In 2019, it was rated that 90% of current single-family residences built in the USA contained air conditioning.

With 333 million people amounting to just 4.5% of the world’s population, the United States spends more energy on air conditioning than the remainder of the world combined.

There is more, an 8% upswing in summer air conditioning needs can be anticipated in the U.S. when the worldwide average temperature surpasses 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial grades.

How many air conditioning users know about shingling and its role in energy conservation? This article talks about that.

Landscaping is one suitable way to camouflage the surrounding of the Air Conditioner, leaving it accessible to the eyes. To do this, you have to choose a plant that can grow near the A.C unit, protecting the AC against unfavorable weather conditions.

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How Do You Shingle an Air Conditioner?

Shingle Around Air Conditioner

You have to use landscaping as it is the leading option in shingling around an air conditioner to achieve this.

Even though you appreciate the effectiveness of an A.C, it doesn’t stop you from looking out for physical beauty around your big-sized A.C. 

The following guidelines will aid you. Follow me.

  • Keep the plant away from the A.C with at least 2- feet of spacing.
  • When you go against the two to three feet away rule, you obstruct air, leading to frequent damages, more repairs, a short life span, and reduced efficiency of the air Conditioning.

When that happens, one thing becomes certain- you spend money. The worst of it is that you could have used the money for a picnic or gardening experience, but you will have to put the money up for repairs.

But, on the other hand, it does your maintenance laborer good, and he would be glad to find enough space for work.

  • Ensure there is plenty of coverage: Like you feel when you are under a cover away from sun or rain, it is applicable for the Air Conditioner.

    You have to shade the conditioner unit and ensure 5- 6 frets of space. Else, the airflow becomes short, which is bad for you and your A.C.

To achieve this, make a micro-climate to cool the backyard and make the sun’s rays less efficient. Using a select plant (such as shrubs, tall trees, e.t.c) that I initially mentioned is one way to achieve a high-level shade. 

The only thing about it is that you have to watch out for leaves that would cluster in the environment and get rid of them.

  • Use evergreen plants to create a windbreak. You need to create a windbreak to protect your air conditioner against angry weather. When you are making the landscape around your A.C, utilize the windbreak of evergreen plants.

The good thing about these green plants is that they do not ever lose their leaves. This means that you will have less work to collect debris to keep the environment clean.

  • You need to stay mobile with large potted plants: large potted plants are perfect examples for achieving a less permanent hedge. You can do this by keeping the condenser out of sight and can be moved. It is adequate and saves time.

You can use a trellis or lattice cover to cover your condenser. A lattice box is like a combination of trellis and lattice cover. Here, you need to make sure that it has no lid so that air can penetrate freely.

Also, make sure that they are available spaces following the space requirements. 

  • You can also try a gravel garden for manageable costs. If you intend to go low on budget, you should try the gravel garden method. Here, you’ll have to elevate your Air Conditioning, whereas you can fill other areas and plant there to make it more attractive while aiming at making the big A.C less visible.

Even though this method is hectic, you have benefits ranging from less work to do when it comes to landscaping around your A.C, less grass to cut, and so on.

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Most Preferred Plants Around Your A.C

Your choice of plants should include plants that grow upright and outspread to cover the desired area you wish to hide quickly.

Otherwise, you would have to search for other means to protect the required space, not to talk about the time you have to invest repeatedly.

However, I will enumerate the suitable plants that are best for landscaping. They include; 

  • Arborvitae and other plants that grow uprightly and spread outwardly are most suitable because they can quickly cover the recommended space, creating a coverage or shade for the condenser.
  • Pick a growth rate, size, etcetera. An example of such a plant is Privert. Privert can grow up to 2 feet per year, making trimming a routine chore. When looking out for landscaping, you should pick the slow glow-growing plant.
  • You should avoid plants littering the condenser, like debris. Usually, it drops petals and leaves, and even fruits that could likely fall into the unit and block the airflow.
  • Use decorative plants to cover the visibility of the Air Conditioner. It makes it easy mostly when the plant is to be removed for repairs. But never place the plant pots on the A.C. Keep them around the Air Conditioning area.
  • Considering the heat that the Air Conditioner emits, opting for a drought-tolerant plant would do good, without which the succulents of such a plant would be damaged as a result of heat.
  • Finally, try not to allow dispensing grasses to reach the condenser when you trim them. This could block airflow from the condenser and create a problem. In the end, the goal is to create a landscape and also beautify the surrounding.

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Landscaping aids you in two ways; the first is beautifying your environment. The second is protecting your air conditioning from damage due to exposure to the sun and other conditions.

So, it will be significant to shingle around your A.C, and it doesn’t have any downsides. Note that while you shingle around your A.C, you have to follow the spacing requirements.

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