In building and construction, there is a maximum length for all beams. However, this doesn’t restrict the length of a roofing construction or others.

So, although there is a maximum lumbar length, roofers, builders, and engineers often require lengthy beams for certain purposes. 

While an ordinary bystander may wonder how these lengthy constructions are achieved, it is of little wonder to those who do the job. Hence, this is where the post splice bracket comes in. 

A post splice bracket is a metal tool to join two beams of wood to achieve the desired length. While using mail or glue for this connection proves unstable, a post splice bracket establishes a much stronger connection. A 6×6 post splice bracket is thus used to tightly connect beams with a dimension of 6×6 inches.

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What is a 6×6 Post Splice Bracket?

6x6 Post Splice Bracket

A 6×6 post splice bracket is also called a post-to-beam splice bracket. It is a splice bracket crafted lavishly for lumbar/ wood with a 6×6 dimension.

The top bucket of the 6×6 inch or 15×15 Cm bracket’s total dimensions are 4 1/2″H x 5 5/8″ID x 4 1/2″H x 12″L.

Each side of the top bucket also has six 3/16 nail hole diameters and two ⅝ diameter holes.

Meanwhile, the bottom bucket of a 6×6 post splice bracket has dimensions of 3 1/4″H x 5 5/8″ID x 3 1/4″H x 5 1/4″L.

It also comes with a single ⅝ diameter hole, and the 3/16 diameter nail holes on all its sides are three in number.

The post-to-beam splice bracket is lightweight, thus facilitating ease of use. In addition, it provides easy, quick, and strong fastening, which lowers the risk of your post splitting. 

Also, it is always handy for attaching large deck posts to shaker beams or decks to building frames. It can also join two beams of the same size at the top while linking them to the post below. 

You may wonder if one can only use the 6×6 inch post splice bracket for roof decking. The answer is no. You can use it wherever you need long posts. Examples of such places are fences, railings, etc.

For posts of 3 feet and below, using the 6×6 post splice bracket is a matter of choice.

However, when the post extends 3 feet, it becomes necessary as it corresponds with the law. This rule of thumb is necessary for balance.

You will need a 6×6 post splice bracket if you plan to erect a deck, fence, or pergola. Click here if you would like to purchase one.

Best Way to Splice 6×6 Post Bracket

When dealing with large decks with beams that span more than 20 feet, you may have to join multiple beams over a post.

The reason is that large decks differ from smaller ones with dimensional lumber suitable for one-piece beams. 

So, when seeking ways to provide support, your only option is to extend the beams by joining their ends. However, sometimes, you have to join the beams from the corners. 

Because splicing of beams breeds a weak structural connection, you will have to use a post-column or a structural column for support.

However, your choice of support should not stand alone. It must be resting on a footing that corresponds with the local building requirements and codes of your place of residence.

The best method of splicing the 6×6 post bracket involves fastening the bottom footing and the top beam. When splicing a beam, ensure the splice meets at the notch’s mid-region.

This mode of securing is necessary as it prevents lateral movement. 

Since you would have to cut wood for proper splicing, you have to cover all the cut ends with wood preservatives as a preventive measure against rot and decay. 

What Size Anchor Bolt for 6×6 Post Splice Bracket?

The actual measurement of a 6×6 is 5-½ x 5-½. Thus, it’s a natural fit for 1 or 2-ply, 3″, 4″, or 3-ply lumbers.

Albeit, there are certain specifications according to code for attaching lumbers to support posts.

The importance of securing the wooden beam to a post is evident in the resistance it creates against vertical and lateral energy.

You can either notch the beams or use appropriate-sized bolts, connectors, and fasteners. 

As such, you should notch the post to a 1 or 2-ply lumber according to the lumber’s width and depth.

For example, the maximum depth for a one-ply beam is 3-½”. On the other hand, for a 2 ply beam, there is a maximum of 3 inches. 

As such, the process of fastening or securing the whole notch and beam requires you to use two anchor bolts with a ½” diameter.

If this size of anchor bolts for the 6×6 post splice bracket is unavailable, you can opt for equal-sized connectors with a perfect vertical alignment with the post’s mid-region. 

So, when the splice settles at the notch’s middle, you should fasten both ends using the dual ½” anchor bolts described earlier.

Also, the distance between vertical bolts should range from 2-½” and above. Also, a space of ¾” is necessary between the post’s edge and the bolt.

Furthermore, it is compulsory for a minimum of 2” to be available between the first bolt and the top of the beam. Similarly, 2-¼” should be present between the bottom notch and bolt.

Another necessary requirement is a 5-inch horizontal space between all bolts.

How do I Extend my 6×6 Post Bracket?

The above is a pretty common question wherever the matter of post splice brackets spring up. However, for many reasons, you might need an extension along the latter lines of your job or even when done.

In such cases, how then does one extend a 6×6 post bracket?

There are several ways to carry out this task, but the problem is that most of them end up looking messy and distraught. However, you could still come up with a clean job if you do this by using a lap joint. 

An overlapping joint is the best way to extend post brackets and end up with a nice structure and pleasant looking joint.

You should use an overlap joint in both directions and fatten it with a 2 ½  through bolt. 

You may wonder what kind of an overlap joint to use. I believe a half-lap joint is best in this situation. And then, you can secure it with fasteners such as bolts, pegs, nails, screws, etc.

A Simpson tie connector will do if you’re unsure what to use. Click here to purchase one for your impending task. 

How do I Join Two 6×6 Post Splice Brackets?

Joining or notching lumber with a 6×6 post bracket is an easy task.

Set the splice bracket in the post, then drive your connectors (nails or screws) through the bracket’s holes and into the lumber, thus securing it. Next, cut a 6″ tall and 3″ deep notch and bolt it. 

Use an appropriate circular saw to cut the notch before drilling the holes for the bolts. Also, note that the jokes you will drill should be 1.3cm in width.

Lastly, remember to tighten all bolts and nuts using a wrench. 


A 6×6 post splice bracket is an item you will find on most construction sites as it is used for an important function for which there is no substitute.

However, though there are many ways to use this post splice bracket, it will not be durable if you do not secure it properly with anchors.

Therefore, you should take utmost care when joining or extending 6×6 post splice brackets for a satisfactory finish.


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