Roofing is one of the most important sectors in the construction industry. And as such, roofers tend to go over the top with their pricing, especially if they think you have no idea what you’re doing. 

Knowing how much a roofer is paid can give you the bargaining power to avoid overpricing from contractors. 

Roofers charge between $3.50-$200 per square foot. The market for materials is never stable, hence the wide range of prices. Certain materials cost a lot more than others; thus, the contractor fee also increases. Hence, it would be wise if you had ways to avoid overpricing and work within your budget. 

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What Is the Average Price Roofers Charge per Square?

How Much Do Roofers Get Paid per Square

Most general contractors charge between $3.50 – $5.50 per square foot. However, some contractors charge as high as $200 per square foot. 

It is crucial to remember that the price of roofing per square foot isn’t stagnant. The price per square foot depends on the contractor and the price of the materials. 

Hence, if you are planning on roofing your house, read the contract before signing anything. 

Thus, before settling for a contractor, inquire about their price first and the materials they plan on using to roof your house. 

Also, ensure that the company has fair pricing before you get into any agreement. Remember that the price of roofing depends on the style and way you want to clad a roof. 

Certain roofing styles have high construction fees that contractors demand before roofing your house. 

The price of the materials might be fixed on the market, but many variables must be considered. 

There are also additional costs that contractors include in their invoices. All these contribute to the difference in prices.

Shingles have become one of the most popular roofing styles around. The materials used for shingles range from the classic asphalt shingle to metal, wood, or slate. 

Each shingles material has its characteristics, hence, different prices for roofing. Although using the same method, this variation in roofing can change the price per square foot

Whichever shingles material you decide to go for, you are assured of a roof that can last for years without damage.

Below is a table showing the common materials used for roofing and their range of prices:

MaterialPrice range per square foot ($)
Asphalt Shingle12-20
Metal Tile20 upward depending on the material
Composition Shingles12-30 
Clay Tile30 upward
Steel Roofing Tiles25-60
Saltillo Tile50 upward
Slate 80 upward
PVC Roofs30-40

How Many Squares Can a Roofer Complete in a Day?

A good and experienced roofer should be able to cover 10-12 squares per day. However, a team of five or six people can run up to 50 squares per day. 

Some roofers can surpass these numbers independently, but the norm in the roofing industry is between 10-12 squares per day. 

You can always look for alternatives if a contractor’s price is too high and not worth the square root. 

Since contractors charge based on the magnitude of the project and the type of material in use, you can go for lower-grade materials that can still give the quality you desire. Doing this will help reduce the contraction fee significantly. 

How Much Does a Roofer Make in a Day?

These rates vary immensely. As of August 2022, a roofer’s expected hourly wage was $18. However, the wage range is between $16 – $20

These values are bound to change with location, materials in use, the project’s size, and the process’s duration. 

Contractors would also consider weather conditions when filling out an invoice to give to you.

Most contractors charge more when it comes to urgent requests or critical repairs. If the damage to the roof is quite much, then the charge will also increase. 

It is important to understand that these price ranges aren’t fixed; they are a general estimate of the expected roofing cost. 

It would be best if you always focus on lowering costs and keeping the prices down as much as possible. 

Some contractors might want to ride on your ignorance of the industry and overcharge you for services; you need to watch out for such red flags. 

Such flags suggest that either the contractor can’t deliver quality or they are unprofessional. Whatever the case may be, this is bad news for you. 

You don’t want to leave such a project in the hands of someone who isn’t professional enough. 

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How to Get a Good Deal

You can use certain methods to beat the prices contractors require for their services. Their charges often include the materials they require. 

And most contractors would add an extra convenience fee to get such materials. You can boycott this by getting the materials you need yourself. 

However, you should note that a contractor would know which materials are best to use for a project. Thus, you can ask the contractors for the project’s materials and cut out the middleman. 

Going straight to the company to purchase materials for your roof is a safe bet as you don’t have to pay as much as 20% extra fees

While purchasing the materials you require, you should go for small businesses below a VAT threshold. 

Small businesses aren’t required to pay a 20% VAT fee; thus, you can save on taxes. Big-time companies shift the VAT fee to customers, hence the increase in the price of materials. 

Time is also crucial if you want to cut down on costs. Roofing a project during the summer isn’t advisable if you work with a small budget. 

Prices vary with each season, but materials tend to go over the top during the summer. 

Prices skyrocket during the summer because many people plan to do their roofings in during the summer. 

And this puts a strain on production companies. Thus, the price increase is a way to make more profit and keep up with the demand. 

Hence, planning your project for a more favorable season would be wiser. You can also do it as a DIY project, but this method doesn’t apply in every situation. 

This method will only be favorable if it’s just a repair job. And the damage to the roof isn’t substantial. Otherwise, I would advise you to seek professional assistance.

How Much Would a Roofer Charge for a 1000 Sq Ft House?

The cost of roofing a 1000-square-foot house depends largely on the material in use. A 1000 square foot house would cost $6000 to roof on average.

However, the price level depends on the materials in use and the location of your house. 

If you are looking to use asphalt shingle roofs with a touch of metal or tile, there will be a major difference in cost determination. 

The average cost for a 1000 square foot roof using shingles can be $5000, but it can go higher depending on the project’s location. 

The pricing may be a little high, but this is a safe investment if you want a more durable material. 



The cost of roofing a house varies greatly across the US. The reasons for this variation range from the price of materials and contractors to even the season. 

To get the best roofing deals possible, you need to take a couple of well-calculated steps to beat down the price and avoid overpricing. 

As quality is always the best option, ensure to go for the best quality your budget can afford.

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