The last thing you ever want is your roof collapsing in the middle of the day, or worse still, the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, many people who purchase the Villagers’ roofs tend to live in fear as they do not know when their roofs will collapse.

Therefore, if you have a Villagers’  roof, you need to know what makes such roofs collapse.

There are several reasons your Villagers roof would collapse. For example, it could collapse because of excessive ash; caterpillars could be eating up the palm leaves; birds could be removing the palm leaves; and so much more. Once you figure out what is happening to your Villagers’ roof, you need to take steps to avoid it altogether. 

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Reasons Why Your Villagers Roof Would Collapse?

Villagers Roof to Collapse

There are several reasons your Villagers’ roofs can end up collapsing. These reasons can also be known as causes of your Villagers’ roof collapsing.

We must address each of these reasons and possible solutions to them.

#1. Rats Could Infect the Palm Leaves

Certain breeds of rats are referred to as ship rats, also known as roof rats. These rats live on your roofs, including your Villagers’ roofs.

Note that you can identify these rats by their black and brown fur and their 16-inches size. 

To sharpen their teeth, these rats brush them against the surfaces of your Villagers’ roof, especially the palm leaves. Unfortunately, to this end, they could end up infecting the leaves.

Once these rats infect the leaves, a greater roof partition is damaged, and the roof begins to fail. Statistics prove that these rodents cause over $15 billion worth of damage in the US every year.


  • Ensure you seal up cracks in your roof and walls, to prevent these rats from getting access to the roof.
  • Maintain the vegetation around your home correctly. 
  • Use eradication rodent bait blocks. These are otherwise known as rat poison. You can easily purchase the Rentokil PSMR12 Rodine Rat and Mouse Killer

#2. Caterpillars Could Be Eating Up the Palm Leaves

Since the Villagers’ roof is mostly made up of wood and palm leaves, the possibility of infestation by insects such as caterpillars is high.

If you figure out that caterpillars are eating up your Villagers’ roof palm leaves, you need to take action immediately, or your roof may end up collapsing


  • If the damage is excessive, remove the affected part of the roof. If you cannot do this, you will need to replace the entire roof immediately. 

#3. Birds Could be Removing the Palm Leaves

Another possible cause of your Villagers’ roof collapsing is that birds could be visiting and removing your palm leaves. 

Certain species of birds tend to use palm leaves to build their nests. So once they notice Villagers’ roofs as potential building materials, they could visit and use the palm leaves to make your nests.


  • Use visual deterrents such as scarecrows to chase away the birds. 
  • Use audio Bird deterrents to chase away the birds. These devices operate by emitting specific frequencies which translate as distress calls to birds. When the calls continue for a suspicious amount of time, the birds learn to ignore them as it is not real.
  • Install metal spikes on your Villagers’ roof to deter birds from visiting. These spikes ensure that the birds don’t have a place to land, and thus, they cannot damage your roof.
  • You can use deterrent gels to chase the birds away. These gels are made of sticky material, which is unattractive to birds. Once the birds notice this material, they tend to run away.
  • You can choose to install nets on your roof to chase the birds away. This proves itself the most effective bird control method.
  • Use chemical repellents to chase the birds away. Always use this as a last resort and ensure that the chemicals you use are not lethal. This is because of the bird protection laws in the US.

#4. Excessive Ash Residue on the Roof

On any roof, the accumulation of ash is a bad idea. Therefore, Ash residue is harmful to the Villagers’ roofs as well. Note that this Ash residue can be the result of a volcanic eruption. 

Since ash is dangerous to the Villagers’ roofs, you must take precautionary measures before it is too late.


  • Clean up your roof by washing it with water or detergent. Do not use a blowing method, or this may worsen the condition of your roof.
  • Ensure that you do not clean up the roof until after the Ash stops falling. 
  • Use damp rag techniques for the roof. Use this technique to remove ash from small surfaces on your Villagers’ roofs. Do not use floor sweepers with side brushes as it is harmful to your roof.
  • Clean the wooden areas of your roof with fine-grit/sand. 
  • Replace roof if ashfall continues consistently. 

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Once you trace any of the signs highlighted above to your Villagers’ roof, ensure you take the right step immediately.

Leaving your Villagers’ roof to the mercy of these causes will only bring about the obvious: your roof will eventually collapse.

Moreover, develop the habit of monitoring your roof, just in case it may be slowly fading away.

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