Roof shingles are prone to damage, especially when working on them. If you are not careful enough, you will waste a few.

So, it is essential to maintain as much care as possible to avoid this occurrence. Also, there are a few things to hold in mind when working a roof to avoid breaking your roof shingles.

So, How To Protect Shingles When Working On A Roof?

Using walk pads, you can protect your shingles when working on your roof. Also,  using a ladder or safety harness when getting on the roof works for personal safety. Also, you can employ the services of a professional roofer.

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Does Walking On Your Roof Damage The Shingles?

Protect Shingles When Working On A Roof

Walking on your roof causes damage to the shingles. Also, considering the state of the shingles is highly important before venturing on your roof.

Being exposed to the elements may become weaker over time and develop cracks. Walking on the shingle may also dislodge them, leading to gaps prone to further damage.

Although there is a weight limit on which your roof can hold, the risk of falling off is also there. This is bound to occur if you fail to take proper precautions and walk on your roof without regard to safety. 

Foot traffic is also another factor that causes danger to your roof if not avoided. “Footprints of damage,” as most roofers refer to it, occur due to foot traffic which most times cause damage to the shingles.

How Do You Walk On A Roof Without Damaging The Shingles?

There are relatively safe and more careful ways of walking on your roof that protect the shingles from damage.

  • It is not advisable to walk on the roof during unfavorable weather conditions. So, you must wait until your roof is completely dry. The risk of falling due to the wet and slick state of the roof is very high during this period.
  • It is also improper to wear heavy boots that most likely have a stiff sole. The proper footwear for this is footwear with soft soles like sneakers. These get better traction on the tiles when walking with them on the roof.
  • The appropriate ladder for getting on your roof is supposed to be three feet taller than the rooftop. Have someone else support it strongly before you climb to avoid the risk of an accident.
  • For those with steep slope roofs, it is safer to make use of a safety harness. In case of a slip, it’s effective in preventing a total fall. This isn’t of essence to those with a gentle slope, as there is much danger in getting on a roof with a steep slope.
  • You have to walk lightly as the top and middle of the tiles do not have anything under them as support. This makes them prone to break if pressure is applied to them too much.
  • It is better to use the balls of your feet to walk; this is an effective way of reducing pressure.
  • It is also very necessary to learn even the distribution of your weight. This helps in preventing too much pressure on one side. This kind of force leads to disgorgement or a crack if not prevented. Also, your two feet need to be set on different tiles; in this way, they will at least distribute the pressure. Putting both of them on a shingle is sure to make it crack.
  • Being observant is another essential key to these preventive measures. There is a need to inspect the shingle closely to avoid stepping on the tiles that have already begun to crack. Avoid those linked with water channels to prevent them from getting damaged.
  • Clothing choice is also essential when getting on your roof; body-fitting clothes are the best choice. On the other hand, loosely fitting dresses risk getting caught on a nail or causing you to trip.
  • The presence of a partner is also encouraged. You may need some supplies, and it is easier to have someone to help you out.
  • You are also advised to get an inspector to check your rooftop before getting on it. This will minimize damage if your roof is fragile and deemed unfit for climbing.

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How Do I Protect My Asphalt Shingles When Walking On Them?

Asphalt shingles are a lasting, attractive, and cost-effective type of shingles. However, ensuring they last longer and do not deteriorate for a long requires appropriate and careful maintenance.

Therefore, it is crucial to preserve these shingles when working and walking on them. 

The quality of this set of shingles is high, but after an extended period, it weakens due to the elements and other harsh weather conditions.

Therefore, it is advisable to try your best to protect it as you can. You can do this by closely adhering to the preventive measures to curtail shingle damage.

  • The use of walk pads is essential if the foot traffic for your roof is relatively high and may lead to quick damage. Also called the roof on the roof, it is made of the same type of material used to make the roof. This helps prevent damage due to foot traffic.
  • You must ensure that your roof is completely dry before stepping on it. A wet roof is a dangerous zone and is most prone to cause accidents. It also makes it impossible for you to work comfortably due to the slippery rooftop.
  • Wearing heavy hard-soled boots causes weight strain on the shingle and has no grip. Neither is the use of flip-flops and other flat-soled shoes accepted to prevent a fall, leading to severe injuries. Instead, you are advised to use footwear with soft soles as these have strong traction on the tiles and are lighter.
  • The asphalt shingle is acclaimed to be the best type of shingles and so requires proper care and maintenance. It is most advisable to use a ladder when trying to reach your rooftop. Also, ensure your ladder is on the sturdy ground and has strong support before climbing on it.
  • Knowing how to walk is also a significant part of this whole thing. You must tread lightly and on the balls of your feet to prevent mounting too much pressure on the shingles. Also, learn how to evenly distribute your weight so you’ll be able to walk better and prevent it from getting damaged.
  • It is also of utmost importance that your rooftop is kept clean and debris free. This helps you to be able to see the shingles correctly and make out where there’s a crack easily. That way, you’ll avoid stepping on it and increasing the damage, and it’ll get repaired.
  • In other cases, you can roll out a long carpet runner on your rooftop. It can be nailed temporarily to the roof to avoid slippage.

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You can protect your roof shingles by being careful and observing the safety precautions needed for them. It is also advisable to seek the services of a professional roofer to fix our roofs when we notice any damage.

This will prevent more damage if we have poor knowledge of roofing. Finally, ensure always to keep our roofs in good condition.

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