The roof can be damaged in a number of ways, out of which are extremely unexpected. Mold and sunlight are only two of the surprises, as there are several others as well. It might come as a surprise to most homeowners, but birds are one of the most damaging factors when it comes to roofing.

It is not unusual for wildlife to cause harm to a house, and birds are no exception. However, while damaging the roof is only a single aspect of the problem, birds making noise on the roof is another.

Bird-noise can take away the peace of home dwellers and keep them from enjoying a quiet time in their house. In this article, I will answer the question, ‘ how to stop birds making noise on the roof,’ with three simple and extremely effective solutions.

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How to Stop Birds Making Noise on Roof?

The simple and obvious answer to the question is how to stop birds from making noise on the roof, and the only way is to chase them away from your roof. So, the question moves to how to make the birds on your roof fly away.

However, some of them are by no means reliable, and others tend to inflict harm to the living creatures. So, after extensive and thorough screening and filtration, here are three methods that work extremely well in the scenario:

Making Noise

You got that right! You have to make noise to do away with noise.

One of the simplest solutions to the problem of birds making noise on the roof is to produce a noise that is similar to one of the predators’ of birds or simply a high-volume noise that scares them away. You can accomplish that by placing a speaker on your roof and playing sounds on it.

The only thing you need to be wary of while using this technique is to find the right balance between the sound not being so loud as to annoy or irritate you or your neighbors and loud enough to serve the purpose you are playing it for.

There is a remedy to that as well, though. You can get devices that are designed to produce sonic sounds that play at a specific wavelength that is not picked up by human ears. However, there is a chance that such devices do not work for you as many of them are designed to work on specific species of birds. This is true for normal speakers, as well as some selection of birds who are indifferent to loud noises of almost all kinds.

So, there is a chance that installing noise-producing devices or speakers ends up with you having bird-noise as well as annoying sounds on your plate. The method is worth trying, though, and can be effective in many cases. I recommend you give your local noise ordinances a check before equipping your roof with any sound systems.

Roof Surface Treatment

This particular answer for how to stop birds from making noise on the roof is an effective one as it physically prevents birds from touching down on your roof’s ground. You can treat the surface of your roof to render it spiked. Tiny but sharp spikes that are made up of plastic or metal can repel birds and keep them from landing on your roof. With no birds on your roof, your ears will be free of irritating bird noise.

Another piece of hardware that is commonly used for this purpose is bird spiders. They are long wires, wound in the shape of a spider, and make it uncomfortable for birds to land on the ground.

Some homeowners also use electrical pads for the purpose that producing an extremely light electrical shock to anything that touches them. Bird repelling gel is also available in the market that can be spread around on the roof, preventing birds from landing and keeping bird noise away from the reach of your ears.

Tampering With Birds’ Visibility

Homeowners can use devices that disrupt the vision of the birds through reflective surfaces or motion. This causes discomfort and confusion among the birds and makes your roof a landing that is not too attractive for them.

Another method that can remediate the issue of birds making noise on the roof is the use of certain devices or decoys that make birds believe that there is a predator on the roof. Such tools can simply be large plastic owls or unusual-looking devices that resemble weather vanes.

While some homeowners might find the noise birds make on their roofs soothing, most of them certainly don’t. Bird noise can be a result of birds pecking for insects or seeds stuck within the shingles of roofs or simply of the winged roof invaders communicating with each other.

The former can be prevented through regular roof cleanings. Now that you know how to stop birds from making noise on the roof, I hope you can enjoy a peaceful sleep and quiet hours in your home.  

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