EPDM primer is a popular primer used to remove dirt on rubbers. These primers help tapes form stronger bonds with rubber surfaces.

It is also essential to keep the integrity of EPDM roofs. However, there are similar products that can serve as alternatives if the EPDM primer is not available. 

How much of an alternative is this product? Do they perform as well as EPDM primers? Here is a comprehensive discussion of the alternative products.

EPDM primer alternatives are available in different products and sizes. The lengths of the roof projects or repair works determine which primer alternative is the best. Rubber roofing projects are easy to execute if you have all the materials and products. 

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What Can I Use as an EPDM Primer?

EPDM Primer Alternative

Several products can serve as a suitable substitute for a primer. Each product has its specialty and best use. It is essential to notice how well the product fits into your project and choose accordingly.

Here are some popular options among users. Inner tube patch kit and primer

One type of primer that can serve as an efficient alternative is the inner tube primer. This compatibility is due to the similarities in target materials.

For example, EPDM membranes are a type of rubber. The inner tubes of different wheels too are rubber materials. 

This similarity makes using one primer a suitable replacement for the other. You can visit any local auto dealer and get the required amount.

You can quickly get one if the area is available for purchase in the quantity you need for your job. 

Note that the option of going to an auto dealer is safer because you are guaranteed to get a quality version. However, if you are familiar with the different inner tube primers, you can get the best quality without help.

Note that the inner tube primer does have its limitation. It is an easily accessible option; however, you must consider temperature.

For example, if your project is an external roof where the rubber might experience high temperature, the inner tube primer might not be your best option. 

However, the inner tube primer will work adequately if your rubber membrane is indoors or under a bigger shed. 

#1. Dicor Ultra Sealant primer

Another alternative to the EPDM primer is the Dicor Ultra sealant primer. It is one of the products in the Dicor ultra sealant system. However, you can get the primer independent of other products. 

This primer is specific to roofing materials that include rubber membranes. It is excellent for high-temperature materials.

It also has superior bonding strength—the 20 years of life expectancy for repair or reapplication. 

Note that the Dicor sealant’s significant compatible material is plastic, but reviews show that it works well when applied to rubber membrane. 

#2. Permabond 105

If you are interested in getting a primer alternative in small sizes for a small project or repair work, Permabond 105 is another option for you.

Permabond is a bonding adhesive that works well with a lot of surfaces. 

One reason why Permabond is a good substitute is due to its versatility in use. It is great for surfaces that find it hard to bond.

While it is excellent in rubber-to-rubber bonding, it also comes in handy in rubber bonding to other materials. 

One aspect of the Permabond 105 that makes it suitable for the EPDM primer alternative is the high purity. This high purity ensures it performs optimally in repair works.

The rubbers are often dirty during repairs and respond less to adhesive like new rubber. However, using Permabond ensures the dirty surface can bond well with the character. 

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor projects because it has a heat cure feature. It can withstand high temperatures and continue to hold surfaces firmly. 

Here are the basic steps in using Permabond 105

  • Apply the bonding adhesive to one of the surfaces
  • Bring the surfaces together without wasting much time. Make sure the surface aligns correctly. 
  • Apply pressure using a smooth roller and ensure the adhesive spreads evenly between the rubbers.
  • Allow staying idle for a few minutes.

That is how to use the Permabond 105 adhesive. The Permabond CA solvent is ideal for removing any spills.

The Permabond activator is best for porous surfaces. Apply it before adding the Permabond 105. 

#3. Kilz All-purpose Primer

There are two types of Kilz water-based primer; the interior and exterior. The exterior primer is unique because it is water-based.

Water-based primers are easy to handle. You can clean any spill using water without needing a particular solvent. 

The Kilz all-purpose primer is handy for repair works. It has seal properties and is excellent in resisting mildew or molds. However, while it is ideal for roofing, it is not suitable for flooring

These are some of the common types of primer that can serve as an alternative to an EPDM primer. The main aim is to have a product that enhances adhesion to rubber surfaces and tapes.

Also, note that they are other various options available. Visit a local roofing material store if the options above are not available. 

Is EPDM Primer Necessary with EPDM roofs?

EPDM primer is a suitable option when handling roofing materials that involve EPDM rubbers. However, many wonder if using this product during the project is necessary.

When taking new EPDM roofs, it is better to use the EPDM primer for excellent results. New rubbers need the perfect application to hold the tapes and other membranes firmly.

Nonetheless, other primers can work excellently with new projects without issues. If your primer is suitable for extreme temperatures, it can be an alternative to the EPDM primer.

However, it is not necessary to use EPDM primer if you are dealing with repair works. Depending on the extent of repair, you can get any other type of primer and sealing product for your work. 

Some repair works might require only an activator and not primer before sealing, while others require both. 

Why Would you Need an EPDM primer alternative?

When purchasing the EPDM rubber material for a roofing project, contractors and builders often get the primer to follow and other products like tapes and sealant.

However, there might be cases where you need an alternative primer to serve specific purposes. 

These are some instances where folks have needed to purchase an alternative product:

#1. Small Projects

One might need to get an alternative product in the same projects requiring few materials covering small spaces. This requirement is due to the size of the EPDM primer.

Small projects require a small quantity of primer. Getting a large product might lead to waste or overbudgeting. 

#2. Repair Works

In repair works, the use of primer might be minimal. You only need to apply it on the surface that needs resealing.

However, these repairs often require a primer in small quantities or other products that can do the job effectively. 

#3. The Average Cost

The cost is another reason why many opt for alternative products. Those that are running roofing projects on a budget might need alternatives. Getting a substitute at a lower price is a good reason.


There are lots of EPDM primer alternatives for your roof projects. It is best to find one that specifically serves the intended purpose.

The type and scale of the project can also determine which substitute becomes your choice. However, note that it is unnecessary to have the project’s EPDM primer. 

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