A roof pitch can be walked on. The problem is not all can or should be walked on. It is dangerous to walk on very steep slopes.

The steepest Roof pitch to walk on is the 9/12 roof pitch. This is the steepest standard slope.

Hence, anything more than a 9 is too steep to walk on. A roof pitch is how many inches the roof rises for every 12 inches in depth. 

The steepest Roof pitch to walk on is the 9/12 roof pitch. It is the steepest because it’s at this point that it gets dangerous to walk on. Once it’s more than 9/12, let’s say 10/12, 11/12, or 12/12, it’s almost impossible to walk on it. The 9/12 roof pitch means the roof rises 9″ for every 12″ inwards towards the ridge of the roof. 

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What Roof Is Pitched Too Steep To Walk? 

Steepest Roof Pitch To Walk On

Any roof pitch more than an 8/12 is too steep to walk on. However, some are steeper than others.

The higher the number, the less vertical it becomes. Once it’s from 9/12, the roof pitch is too steep to walk on.

The 8/12 roof pitch is more vertical than the 9/12 and 10/12. That’s why it’s possible to walk on it more than the others. However, it is still not advisable to do so. 

A 12/12 roof pitch is also too steep to walk on. This is a 45° degree angle. Now, try making 45° on a piece of paper.

Does it look like something you can walk on? Not. This is impossible to walk on. The only thing to do if it’s extremely important to get up there is to use affixed ladders and roof Jacks. 

Without these instruments, you can’t walk up on them. And yes, there’s also another possibility. If the roof has shingles or breaks, you can walk on it step by step. This is risky, though. 

There are 15/12 roof pitches. This has an angle of 51.34°.  The greater the angle, the steeper the slope.

It is too steep to walk on; if this must be walked on, it should also be with Jack’s and ladders. But just walking on it freely is impossible.

Also, there is a roof pitch of 22/12. This, too, is not excluded from the steepest Roof pitch to walk on. The table below shows the steepest roof pitch. 

Roof SlopeWalkability
0/12-6/12Easy to walk on
7/12Possible to walk on but with caution
8/12-10/12Not advisable but can be walked on with extreme caution

How Do You Walk On A 10 Pitch Roof? 

We earlier said anything more than a 9/12 is very steep to walk on. So, a 10/12 pitch roof is difficult to walk on.

However, this is not impossible, but you should take precautions and be very careful when walking on a 10-pitch roof. 

To walk on a 10-pitch roof, you should lean your body forward towards the slope.

The reason for this is to get the balance according to the angle of the slope. The steeper the pitch, the more you bend forward towards the slope. 

The next thing is to climb gradually upwards by pushing your body forward. Once you’ve reached the ridge pitch ridge and gotten down, you should walk slowly with your feet together.

This is not the only way to walk on a 10-pitch. Make sure you have the instruments needed to do this.

As I said, it’s not impossible to walk on a steep roof. It isn’t easy and can only be possible with some equipment. Get a wooden ladder.

An aluminum ladder isn’t bad, either. Again, your ladder should be above 8 feet. So, it can be 9 feet or 10 feet.

Most importantly, the ladder should be held at the ground level. Scaffolding can be used to do this.

This is for your safety, so the ladder doesn’t move while you’re up. Do not carry heavy tools with you.

The best thing you can do is to put them in a small bucket and lift it with a rope while you’re up already.

Always make sure you’re properly dressed. Put on protective gear in case anything should happen. 

When you’re on the roof, you need to control your body. You should know you’re not walking on a floor but a roof.

Do not do this on wet roofs or icy roofs. Please wait till the roof is completely dry; then, you; then walk on it. 

The scaffolding is the best to use to support your ladder. Why is it the best? It is well built and safe to use.

Although it requires more time to set up, it’s worth it as long as your safety is guaranteed. 

Is A 6/12 Pitch Metal Roof Walkable? 

As long as it’s less than an 8/12, it is walkable. A 6/12 pitch metal roof is walkable, like a wooden 6/12 pitch roof.

The difference is that the metal roof is slippery, so care should be taken. To walk on the 6/12 pitch metal roof, you should wear the right footwear.

Avoid slippery footwear as well. If you wear slippery footwear, you’ll slip and fall. You can walk on metal roofs, depending on how you walk on them.

Metal roofs are better to walk on than ceramic and other roofing systems.

Even though you should be careful while walking on a metal roof, it is safe to walk on even after 50 years of installation.  

Before walking on a metal roof pitch, first of all, check the manufacturer’s advice if there’s a recommended walking method.

This is important because just as you purchase a product and look for the method of usage, it should be done with a metal roof.

Get good footwear for a start since metal roofs are more slippery than others. The footwear should be a bit sticky, with soft-soled rubber bottom, so it feels like it’s almost gripping the roof.

Again, avoid using footwear with half-foot coverage. Get one that covers all your feet. You never can tell what is on the roof.

Do not use old sneakers to walk on a metal roof pitch because they can’t handle gravity. 

Is A 12/12 Roof Too Steep? 

When talking to a professional roofer, the easiest way to call a 12/12 roof is 12 over 12. This is easier to say in conversations.

You can also call it a 12″ 12″, and they will understand. In the 12/12 pitch, the first twelve is your roof’s rise and the second twelve is the roof’s run.

This means the roof rises 12″ for every 12″ inwards towards the ridge of the roof. 

Roofs with a pitch of 12/12 are approximately 45 degrees, as earlier stated, but this is not a compulsory angle as it all depends on how you want the measurement.

You can use the roof angle pro to calculate the exact angles of roof pitches

How Do You Tell If A Roof Is Safe To Walk On? 

Experts of roofing wear soft-soled shoes and walk carefully, so they don’t damage the shingles or material used for the roof.

Walk on the areas of the roof without moss or algae. The reason for this is to avoid getting your shoes bad. This is why it’s better to walk on a dry roof

If your roof is covered with moss or algae, test your shoes on the perimeter before walking on the roof.

Call a professional to clear the roof before you walk on it again. This should be done to avoid slipping too.

When professionals come in, they use their judgment and training to determine if the roof is safe to walk on.

You might not have the training to notice that your roof is not safe to walk on. You should call a professional because algae and moss can make the roof unsafe to walk on.

Furthermore, roofing professionals have safety equipment that protects them from major falls and injuries. 

If you suffer a fall from a roof without this equipment, you could be seriously injured or lose your life. This is why you should not go up there without safety equipment.

Final Thoughts

Walking on your roof is not advisable. But, when the need arises to do so, you cut precautions. Steeper roofs require equipment such as ladders and scaffolds to be safe.

Without these things, do not try them. Also, you can call a professional if you have anything to do up there.

A 6/12 pitch roof is easier to walk on than a 9/12 pitch roof. However, a 6/12 metal pitch roof is not so easy to walk on because of the material.

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