks, but when it’s dry, you can look for water stains from moisture.

And when looking for leaks, you should be careful to step on the right roof frames, not the ceiling. Finally, I advise you don’t enter your attic when it’s raining as it’s dangerous.

For a more complex roof with a leak problem, I advise you to employ the help of a professional.

Especially when the leak is not easy to detect, you shouldn’t try it yourself, as you may cause more damage.

Besides, roof leaks from improperly sealed roof valleys can sometimes require replacement which you can’t do yourself.

There is a popular roof leak repair hack using a compound known as roofing cement; to fix a leaky roof. Using roofing cement is suitable for homeowners and roofers to repair roof leaks.

The roofing cement compound is strong enough to create a water barrier, making it reliable. 

Also, if your roof is a shingle flashing type and the hole is significant, then only roofing cement won’t work.

The result of a big hole is always a big trouble to fix because the roofing cement alone won’t guarantee a good fix here.

So you will install a roofing material or fabric on the significant roof fissures before using the adhesive.

You can try a quick fix if you want to fix the roof for a while before affording a proper repair. When you find areas where there are exposed roofing nails, carefully remove the shingles.

And place a coated protective material underneath the shingle; this is easy to do and reliable too.

There are other ways to check for roof leaks and repair leaky roofs apart from the ones in this article. But it all depends on the type of food you have: its design and material. 

Cost to Fix Roof Nail Pops

A nail pop fix will cost about $30 and increase depending on the complexity of the damage.

So, the cost of fixing nail pops on will range from $300 – $1500  at most; it includes buying and replacing parts.

But its price depends on the type of roof and the damage the nail pops will cause. 

Regarding the complexity of the roof’s damage, the cost’s high, as the roofer will charge more for more working hours.

Also, when this nail pops and sticks around for long, it can lead to more considerable damage like damaged shingles.

And you will need to replace the shingles, which will vary or increase the price of repairs. 

How Long Can You Leave a Leaking Roof?

You can leave a leaking roof for as long as you desire; it depends on the situation. For example, if you live in areas with low rainfall, your leaking roof won’t cause many damages as it would in a rainy area.

But it’s not advisable to leave a leaking roof for long; try getting it fixed as soon as possible. 

It’s terrible to leave a leaking roof unattended because the longer you leave it, the more damages and expenses it will cause. You should also know that water getting into your roof will cause mold.

And will leave some spot stains on your roof/ceiling, which will continue to spread to other parts of the building. 

Those small molds you can see are hazardous and can cause a severe problem to your roofing system or building at large. Contact a roofing expert always to come and help you check if you have a leak and fix it.

The longer you leave the leak unfixed, the bigger the leaks get and the faster your roofing degrades. Most materials for building a roof are not water-friendly; water is an enemy to many materials.

For example, water can encourage mold growth and spoil wooden parts of a roof Attic.

Do Improperly Driven Nails Leak Roof?

When you improperly drive nails into your roof, it will cause a leak on the top. Likewise, if a pin is driven sideways/crooked, overdriven, or under-driven, the nail will cause a leak or pop-up

A roofer should drive nails into your roof so that it’s not crooked, overdriven, or underdriven. Hence, how you go the nail matters and what type you or your roofer uses.

So a professional should nail your roof because a professional will choose a better nail and drive it incorrectly.

Apart from improper driven nails causing a roof leak cause is your antenna on the top is another common roof leak.

Objects like an antenna, solar panels, cameras, etc., sometimes require using a nail to keep them firm on the roof. Also, removing the antenna and you don’t fix the nail’s hole will cause leaks in your roof Attic. 

Be mindful of things you attach to your roof because they can cause roof leaks. For example, when installing an antenna on the roof, you can leave a nail popping out or improperly driven.

Avoid attaching objects to roofs at all costs so you don’t compromise the top by going nails into the wrong places.

It’s always advisable to contact a professional when planning to add something to your roof. Roof experts will give good advice on how to maintain your roof’s quality and what not to attach to your top.

Besides, there are other options regarding where you can fix objects like the antenna apart from the roof.


Do not attempt to fix a leaky roof without experience to avoid more damage. Again, when attaching an object to your top, It’s always advisable to employ the aid of a professional roofer with experience.

Maintaining your roofing system will save you the disaster it might cause and the cost of roof leak repairs.

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