Determining the actual condition of a roof merely from its looks can be fairly difficult. Similarly, getting roof repairs, let alone a roof replacement, can be detrimental to your finances.

With these facts in mind, the answer to the question, ‘is roof inspection necessary?’ is a resounding yes, if you are to ensure the prevention of costly future roof repairs.

There are a number of reasons why roof inspection is extremely important. In fact, it becomes almost necessary in certain situations, such as before buying a house or if you witness problems with your roofing.

Routine roof inspection plays a crucial role in roof maintenance for homeowners.

Prospective buyers, on the other hand, can benefit from it as they get the opportunity to factor in the roof repairs they will require into the property’s cost.

Another benefit of roof inspection, other than detecting common roof problems, is that it helps owners of the home to prioritize projects for improvement.

Roofing problems, such as roof drooping or sagging, shingle granules in gutters, shingles buckling or curling, cracks or leaks in the roof, growth of moss or plants, and missing shingles, if left unattended, can lead to huge repair costs and structural damage.

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Is Roof Inspection Necessary?

A roof inspection is critical for the purpose of gaining an understanding of the condition of the roof and ensuring proper roof maintenance.

This can increase its life by some years and save you huge sums of money. So, is roof inspection necessary? Click to know more about why do you need a roof inspection?

It is if a homeowner wishes not to spend a lot of dough on roof repairs and even a roof replacement. Here are some common reasons for getting a roof inspection:

Weathering and Aging

It is normal for all kinds of roofs to age and weather. The consequences might not be visible to the naked eye and are sometimes there in the form of tiny openings on the surface of the roof.

These openings can result in water infiltration and structural damage. A roof inspection allows a homeowner to plan roof maintenance and prevent further roof damage.

Routine Maintenance and Storm Damage

Home repairs and maintenance work on home systems, like HVAC, etc., can damage the roof of the home.

Similarly, several natural factors like hail, heavy rain, and high winds can cause water infiltration and damage the roof in a variety of ways as well.

A roof inspection easily reveals any damages or issues with a roof and makes recommendations for simple roof repairs that could otherwise go on to be detrimental to it and require roof replacement.

Proper Drainage

One of the major features of the functionality of a roof is its drainage. Moisture penetration and leaks are common issues that arise from a roof that is water-logged.

Out of sight, more often than not, implies out of mind in the case of roofing, having the potential of dire long-term consequences. To make sure your roof is draining water properly, you need a roof inspection.

How Often Should a Roof be Inspected?

You should call a professional roof inspector when:

  • You are planning to sell the house. As it will make you aware of the issues with the roof, if there are any, and get them remediated to prevent buyers from bargaining on the price.
  • You notice any signs of damage or suspect any issues with the structure or functionality of the roof.
  • You hear noises coming from your roof that are getting louder or more frequent.
  • There are strong winds or a storm.
  • You find that some of the shingles are either missing or broken.
  • You notice cracking or leakage.
  • You are buying a house and wish to ensure that you will not have to get roof repairs or a roof replacement any time soon after you buy it.

How Often Do Roof Anchors Need to be Inspected?

Roof anchors, AKA fall protection anchor points, are used as a point for tying off for activities, such as wall repair or window washing.

Roof entrances should have a roof anchor layout plan posted near them. When it comes to the inspection of roof anchors, they need to be load-tested in a span of at least five years.

In addition, they must be inspected annually as they are a vital component of safety.

As there are usually multiple roof anchors on the house, some of them should be inspected every year so that each of the property’s roof anchors is tested over the course of five years.

Homeowners should keep a record of the inspection and get it signed and sealed by a licensed roof engineer.

Now that you know the answer to the question, is roof inspection necessary? I hope you will make sure to get your roof inspected regularly.

Remember, no one likes costly roof repairs and especially not a roof replacement, and regular roof inspections are an easy way to mitigate them.

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