Most of our childhood stories depicted the owl as a symbol of a bad omen. However, studies have shown that the activities of an owl are natural and in no way superstitious.

Nonetheless, this does not clarify the stereotype of the owl as a spirit animal and a creature of mystery and bad luck.

Owls are not commonly found, even at night. They would be found mainly on roofs. There is always a hidden explanation attached to an owl found on rooftops.

African beliefs say that an owl on a roof indicates impending death within the household. However, some native American cultures contradict this belief and portray the owl as a symbol of wisdom and luck. Therefore, their presence on a rooftop is to signify that a resident would soon find better fortune.

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Meaning of Seeing An Owl On Your Roof

Owl on The Roof Mean

The owl is arguably the most controversial bird on the planet. Some cultures revere it, and others consider it a harbinger of death and bad luck.

Then some scientists argue that the beautiful nocturnal bird is wrongly stereotyped.

While these scientists have valid explanations to back their claims, the paranormal beliefs about the owl do not seem to waive. 

Africans and some native Americans (for example, the Aztecs, Puebloan, Maya, and Pawnee.) have categorized the owl as an unwanted variety of nature for centuries.

Therefore, when found on a roof, the first likely action would be paranormal litigations to make the bird evacuate the building. 

After that, residents are to perform cleanings to rid the vicinity of the negative aura that the owl brings. Also, they would often conduct a ritual believed in pursuing the spirit of death, for which the owl is a precursor.

The Japanese and several other races do not entirely agree with this hypothesis. Nevertheless, the owl’s presence is somewhat a source of joy to the household because they think it is a sign of imminent good luck and success. 

It is common to find these natives who revere the owl as a spirit animal with talismans made from parts of the owl or a symbol of an owl. They wear these talismans hoping they will encounter fortune and wisdom in their endeavors.  

Is An Owl On Your Roof Good Luck?      

There’s no static answer to this. It all depends on your religious beliefs and notions about the bird.

If you’re on the superstitious side, someone will probably die. If you’re factual, it probably means nothing, and there’s no spiritual meaning to an owl’s presence.

Owls are a part of creation and do not possess any paranormal powers. Instead, they are considered bizarre because of their weird looks and actions.

No doubt, they look scary, and you definitely won’t find a bird that can rotate its neck in 360 degrees. 

However, it is not enough reason to write them off as evil. Owls are nocturnal birds that are beautiful in their way.

Moreover, all of their actions are natural; if you think about it, their activities are nothing out of the ordinary.

Furthermore, these owls are mostly present in regions where trees are in abundance. They would converge on your roof if they discover your home is an abode to rodents.

The trees would serve as a nesting home for them while they occasionally visit your home in search of food. Owls in search of food pose no threat to humans nearby.

They will feel threatened when they notice they have been detected, hence, more eerie screeches.

If the owls are simply converging for food, then they do not possess negative energy. You can even consider them good luck because they’d save you the costs of eliminating these rodents yourself.

Why Is An Owl Making Sound At Night On Our Roof?     

An owl’s hooting is usually a cause for worry among those who consider it evil. If the hootings become constant, they begin to make consultations and perform rites to make the owl disappear.

If you do not believe these myths, other theories make sense. If you hear an owl hooting, it’s probably for any of the following reasons:

#1. It Is Marking Territory

The owl is also a territorial bird that does not condone trespassers. Once they have claimed a territory, they hoot to ensure their presence is acknowledged.

They scare off weaker competitors, marking the entire perimeter as their hunting ground.

#2. It’s Calling Out Its Relatives

Owls hoot as a sign of communication. We’ve been unable to understand their exact words. It is common knowledge that owls hoot to warn each other of impending danger.

For example, if there’s a predator in the vicinity, they hoot to inform each other of the threat so they can take cover. 

Also, your rooftop owl might shoot because it’s calling out its relatives. They probably missed track of each other during a flight, and it’s seeking reconciliation. 

#3. It’s Seeking Mating Partners

Male owls hoot to inform the females that they are around and ready to make baby owls. Owls hoot differently, and their mating calls vary from species to species.

A male great-horned owl calls out to the female in a profound soft stutter. The female, in response, hoots with a higher pitch. It signals approval, and mating commences after they meet. 

#4. Hooting Is a Defence Tactic

When owls feel threatened, aggressive hooting and screeching is their way of asserting dominance in the face of threats.

Like cobras, they tend to portray themselves as opponents to be feared and avoided. Often, this technique works, but the humans bear the brunt of their eerie screeches. It found food.

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Is It Good To Have Owls Around Your House Roof? 

An owl’s presence is either good or bad based on the circumstances. Aside from superstition, there are other reasons why most people do not want an owl around.

Therefore, you can have nothing against these beautiful nocturnals yet want them as far away as possible.

They constitute a nuisance to the environment and disrupt your sleep, and they can also threaten your pets and farm animals.

On the other hand, owls can help you eradicate pests from your farm. And, since they do not attack your crops, you can be sure of a bountiful harvest. 

Mythologists who revere owls would argue that their presence attracts positive energy. According to them, an owl is a powerful animal capable of protecting a building from lightning and thunderstorms.

Furthermore, the great horned owl is considered a regal bird, and its presence connotes impending fortune and transformation in one’s life.

What Will Happen If An Owl Cries Near Your Roof At Night?

If you hear an owl hooting closely, it’s either someone dies, or they don’t. There’s no scientific backing to an owl being the cause of death.

However, if your belief holds a contrary notion, it would be best if you take cautionary measures after these owls come visiting.

Remember the saying, ‘A thing is what it is, only to the man who sees it like that.’ Therefore, ensure that you safeguard yourself at all costs.

If you need to perform cleansings, ensure that you do so. If you do not like the eerie noises of these nocturnal birds, you can take measures to ensure that they do not return. Nonetheless, you must be careful not to harm the birds.

Final Thoughts

An owl is considered superstitious; some say it is a spirit animal that gives an insight into the spiritual realm.

However, it is a myth, and there are no scientific backings to prove a spiritual meaning to an owl’s presence. On an overall scale, the bird is simply a wonder of nature that most people tend to misunderstand.


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