This question may naturally be on your mind if you haven’t had a roof replacement when it is due. The short answer is that a lot can go wrong if you don’t replace your roof on time.

Damage could ensue and it can increase with each passing day unless you call in for a professional roof replacement.

All sorts of roof problems could transpire due to the aging roof whose replacement is overdue. Let’s take a look:

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Possible Water Damage and Roof Leaks

a roof that needs replacement

Old worn-out roofing material is more prone to leaks that could cause water damage.

If you are lucky, the leak may be in that part of the roof where too much damage may not transpire or from where too much water may not enter your home.

But at the same time, the roof leak may happen in a way that will allow significant amounts of water into your home thereby damaging the interior.

The water leak may also be hard to detect. Such leaks are problematic since they are often revealed after they have done serious water damage.

With an old aging roof, there is no guarantee that it will not leak. And there is a chance that it could leak in the worst place possible so you will have to bear the cost of water damage remediation.

There is no telling how bad it can be. However, when the roof is old, battered, and leak-prone, such problems are almost imminent.

The ensuing water damage could harm floorboards, carpeting, drywall, and other parts of your home. There is a chance that rafters and the roof deck itself may be ruined. If the insulation is soaked, its effectiveness may be compromised.

Rather than take such chances, it is far better to go for a roof replacement. It is more prudent to pay for a timely replacement instead of paying for it later on together with big amounts for water damage.

Mold Remediation

Mold can start proliferating as a result of water infiltration. Mold can be toxic to health, especially black mold which looks incredibly repulsive and which is exceptionally hazardous.

Not only do mildew and mold make your home look bad, but they can also result in material damage.

If the mold and mildew spread to your HVAC system, it could then circulate throughout the entire home where everyone in your household will be forced to breathe it while completely oblivious.

This could lead to serious health effects for children and pets in particular.

Do remember that mildew and mold remediation work is almost always expensive. The amount that you will have to pay for mold and mildew removal depends on the extent to which it has spread.

An old roof cannot be relied on to keep mold and mildew out. It is much wiser to get a roof replacement so that it can keep out the moisture and thus protect your home from the menace of mold and mildew.

Pest Problems

Dilapidated, battered, and worn-out roof material is far less efficient at keeping out pests like insects.

Other unwelcome guests like bats, rats, and mice could break an unannounced entry into your humble abode due to the failing roof. An old roof is an invitation to assorted pests and vermin.

Once these nasty critters find their way into your attic and call it home, they could then proliferate throughout the rest of the building.

You will then have bad tenants on your hands who will wreak havoc and mayhem of sorts like damaging furniture, creating a nuisance for your household, and making your home look unhygienic and just plain bad in front of guests and visitors.

You won’t feel too proud about your home in front of guests with cockroaches and other repulsive pests scurrying about.

Not only is it downright embarrassing, but it could also create hygiene issues since pests might get into your food as well. Imagine disgusting pests popping out of your pantry of all places.

In short, an old roof can bring in uninvited guests for dinner much to your dismay.

Getting rid of vile pests is a big headache. Not only that, but it will also cost you a lot of money.

With an old roof, there is the bonus of unwanted ‘houseplants’ as well. That is moss, mold, and mildew can grow across a beat-up roof which can cost a lot of money to remove.

Costlier Roof Replacement

Instead of carrying out a professionally done roof replacement, some homeowners take the shortcut of installing a second layer on top of their old roof. This can lead to all sorts of problems.

The new layer of shingles will have a much shorter lifespan because they aren’t designed to be installed this way.

And your older layer of shingles will age even faster since it is not designed to support other shingles. Both layers of shingles will suffer due to this arrangement.

The integrity of your home may also be compromised since your roof will be much heavier and thus put a great burden on the support infrastructure. Due to the added weight, deck boards may start sagging as a result.

Due to the double layer, the imminent roof replacement will cost more since the cumbersome double layer is harder to remove and thus entails more work.

Not only that, leaks and other roof problems are much harder, more complex, and costlier to fix with a double roof.

More Susceptible to Storm Damage

There can be no doubt that older roofs are more vulnerable to storm damage and heavy downpours.

As a homeowner, you will be far more at ease if you know that you have a reliable new roof above your head.

Since old roofs take in more storm damage, they can be harder and costlier to fix than new and strong ones.

Insurance Claim Denial

Your roof should never be older than the warranty time frame stipulated by your insurer. If your roof is indeed beyond its warranty, then the insurer will not entertain any insurance claim about your roof.

Not only do you have to worry about the warranty period, but you also have to carry out timely inspections and maintenance to keep the roof in a reasonable condition as demanded by your insurer.

If you fail to do this, then the insurer may not accept your roof damage claim.

So if your roof is getting older, then you should get in touch with your insurer to confirm that it is covered. This way, you won’t have to worry about a damage claim denial down the road.

Structural Damage

If water has been infiltrating your roof for years, then roof rot and other kinds of damage may be inflicted on your roof.

This could compromise the integrity of the roof infrastructure. There will hence be a greater risk of roof collapse.

If that happens then it’s really bad news for the house, because not only will the roof be damaged but also other parts of your home may be seriously affected. As you can imagine the cost of repairs will be astronomical.

Also, water infiltration due to a compromised roof may bring your home’s electrical wiring in contact with leaking water. This increases the risk of a house fire which is devastating.

Not only will your house be damaged badly, but also the lives of your loved ones may be at risk. So don’t take any chances with a bad roof that can’t be relied upon.

Lower Energy Efficiency

There are myriad reasons why homeowners should be worried about the energy efficiency of their homes.

Not only will higher energy efficiency bring the bills down, but it will also lead to a lower carbon footprint and a reduced adverse impact on the environment.

However, it is extremely hard if not impossible to have an energy-efficient home in the presence of an old roof whose replacement is overdue.

If you are concerned about energy efficiency, then you should think of ordering a roof replacement for new roofs that are almost certain to be more energy-efficient than their older counterparts.

However, before you finalize your decision, you should do your research to find out how energy efficient the new roof material is. Some are just better than others.

Talk to your roofer about energy efficiency and list it as a priority. Find out how the brand you are considering allows for greater energy efficiency.

While it’s true that a good roof alone can’t resolve all facets of energy efficiency, it does have a key role to play.

Lower Property Value

If you are in the housing market trying to sell your home then an old roof could prove to be a big setback. Prospective buyers and home inspectors will consider the condition of your roof.

If it is in poor shape, then they will demand a lower price for your home.

On the other hand, if the roof is in good condition, then it will lend high aesthetic appeal and freshness to your home thereby alluring buyers.

In other words, a new roof can help you find serious buyers more quickly while also allowing you to charge a premium.

Increased Liability

If your roof is in terribly bad shape then there is a good chance that your insurer may refuse to have it covered. So if there is a roofing accident, then you will have to pay for liability claims yourself.

Bottom Line

What happens if you don’t replace your roof? As explained, a lot can go wrong. So don’t take chances, replace your roof on time.

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