Many worry about installing an electric service mast through their existing metal roof because they fear roof leaks.

Regardless, there are professional installers who can make installations without callbacks. You can perforate typical metal roofs for electrical masts without any issues.

To maintain electricity consciousness, every home getting its power from overhead distribution wires should have a service mast. If you do not install an electric service mast, then you are putting your comfort at risk, unbeknown to you.

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How to Put Metal Roof Around Electrical Mast?

Metal Roof Electrical Mast

Putting roofs around electrical service masts might mean installing a new roof around an electric mast or installing a retrofit roof boot around the mast.

Either way, you can successfully put a metal roof around an electric mast. Electrical mast roof flashing will be of great use. You can install your electric mast during the roof installation of a new building.

After funneling through the underlayment of your roof, you will screw in the bolts on the four corners of the boot designed for gripping the electric mast boot.

Remember, you will relax one side of the boot on the row while shingles cover the other side.

How to Install Metal Roof Around Electric Mast

Peradventure, you want to change your roof to a new one or install a retrofit roof boot.

Then pay attention to the following steps.

#1. Break through the Sealants

You will have to break through the sealants of the front edge of two to three rows of shingles on the roof, depending on where you want to mount the mast.

It will help create more space for you to place the boot. It will also help to make a better clutch therein.

#2. Loose and Pry Up the Nails

While flashing, loose, and pry up the nails that have fastened the old boots to the roof, recall that you are retrofitting your roof service mast, so you will have to unfasten the old boot.

You will have to retrofit it because there is no better way than the traditional way of making the shingles cover the boot.

#3. Remove Four Bolts from the Boot

Maybe you don’t want to change your electric mast boot, but you can’t put the roof around the mast without removing the boot to allow its base to lie on the lower row of the shingle while the upper row covers the remaining side of the boot.

#4. Cover your Roof

Now, you can install your roof, and it’s not that difficult. Since you’ve done the prerequisite, what’s left is simple installation and then finishing with sealants and adhesives to tighten the roof.

Cutting Metal Roof Around Electrical Mast

Here, you won’t have to work over it as briskly as you may have imagined, but you will dedicate more time to it.

If your cutting is not properly done, you will only be inviting trouble into your home. So get ready to explore the steps for cutting a metal roof around an electric mast.

Understand that it is risky to cut through an existing metal roof. Do not attempt cutting through if you don’t have the necessary equipment readily available.

Because any slight mistake is equivalent to a significant roof challenge. Cutting metal around an electrical mast is one of the jobs that only professional roof installers should do.

Random installers might compromise the integrity of your roof should you allow them to operate on it.

#1. Steps for Cutting Metal Roof Around Electric Mast

You can cut the metal roof around your electric mast to replace the service mast components or any other reason that will demand the activity. Before doing this, below are some of the steps you should consider.

Slicing an oval shape around the mast is the easiest way to go about with a drilling machine, not the type that screws but that which you can slice through an oval shape.

But you should check another way of doing it: follow the steps.

#1. Unfasten Boot Bolts

The fastened service mast boot must be unfastened so that the sheet can be opened without causing any damage to the shingle or panel.

#2. Pry Up the Nails on Metal Sheet

It’s better to lose and pry up the nails or bolts, as the case may be. It would be best if you did this because drilling your roof around the existing electric mast will likely create leaks around the drilled area.  

#3. Remove the Metal Roof Sheet

After unfastening the bolts, the next thing to do is to remove the metal sheet where the electric mast is based. You will use the metal sheet to do the rest of the work.

#4. Mark an Oval Shape on the Metal Sheet

After measuring the circumference of your electric mast pole, you will have to mark an oval shape of that measurement on the metal sheet.

Still, draw another oval shape close to the size of the first inside of the shape you already marked, making two oval shapes.

#5. Cut  Around the Inner Mark

Precisely cut around the inner mark such that you will remove a small round metal plate that is of no use here. Then cut from the formed hole to the first oval mark on the sheet.

#6. Fold Upward the Tiny Cuts

Fold the tiny cuts so you can put the metal sheet on the electric mast pole. After which, you can feel the left space with sealants to prevent leaks.

The table below drafts a comparison between a professional installer and an untrained installer, outlining the odds against unprofessionalism. 

Professional Roof InstallerRandom Roof Installer
Highly skilledSlightly skilled
Give good recommendations for materialsRecommends substandard materials
Offers excellent workOffers fair work

How Much does it Cost to Put Metal Roof Around Electrical Mast?

The cost of metal roof installation around the electric mast depends on the type of material you want to use.

There are different kinds of panels, which also vary in price. Panels’ cost ranges from $4 to $6.50 per square foot.

Your purchase of material/installation budget should fall between $10 to $17 per square foot or $17,000 to 30,000.

Tips for Installing Metal Roof Around Electrical Mast

Some tips you should take to successfully install a metal roof around an electric mast. 

#1. Contact a Professional

Of course, this job demands a skilled professional and not any random person who might only have a clue about the work.

#2. Choose the Right Tools

What Tool Should I Use To Cut Metal Roof? Professionals have what they need, so that won’t be an issue if the work is in the hand of one. But please do not use whatever is unnecessary here to avoid regretful situations.

#3. Be Conscious of Leaks

Don’t rely on your sealants. Don’t leave all the work for your sealants; always work conscious of leaks or other roof damage.

#4. Install a Good Metal Sheet

Good metal has no faults, but metal sheets that are less in quality have a lot of drawbacks. You can’t use metal sheets that lack integrity and expect a job that’s not substandard.

#5. Seal thoroughly

Permanently seal thoroughly. It doesn’t matter whether the sealing has pretty looks or not. What matters is how well it seals.


Electrical mast connection provides more safety than other means of connection, especially for homes that power from hire lines.

The service mast channels the wires to the appropriate quarters, thus reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

Installing roofs around the electric mast doesn’t seem easy to the owners and the installers, but it’s beneficial.

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