Most homeowners have the experience of getting a roof inspection performed on their homes.

While the traditional inspection of a roof takes a team of around 3 persons and 4 to 6 hours to complete, a drone roof inspection requires a single individual and only 45 minutes at max.

The safety and speed elements of a drone roof inspection are better than the conventional roof inspection, but what about its cost?

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The Cost of a Drone Roof Inspection

A drone roof inspection has several benefits over a physical roof inspection

Although it purely depends on the roof inspection company or the inspector you hire, according to my thorough and extensive research on the topic, the average cost, across the United States, of a drone roof inspection hovers between $140 to $420.

Some other factors that impact the cost of a drone roof inspection include the size and complexity of the roof.

In this article, I will break down the drone roof inspection and discuss some of the benefits of a drone roof inspection over a traditional roof inspection.

The costs of different types of roof inspections in the US, on average, range from $100 to $600.

But going past this general look and diving a little deeper, we find that the average cost of a physical roof inspection is between $75 and $250, that of a drone roof inspection is $140 to $420, and that of an infrared inspection is $400 to $650.

Factors Affecting The Cost of A Drone Roof Inspection

In many instances, you can get a drone roof inspection for the same cost as a physical roof inspection, and at other times, the cost can be higher than its average price.

Here are the factors that determine how much you might get charged for a drone roof inspection:

#1. Size of the Roof

Some roof inspectors charge for their services according to the square foot of the area of your roof, while others add a surcharge for a roof that is especially large.

For instance, a 3,000 square foot roof will cost you $350 dollars, on the lower end, while a 1,000 square foot one will cost you $75.

#2. Type of Roofing Material

Drone inspection of roofs that consist of roofing materials that are uncommon, such as barrel tiles or wood shingles, costs higher.

As a matter of fact, an asphalt roof will get drone-inspected for a price that is almost four times lower than a slate tile roof will.

#3. Weather

The weather conditions play a significant role in determining the pricing of a drone roof inspection. If it is raining or there is a high and strong wind, most roof inspectors ask the homeowners to postpone the inspection to a later date.

However, if you insist on getting the inspection on the same day, they might charge you extra due to the chances of damage to their drone.

#4. Roof Certification

If you require a roof certification after a drone roof inspection for refinancing, selling, insurance, or any other purpose, you are likely to be charged an extra $70 to $220 on top of the fees of inspection.

A major factor affecting the cost of a physical roof inspection is roof accessibility. A physical roof inspection will be priced higher for a steep or dangerous roof.

However, when it comes to a drone roof inspection, the accessibility of the roof does not matter as the inspection is fully remote.  

Benefits of a Drone Roof Inspection Over a Physical Roof Inspection

After seeing that a drone roof inspection costs more than a physical roof inspection, you might have been hoping that physical inspections were more beneficial.

However, the value a drone roof inspection offers against its price is much more than that that a physical roof inspection does.

The speed of a drone roof inspection, as well as the sheer amount of information about the roof it is able to extract, is impressive.  

Here are some factors that make a drone roof inspection better than a physical roof inspection:

#1. Safety

Ladders cause 150,000 emergency cases in the US each year, while 300 out of these cases see a fatal ending. Being able to gather all the information one needs without having to climb up a roof is an option that is far more appealing.

#2. Accessibility

Some roofs are simply too dangerous or daunting to physically access. Drones can easily hover above such roofs and collect visual information and detailed data about the roofing system.

#3. Efficiency and Speed

There are a number of studies that indicate that a drone roof inspection is five times faster than a physical roof inspection.

Not only that but a drone roof inspection can be performed by a single individual, while a physical roofing inspection typically involves two to three roof inspectors.

Furthermore, ladders, tape, ropes, and several other tools are needed for a physical roof inspection, and it has to be extensively planned. There are no such hassles in the case of a drone roof inspection.

Final Thoughts

While a drone roof inspection may cost a homeowner a bit more than what they would have to pay for a physical roof inspection, the benefits of the former are far more compared to the latter.

What is more, is that a homeowner who has a drone can carry out a drone roof inspection themselves with the help of several software and applications out there that tell you what to look for and help analyze the collected data.

The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for a physical roof inspection, as a lack of training and expertise of a homeowner can render climbing a ladder and walking on the roof dangerous.  

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