As a leader in the roofing industry, Owen Corning is continuously producing the best type of roofing shingles.

There’s no doubt that the sure nail technology in Owens Corning duration series shingles project uniqueness and ensures efficacy.

 This sure nail technology in Owens corning duration series shingles offers impeccable resistance with unique reinforcement layers; it’s likewise sturdy.

But amidst all these benefits, there exist some drawbacks regarding Owens Corning’s sure nail technology. Let’s check them out.

In the real sense, you’ll rarely find any sure-nail technology issues. There are no direct issues. The problem you might seem to have is that the duration shingle on which it is featured is quite costly. Also, improper installation could be another problem. When you don’t install it properly, many damages can arise. 

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What Is Owens Corning SureNail?

Owens Corning Sure Nail Problems

Owens Corning sure nail is a design found on Owen Corning duration series shingles intended to Offer a nail pull resistance on the shingle. This design carries a fabric strip that serves many purposes. 

One of these purposes is a rigid surface for the placement of roofing nails. Another is steady reinforcement.

The Owen Corning sure nail technology even possesses a wind capacity of 130mph. By this, I mean they can withstand high wind conditions. 

What Is Surenail Technology?

The Owen Corning sure nail technology is a design featured in the Owen Corning duration shingles. It prevents roofing errors such as wrong nail placement and provides a rigid surface for the nail placement itself.

 This technology offers a long-lasting seal that repels wind effects and prevents water escape. It is articulated to provide proven protection.

The reinforced fabric, which is the technology itself, reinforces the interface where the shingle fastens itself to the roof deck. 

Also, one good thing is that, as the reinforced fabric is naturally embedded into the duration shingle, its strength doubles. The reinforced nailing area assures you of consistent fastening.

The sure nail technology provides a cleaner appearance on your duration shingles, especially when they lay flat. With this design, you’ll also require fewer amounts of roofing nails to hold the shingle down to the roof deck.

Yes, the sure nail technology decreases the roofing nails you’ll need by 33%.

Furthermore, fewer roofing nails imply insignificant amounts of roof deck infiltrations and highly commendable water resistance. 

You’ll hardly find the sure nail technology in any shingles aside from the Owens Corning duration shingles. But, it’s unique and efficient.

In all, install these duration shingles in the correct spot and manner. Nailing in the appropriate area keeps the wind warranties. If you install the shingle wrongly, the guarantee may not be effective. 

Owens Corning Sure Nail Problems

The sure nail technology has no direct issues. Instead, you will experience problems like improper installation when you have a novice do your installation.

Improper installation can furthermore result in your shingle blowing off. You may as well discover that the price of the shingle to which this sure nail technology is embedded is costly. 

Apart from improper installation, another problem you could discover in the sure nail technology is its price. Yes. Compared to other roofing shingles, the Owen Corning duration shingles are a bit more pricey though it’s still worth the price.

Unlike the Owens Corning Oakridge shingles, which have lower pricing, the duration series shingles are more costly. This is because the duration series has the sure nail technology in it. That is what makes it unique.

Instead of looking out for problems with the sure nail technology in Owen corning durable series, take note of some precautions.

First, before installing the Owen Corning duration shingles to which the certain nail technology is embedded, consider various efficient nailing techniques you will use.

Efficient nailing techniques

Nailing your duration shingles series with proper nailing techniques will enhance the performance of the embedded sure nail technology.

Your roofing nails should be made from aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. 

Note that not all nail materials, aluminum, copper, and so many others, are the same. Some are considered more fitting in specific geographic areas. 

If you have structures in coastal areas prone to salt exposure, roofing nails made with stainless still will be the best option.

By and by, I highly recommend stainless steel or galvanized steel roofing nails for your Owens Corning duration shingles.

While fixing these shingles, utilize the recommended roofing nails to ensure efficacy.  Get galvanized steel roofing nails here.

In addition to the roofing nail for your Owen Corning, sure nail technology shingle. They recommend a ⅜ inch diameter head and a twelve-gauge shank on the roofing nail.

Be sure that the roofing nails penetrate the wood deck effectively. The nails should go into the decking completely. You ought to place it an inch from the shingle’s edge. 

The sure nail technology shows you where to nail. You are to nail on the reinforced fabric. That is the nailing zone. 

This reinforced fabric which is the sure nail technology holds the shingles to which it’s attached firmly. Not nailing on this reinforced fabric can result in blow-off and water leak scenarios.  

Additionally, the appropriate nail fastening methodology for your Owen sure nail technology is probably the four nail fastening. But in situations where structures have slopes greater than 60⁰, use six nails.

To ease the installation process effectively, utilize pneumatic nail guns to help fix the nails. You can get one on Amazon

Ensure the proper adjustment of the nail gun to avoid under or over-penetration of the roofing nails.

While you can push in the under-driven roofing nails with a claw hammer, the over-driven nails require complete nail removal, after which you’ll need to fill in the holes using asphalt roofing cement.


Owens Corning is a reputable brand when it comes to roofing materials. They’ve come a long way in producing roofing designs up to this point of the sure nail technology.

If not, you’ll hardly find any issue with this design or technology. The only downside regarding shingles with the sure nail is an inefficient installation by the roof technician and costly pricing. 

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