Depending on the complexity of your roof’s architectural design and other factors like materials quality and labor competence, you will be looking at 5700-9100 USD in roof replacement costs.

There are some budgeting strategies you can take to ensure you’re getting the best deal without sacrificing quality and some rules of thumb to keep in mind when determining roof replacement costs.

Let’s explore this in more detail.

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How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost For a 2200 Square Foot Roof?

Cost to Replace a Roof on a 2200 Square Foot House

As mentioned above, the roof replacement costs can vary depending on a number of factors, with the quality of materials used being the main one.

If you’re looking for roof replacement for a 2200 square foot roof, you can expect to pay anywhere between 8,300-22,000 USD for a metal roof.

Asphalt shingle roofs can cost 6,400-22,000 USD.

Tile roofs are more expensive, between 20,500-34,500 USD, and slate roofs lie between 12,800-21,000 USD.

Since you’re likely to hire a roofing contractor who will arrange a crew of several members to get the job done, it makes sense to do your research and find the right roofing company to approach for the best deal possible.

Many roofing companies provide mediocre services and charge premium rates, which is why it’s helpful to check customer reviews and prepare a list of questions to ask the company representatives during a consultation.

Roofing material manufacturers generally charge prices per 100 square feet of area.

This means that you would do well to choose the type of roofing material you will use and compare rates with other manufacturers in the market.

For a 2,200 square foot roof, you would do well to purchase up to 30 squares of roofing material for any extra coverage that might be needed and to store for future use.

Make sure to get accurate numbers from your manufacturer and ask them to elaborate on how many bundles of material are needed for one square of your roof.

Factors Affecting Roof Replacement Cost

Several factors must be considered when seeking to replace your roof, and the cost of roof shingles is just one aspect of the cost.

Where you live plays an important factor in affecting the cost of roof replacement, as every neighborhood and suburb has different costs.

The number of stories of your home adds to the roofer’s risk and cost of labor.

The steepness of your roof and its architectural design affects the number of shingles you will need to cover your roof in its entirety.

Steep roofs require a more intricate approach and take longer to replace than simpler, shallower designs.

Any structural damage that may be present increases the roof replacement costs, making it more complex due to the need to remove old shingles before installing new roofing components.

The type of shingles you use and their quality are also considered in the roof replacement cost.

Shingles that are expected to last 30 years typically cost between 9,000-16,500 USD, while those that last 50 years or more can cost between 11,000-18,500 USD.

How do Roofing Contractors Affect Roof Replacement Costs?

Another important factor that contributes to your roof replacement cost is choosing the right roofing contractor for your home’s needs.

You must approach many contractors and ensure that they are locally and state-licensed, which means that they are reputable enough to handle your business.

Making sure your roofing contractor has prior experience is also crucial if you wish to get the job done correctly because contractors play a significant role in finding the right materials for your roof.

The contractor’s reputation must be confirmed by asking for references to confirm whether they are up to the job.

Finally, your contract must be insured and have proper certification of insurance covering workers’ compensation and liability.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not jump the gun and hire the first contractor you find without consulting others for better rates.

You should make it a point to at least approach three different contractors and ask them for rates for the price of shingles, labor costs for removing and installing shingles, and the overall budget for things like the price of new sheathing, which may be necessary.

Some contractors also offer warranties, which means that if the labor does not properly install shingles, you can expect to either get cash back or get the job done again for free.

How to Stay Protected Against Roof Costs?

Many people live in areas with extreme weather conditions, and many parts of the United States feel the brunt of natural disasters, which can lead to extensive structural damage.

Getting home insurance is a must if you wish to stay financially protected against these unpredictable conditions, and your insurance company may provide coverage for roof replacement.

However, if you find that your insurance company doesn’t cover roof-related expenses, it is in your best interests to approach certain roofing companies that allow you to pay them over several months, making it more affordable to fix or replace your roof.

You will likely be charged interest, so that’s something to remember when opting for financing plans.

Many people may also seek the benefits of a loan to get their roof replacement project completed effortlessly without having to come up with the money immediately.

It is obvious that roof replacement projects are costly, and you will likely spend thousands of dollars on getting the job done.

If you’re looking for quality work to be done in your home, you should consult the experts in your location and find the best quality materials for roof replacement.

Taking a budget-friendly approach may save you money in the short term but can become more expensive in the future due to recurring problems from not getting the job done correctly the first time around.

Breakdown of Roof Replacement Costs Per Square Foot

After consulting your contractor, you will quickly realize that 60% of the costs are for the labor and 40% are for the roofing materials needed to complete the job.

Roofing labor is costly depending on the company you hire and how competent the labor and contractors are, but the average price is between 1.5-3 USD per square foot.

One roofing square is 100 square feet, and many labor estimates will be 150-300 USD per square.

Understanding the distinction between these two units of measurement is important because it clarifies your roofing expenses.

Other factors can affect your labor prices, such as the extent of structural damage to your roof, environmental conditions, and the removal of old roofing material.

If your roof is quite damaged with rotting timbers and fungi growth below the shingles, the job is likely going to get more difficult and therefore cost more money.

This is due to the increased complexity of the task and a greater expenditure of time alongside the need for more equipment and safety protocols to be in place.

If you’re working in harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold, your labor expenses will likely be higher due to the need for the roofing crew to carry more protective equipment.

If you’ve avoided getting your roof replaced by opting for cheap repairs, you might have a lot of shingles that need to be removed before the new installation can take place.

This can easily make the task more complicated since the crew must first focus on tearing off the old roof before installing new components, massively adding to the labor expenses.

Some common problems that your roofing labor has to deal with include damage to the flashing and shingles and the accumulation of pooling water.

The flashing can get damaged over time, resulting in leaks that can damage the interior of your home.

Asphalt shingles past their expiry will likely curl up, allowing water to gather underneath, also resulting in leaks, which can be a massive problem for homeowners.

For materials, we have already established that they typically cost about 40% of your total roof replacement costs.

The average cost of materials per square is 100-1000 USD, depending on the type of material used.

If you wish to use materials other than asphalt shingles, you will have to pay more money for materials.

Final Verdict

Your roof replacement project can cost over 9000 USD, which is the standard price to pay for quality service using proper roofing materials that are likely to last a long time.

Many people who choose budget-friendly options often lose money in the long run, which is something to consider if you’re trying to find a cheaper alternative for roof replacement.

Choosing to go down the route of repairs is only helpful temporarily, and if your roof is past its age, you will likely have to shoulder a significant financial burden to manage your project effectively.

Getting quotes from various contractors is the way to go, and taking a research-oriented approach from the get-go ensures that you find the best rates and choose the best service available in your location.

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